7 Good Reasons to Buy SEO Content

September 17, 2019

buy SEO Content

Content is king, but especially high-quality content. Attention, high rankings and increasing clicks are ensured by good content. Anyone active on the internet as a blogger, or as the operator of a shop or website has to offer their readers added value. For the creation of news, info or glossary texts there are basically two options: either you write it yourself or you have it written. Seven good reason speak for the second alternative.

What is SEO Content Actually?

The acronym SEO stands for search engine optimized. Online content is mainly conveyed in a text format. Audio files, videos and descriptive graphics play a role as well, but in the end content can’t really do without written text.

Well-written informative copy which also sends the correct signals to search engines is very valuable for marketing, because the better the ranking with Google and others, the easier your words reach their target audience. SEO content is also worth hard cash. Copywriting agencies specialize in delivering high-quality SEO content within a very short window of time. And there are many reasons to rely on professional help when producing SEO texts.

1. Save Time

Time is money. And not every website, blog or online store operator is a gifted author. Good SEO content supports the business, but copy writing that is not only informative, but also reader-friendly, requires time. Anyone who purchases texts for his website saves that time to devote to his core business. It’s worthwhile especially for blogs to have top-quality posts written by qualified authors.

  • A good strategy for diverse and individual content is offering a mix of your own and outside contributions.

It often happens that a purchased post delivers good content, but doesn’t fit your own style. Just a few adjustments though can lead to optimization. Delete a word here and there, or change a formulation, and authenticity is restored. Let customization be your motto in these instances.

But beware, copyright laws and rights of use come into play here. As a purchaser of SEO copy you should first inform yourself about your right to change the text, ideally asking the author herself or checking with the agency personnel responsible for handling the assignment.

2. SEO – Getting the Ranking Right

SEO is absolutely essential if you want to be found on the internet. But particularly as an amateurcopy writing, the tendency is to use the main keyword unnaturally often. Google regards this as keyword stuffing. There are however more sophisticated approaches to getting to the front of the field with search engines. These include the use of synonyms, the creation of well-structured copy and the WDF*IDF method.

WDF*IDF? Hidden behind this abbreviation is a little SEO magic formula that relates to the relationship between keywords and other words in their vicinity. A small example: in an informative text on the subject of bicycles the words pedal, bike, ecofriendly, trekking, e-bike and many others appear regularly, in a very specific ratio. Google considers this relationship as an indication of how holistically (comprehensively) a topic is covered.

3. Protection from Duplicate Content

Copying is not allowed. Google detects duplicate content immediately and places plagiarism at the very end of search result lists. Unique content is indispensable for getting visitors to your website via the largest search engine.

Large copywriting agencies like clickworker employ reliable tools that immediately uncover duplicate content. Nevertheless, prices for texts with unique content are very reasonable. Authors are usually compensated with a certain cent amount per word.

4. Bet on Quality

One thing is clear: if you enjoy writing and do it well, self-written content is ideal for your homepage. Tips and tricks, news and blog posts are especially well-suited for in-house production when they have to do with internal company happenings (which you as an insider are most familiar with).

However, someone who doesn’t like to write, or possibly even struggles with spelling should use outsource content creation. Commissioning text production is very inexpensive as a rule, and you receive certified quality. As a client you can leverage the SEO content services at clickworker. Depending on the requirements and specialization, the agency only offers writing assignments to appropriate authors.

How well the commissioned text turns out relies heavily on the briefing. When giving instructions to the writer the following points are particularly important:

  • What is the core message of the text?
  • Who is the text directed to? The tone is especially dependent on this.
  • Should the user be given a specific call to action?
  • Is there a specific keyword the text should be tailored to?

This last point is especially vital. Besides the main keyword the briefing can of course also include guidelines for additional secondary keywords.

5. Varied Content and Diverse Writing Styles

Buying SEO content also has a nice side effect: the more writers contribute articles, for example a company blog, the more diverse the content and style becomes. With multiple authors participating an online presence appears multifaceted. Of course, every website should also distinguish itself through a consistent style, but this goal is achieved primarily by setting guidelines that belong in the briefing for authors. This includes direction for example on:

  • the length of individual paragraphs
  • the number of sub-headings
  • the overall length of the text

If something isn’t correct, the client communicates a brief change request to the writer. Within a short period of time appropriate SEO content is produced.

6. Find Experts

Targeted experts on specific topics can also be hired through text writing agencies. This way one’s own lack of knowledge on certain aspects of a subject is compensated for. And not only that, texts written by other authors fill in gaps that may otherwise exist in the holistic character of a website. The more comprehensively a subject is presented by a web presence, the more points it receives for its Google ranking.

7. Finally: Inspiration for the Next Piece

Anyone on the search for writing subjects allows themselves to be inspired by the writing of other authors. Outside articles lead to fresh new ideas from which the next self-written piece then profits.

Conclusion: Buy SEO Content and Score Points with Good Content

It’s worth buying SEO texts, especially when comparing the time gained with the relatively reasonable cost of high-quality articles. Qualified authors, who are best approached through reputable text agencies, appreciate clear briefing guidelines to focus their writing on. This way website operators receive suitable SEO content within a very brief time period.


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