Mobile Crowdsourcing

Definition of “Mobile crowdsourcing”

Mobile crowdsourcing is a term that describes crowdsourcing activities that are processed on smartphones or other mobile devices. Thanks to the improved, technological smartphone features, including reliable GPS, very good cameras, and continuously new apps, mobile phone users can work on crowdsourcing tasks without any further difficulties. Nowadays, these tasks involve more than simple site descriptions.

Mobile Crowdsourcing

Uses of Mobile Crowdsourcing

Mobile crowdsourcing can be used to collect data either passively or actively. Users who have smartphones equipped with GPS can be located via apps to create movement profiles. In active crowdsourcing, smartphone users upload data: this can include photos of restaurants, exact company addresses and businesses (geocoding)or information about menus.
Meanwhile, mobile crowdsourcing can also provide aid for disaster victims by coordinating relief programs in real time and documenting the damage. Helpers can be sent to the site where they are most needed, as was the case during the flood disasters in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria, or the earthquake in Haiti. Data that is gathered via mobile crowdsourcing are up-to-date, has a low error margin and large amounts of data can be delivered very quickly.

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Mobile crowdsourcing at clickworker

In addition to its regular crowdsouring services, clickworker also offers mobile services. Using their own “mobile app,” data can be stored and processed on clickworker.com. With this service, photos can be made on-location and quality tests or product placement can be checked locally. In addition, geocodings and ratings of restaurants and bars can also be made.