Motivation for Crowdsourcing

Motivation for crowdsourcing – the key to success

As a rule, “paid crowdsourcing” is the incentive for crowdsourcing. It includes money bonuses, benefits or exclusive information. However, the financial benefits are not always the decisive factor for the crowd. It can comprise social components, i.e. the social recognition for meaningful and creative work within the crowd as well as the sense of community in general. Therefore, the greatest incentives of the individuals in the crowd are simply the enjoyment of work and the knowledge that they are contributing to a large project and a common goal. The best-known example is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Its goal is to put the accumulated knowledge at the disposal of the world.

Motivation for crowdsourcing

Significance of the social components to companies

When a company or an organization understands the social components and the incentives needed by the crowd and is then in a position to fulfill these needs, this organization is then able to become a sustainably productive crowdsourcing platform.

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