Power of the Crowd

The power of the crowd describes the crowd’s ability to exert influence. This phenomenon can be observed in many sectors, such as social sciences, politics and economics. In practice it describes how interests can be enforced, problems solved, and changes implemented with the help of many individuals.

Power of the crowd

Dangers and Benefits

The power of the crowd has a number of benefits as well as dangers. National Socialism showed that the use of propaganda could thrust the crowd, especially in hard times, in a dangerous direction. However, mass movements have often impressively proved that the will of the population at large will ultimately prevail. Some examples are the French Revolution, the fall of the Berlin Wall or the Arab Spring. The power of the crowd can also be used selectively. Tasks can be efficiently solved through division of labor or mutual targets achieved with agreements.

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Development Through the Internet

The development of the Internet has also changed the ability of mass movements. New opportunities have arisen in particular in the crowdsourcing sectors. Many people can simultaneously access a database or enter information on a platform. Portals, for example clickworker, use this opportunity and have tasks solved by many users together.