Crowdsourcing – Part of E-Commerce

When a company is overstretched for a short time, or trying to find qualified and flexible employees, how can a quick solution be found? The answer is crowdsourcing and e-commerce! E-commerce involves trade with goods as well as services. The tasks involved in these services can be performed by a large number of so-called crowdworkers. The concept of crowdsourcing is to divide large tasks into smaller microtasks so that numerous people can work on a project quickly and effectively.

E-commerce ©   Flikr by danielbroche

Where Did Crowdsourcing Come From?

Jeff Howe originally coined the crowdsourcing idea in 2006. To be exact, it is a further development of the term Web2.0 in which the Internet user not only consumes but also creates something meaningful. One of the spearheads of crowdsourcing is the knowledge platform Wikipedia in which the knowledge of the crowd is gathered and freely accessible to everyone. Clickworker.com takes a similar approach and tries to provide private individuals and companies with an abundance of expert skills.

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