What is freelancing?

A freelancer is a person who performs certain assignments for a company. In comparison with an employee, a freelancer is not directly integrated or affiliated with the company. Freelancers are generally found in the artistic and cultural sectors, and increasingly in technical sectors. A freelancer is frequently confused with a freelance professional. Freelance work only refers to the specific employment relationship with the employer and can indicate many different professions. A freelance professional belongs to a specific professional group, for example, architects, lawyers or doctors; the term freelancer alone does not provide information about the individual’s employment relationship.


A Freelancer’s Functions

The most important characteristic of a freelancer is their independence. In addition, freelancers are generally very skilled in a particular sector and are therefore regarded as well qualified. Freelancers can generally choose their conditions of employment and compared to “normal” employees, they are not directly bound to formal conditions such as time, place and professional standards of the employer. The freelancer is not actively involved in the organizational structure of the given company.

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Contracts and Payment

Employees, freelance professionals as well as business persons can work as freelancers. Even if a company employs you can still work as a freelancer for a different company. Your working hours are flexible, but you do not have any security in the case of sickness or vacation. The contracts are usually limited and contain details about the number of hours or a time specification that includes how quickly the task has to be performed. While freelancers receive a contractually determined remuneration for their work, sometimes called fee or pay, employees additionally receive non-wage labor costs from their employers. A freelancer must pay all costs incurred themselves.

Benefits of Freelancing

What are the advantages of working as a freelancer? Free time management is one of the main benefits. Depending on the prerequisites, work can be performed from home or any other location. The diversity of the tasks can reflect the freelancer’s interests and talents. In addition, freelancers are popular with employers because they are flexible, they can be project-linked and incur hardly any fixed costs.