Prosumers are the New Consumers

The word prosumer has two definitions. The American author Alvin Toffler created the word prosumer, a combination of consumer and producer, in 1980. At the end of the 20th century the combination of professional and consumer became prosumer. Social networks and the Internet have given the term created in 1980 a relaunch.


Personalized Products

Users consume and produce information simultaneously on web pages such as Facebook and YouTube. So-called crowdtesting is a special form of crowdsourcing in which companies can use the manpower and knowledge of the crowd to test the user-friendliness of products and where applicable, refine them. Active participation in the creation of a product turns consumers into prosumers. Meanwhile, existing products can be adapted to meet prosumer wishes, for example individual perfumes or chocolates. The personalization of a product also characterizes the so-called prosumer product. The bridge camera is designed for use by semi-professionals.

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