Shared Economy

The Economy Learns how to Share

Why spend money on something if you can borrow it at a reasonable rate? This is the basic idea that shared economy takes advantage of. Property was yesterday, the future is shared. What began with car and bike sharing a few years ago has become a trend of the future in the digital world. Companies were initially annoyed by the concept because consumption was throttled. But this is changing. A growing number of companies and large corporations have recognized the advantages of the trend.

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Benefits for the Economy

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Whether Apple, Samsung or Sony – smartphones are already absolute bestsellers. And the trend is moving toward mobile Internet. Companies are also profiting from this sharing boom. Employees of large companies can communicate via virtual offices. Time is money and a meeting via a data line is faster and more cost-effective than arranging an in-person meeting between the respective employees.

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Sharing, Exchanging, Improving

Problem solving with crowdsourcing has enormous potential. Many people can share things that would not usually be consumed via shareconomy platforms. These products could be evaluated and analyzed. Game developers could market their products via shareconomy platforms and improve them through crowdsourcing.