Creative Content

The term creative content refers to mainly online content that is created and can be distributed by Internet users. The content can include texts, pictures, videos, music or any other content created by users. This kind of content is usually used by companies to communicate to their audience and to promote their services and products and their brand. There are many ways a company can gain this content, they could hire someone within the company, use a freelancer or an agency or use free-to-use content. However, the latter is usually of low quality and won’t be specific to their company.

Creative Content

Creative Content Features

Sharing creative content has a long history. Art galleries, libraries or music companies make their content available to the public. However, the Internet enables the collection and sharing of digital content worldwide. Large databases permit the interactive exchange of creative content. In many cases though, violation of copyright is criticized because digitalization of content simplifies plagiarism. Thinking of the term itself it may seem unusual, surely all content is created but that’s not what this term means. When considering or creating content many variables must be taken into account. This includes:

  • Target Audience
  • Location
  • Service/Product
  • Purpose

  • For example, when targeting parents for children’s products or services you’ll want the content to be friendly and age-appropriate. Using dark terms or edgy visuals won’t appeal here. Location is important as what may be seen as suitable or acceptable in one country could be offensive in another. Of course, the product/service has to be taken into account. Using hearts and flowers for a gory videogame won’t match the product whereas it would be ideal for a valentines day promotion. Finally, the purpose is one of the most important aspects. Before creating content the creator must keep in mind what their goals and objectives are. The main purpose we think of when talking about this kind of content is marketing. However, there are other reasons companies use this kind of content. This can include providing information, opinions, updates and more.

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    One of the most common and oldest forms of creative content for a company would be pictures and more specifically logos. Brands are often recognizable by their logo alone thus showing the importance of a suitable logo. Logos are used strategically such as on shop fronts, stationary, products and more. These days creative content goes past that simple logo and onto more advanced types of content. Videos are becoming more popular as content, short videos can provide a quick, entertaining and fast description of a product with little research required on the part of the consumer. Blogs are also a great way for companies to market themselves and new products along with e-books and interactive graphics.

    Formats and Examples of Creative Content

    This content can come in many different formats such as blogs, videos, graphic design, ebooks, photography, social media posts and more. Photography is, of course, one of the most common forms of content and many businesses make the mistake of using stock only which can be unoriginal. Certain products will require specific and professional photographers. Moving to more modern content, graphic design is vital for logos, banners, and website design. Even more up-to-date is the use of social media and even AI (think chatbots).