8 Opportunities to Earn Money with Your Smartphone

post published July 8, 2019 post modified June 7, 2023

How long has it been since you last had your smartphone in your hand? 5 minutes, maybe 10? Besides your keys and wallet, your cell phone is probably the most important thing you have with you every day. You use it as an alarm clock, a watch, your most important communication device and even just for amusement. So why not use your Smartphone to earn money as well? Find out in this article which mobile jobs are waiting for you at clickworker.

1. Photos – Shoot and Save

Earn money with your smartphone

Strike a pose, because we pay for your selfies! Our customers are concerned about beauty in only a very few cases though. Instead the photos are usually used to drive the development of artificial intelligence. Your selfies and of course pictures of other subjects (animals, landscapes, etc.) don’t end up on social platforms or in private photo albums, but rather help to make image recognition software more precise, for example.

2. Videos – Don’t Capture Moments Just for Yourself

earn money with videos

You can also make money in a very similar way with short video clips. In a variety of jobs you will be required to film objects, animals or people. In all of them it is particularly important that you follow the instructions in the job description exactly. Be careful to submit videos of the correct length and in the right format, choose the requested subject with care and then you’ll be able to upload your video clips using the clickworker app.

3. Voice Recordings – Let Us Hear You!

voice recordings

“Siri, call my sister!” Have you ever asked yourself how Alexa, Siri and the others work? Training them required clever programmers and sophisticated technology along with a multitude of voice recordings. This is the only way these assistant systems could learn to “understand” us. Because their development is continually advancing, you can make some money with your own voice recordings, which you can quickly and easily complete with your smartphone in the clickworker app.

4. Sentiment Analysis – Relevant or Not?

You can quickly click through jobs concerning sentiment analysis, which may sound complicated at first, but really isn’t. For jobs in this category it is mainly about evaluating the relevance of a piece of information or an issue. For example, you look at a list of search results for a certain term and decide which one is the most relevant for that search.

5. Surveys – We Want Your Opinion

Make Money Smartphone Surveys

Many customers rely on the opinion of the crowd when developing new products or strategies. Exactly for this reason there is usually no “right” or “wrong” in a survey, but instead your personal assessment and opinion is wanted. Surveys are however more than just dull clicking. Carefully read through all tasks so that hidden test questions don’t thwart your chance to make some money with your smartphone.

6. App Testing – Go Troubleshooting

Earn money by testing apps with your smartphone

More than 6 million mobile apps are waiting in the Google Play store and the iOS App Store to be installed on your phone. But before new apps can land there, they have to be put through their paces so no bugs turn up in later use. This is exactly where you come into play, when you accept short app testing jobs.

7. Mystery Shopper – Make Money While Spending Money

Do you feel like going shopping? Let us help pay for a trip to the mall and earn a little on the side by doing a photo shopper task with your smartphone. Generally these jobs require you to photograph certain products or areas of a specific store, answer a few questions about it, and upload your pictures in the clickworker app.

8. Tagging

What can be seen in an image or what color is a certain piece of clothing? With tagging jobs it’s always about ascertaining additional information from a target object, like for example, an image.

If you have now been inspired to earn money with your smartphone, just quickly download the clickworker app on your iOS or Android device and take a look at which jobs currently await you!

Mandy Meyer-Steffan