Mobile Marketing Research

The digitalization of society makes it increasingly difficult to deliver representative results with marketing research concepts. Today consumers cannot be divided into clearly separate categories and reached via telephone or mail. Mobile Marketing Research makes it possible to reach customers or consumers via their smartphone or cell phone.

Mobile Marketing Research


Mobile Marketing Research describes surveys that are sent via cell phone or smartphone. These are generally opinion surveys, feedback sheets, customer surveys and marketing research about mobile devices.
As with online surveys, the large, modern cell or smartphone screens enable different types of questions. One can either ask Yes or No questions, or provide answer options with multiple choices, or a closed selection list from which the respondent can select an answer. One can also include text fields for creative answers or a matrix question in which various items must be evaluated. Semantic connections that are asked in a complex evaluation scheme are also possible. Ideally, a mobile marketing survey should take longer than 10 minutes because the respondents would otherwise lose interest.

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Benefits of Mobile Marketing Research

The benefits of Mobile Marketing Research are that customer data and opinions can be queried in real-time. The surveys can be carried out anywhere and at any time and therefore reach more customers. Most under 25-year-olds have a smartphone and many business people can always be reached on their cell phone.