Take advantage of international price differences

November 9, 2015

E-Commerce int. price differences

Many studies have shown: It makes sense to internationalize shops to profit from global price differences and obtain higher profits. Comparing does pay off!
Higher prices can be achieved in foreign countries than on the domestic market for many products – with the same, or even lower, advertising costs..

If you have plans to go international too, we will be glad to support you with our solutions & services in order to implement your projects more efficiently.

Whether you plan to offer your products in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the UK, France, or the USA – you will find customers all over the world, as long as the communication is working and appeals to your target group. And you can easily achieve it with the help of our services and our international Crowd. Our Clickworkers live in 130 countries, so they know the local customs, traditions and even the dialect, and can speak to your target group more directly.

    For example, we can support you with the following solutions:

  • Unique website product descriptions with relevant keywords for search engine optimization.
  • Creation of SEO-friendly category texts as informative text specifically created for the sector of your products.
  • Creation of advisory texts and glossary creation service – This is not only an important source of information and an additional value for your customers, but is also very effective in search engine optimization due to the selection of product-specific keywords.
  • Blog post writing with relevance to the products, but also to the corresponding country and their inhabitants. These blogs provide an initiative for customers to return to your website through interaction – this enhances customer loyalty, but is also very effective for search engine optimization.
  • Generation of constantly changing, interesting news on your range of products – There is a lot happening on your website, which is a good reason to visit the website more frequently.
  • Keyword research and unique content for SEO for online advertisements – the text must be brief, specific to your target group and be appealing at the same time.
  • Product categorization and tagging – to ensure that your products can be searched and found fast within the shop under the right keywords, injected into search engines and turn up high in the search results.
  • Price and product research – Which products are offered by your competitors to which prices in the various countries? And much more important information by observing the market – researched locally, or on the World Wide Web.

We can offer you a full service including consultation for all Crowdsourcing solutions provided.

If you need any advice, have queries or would like to receive a quote for our services, please do not hesitate to call us at the telephone number: +49 201 959718-0, send us an e-mail, or just use our contact form.

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