Answers to online survey related topics

November 28, 2016
Answers to online survey related topics

What are online surveys? What benefits do they offer? When are they useful? Can you earn money with them? What resources do you need to conduct a survey on the Internet? Answers to these and other questions are given below.

Online surveys – Definition

Online surveys are polls that are conducted on the Internet. Their goal is to determine customer and user opinions. Online surveys are very cost-effective in contrast to telephone surveys and face-to-face interviews carried out in research institution centers or on the street. In addition, multimedia elements can be easily included in the survey.
However, opinion polls on the Internet are also controversial because surveys that can be accessed by everyone are seldom representative. This is because a portal generally has only one specific user group. For instance, users visiting a vintage car fan site will be less prone to agree with a “prohibition of emissions in motor vehicles.” The level of agreement would certainly be higher on a website that addresses urban gardening. Therefore, average public opinion regarding the “prohibition of emissions in motor vehicles” topic cannot be determined this way.

Apart from general market and opinion surveys, online surveys are also of interest to universities and colleges for the acquisition of data for scientific research. Website operators also make frequent use of online surveys. Online surveys allow them to better understand their users and bind them to the Internet page. By taking part in a survey, website visitors – previously passive consumers – change roles and become active producers.
Moreover, online survey participants can even earn money on the Internet.

To find out more about “Earning money with online surveys” click here.

How do online surveys work?

Operators can program online surveys as HTML forms, or make use of survey software and an online survey tools, respectively. Whereas HTML forms are static and a certain amount of effort is required to adapt them to new demands and tasks, online survey tools have the advantage of operating via the supplier’s server. They therefore do not burden your own web server and are extremely flexible; just a few simple steps are needed to enter questions and perform evaluations.

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Internet survey respondents must generally select their answer from a given selection. Based on a point scale, they express or specify the extent to which they agree with a statement. The automated evaluation of these answers is simple. In some cases, opinions can be given in the form of free text. However, this makes automated evaluation difficult. In voting formats such as “Are you against X or for C?” respondents can generally view the result immediately.

What are paid online surveys?

Many of those who want to conduct surveys use the Internet for their purposes. They often decide to conduct online surveys. Respondents are paid a compensation for the time needed to fill out the questionnaire.

Creating online surveys

Why online surveys?

Conducting online surveys – When does it make sense?

Using online surveys, companies, website operators, research facilities and educational centers want to hear the views and feedback of customers, users and consumers, and gain insight into their behavior. Online surveys can also contribute to stronger identification with a company, a brand or a website, and encourage customer loyalty.

Specific examples of application are described in the section: In what areas of application are online surveys conducted?

It makes sense to select the Internet as the medium for the survey because it is cost-effective and the results are prompt and easy to evaluate. Furthermore, the answers provided by the respondents are anonymous, and the participants are not bothered by call centers or similar.

Online surveys – pros and cons

Online surveys have numerous advantages compared to telephone or face-to-face surveys – however, they also have drawbacks.

Online surveys pros:
  • cost-effective
  • quick evaluation
  • extremely high number of respondents
  • multimedia poll is possible
  • answers provided can be anonymous
  • tech-savvy people in particular can be easily reached
  • international use
  • direct or indirect influence by the interviewer is avoided
  • established poll method
  • mistakes in transferring the questionnaire data into the computer is ruled out
Online surveys cons:
  • target groups are difficult to contain
  • only representative to a limited extent
  • users can fairly easily manipulate voting
  • insecurity on the part of the user as to the whereabouts of their data
  • users are generally less inhibited and egoistic online than in daily life; data can therefore be misleading

In what areas of application are online surveys conducted?

Market research
Obtaining opinions and data about market demand by means of surveys makes sense for every company with regard to the business idea, as well as before every launch of new products or services.

Service improvement
Opinion and feedback surveys can bring lasting improvement to customer services. This is particularly important for products and services in which the price plays a secondary role.

Examination of interest
The interests of website visitors can be quickly ascertained. A test blog for loudspeakers for instance can ask its users which loudspeakers it ought to examine next. It is therefore aware of its readers expectations, and can fulfill them. The readers will remain faithful to the blog.

Emotional loyalty
Surveys can emotionally bond the users to an Internet page. If the evaluation of a voting shows that the majority of the portal visitors share an opinion, then the visitors feel “understood” there.

Active co-determination
An opinion survey about the design of a new product animates the active involvement of the customer. “This company is interested in my opinion.” When customers feel this way about a company, this represents an invaluable image boost.

Earning options
Most blogs and portals address a specific target group. These groups can be of interest to market research centers. Portal and blog operators can indeed accept payments from these centers for surveys among their users. However, the surveys must not repel the website visitor.

Scientific research areas
Online surveys are perfect for obtaining data as a basis for research projects. Both the faculties and students of universities and colleges in particular use online surveys for scientific research work.

How do I create an online survey?

Creating an online survey is easier than you think. A Google search for the words “online survey” delivers an extensive list of providers. Pages such as,, and, to a certain extent, provide non-professionals with tools for creating simple or complex surveys. However, this service is only free of charge in the basic version. If you need more survey options, answers, filters, etc. you will have to subscribe to a premium service.

In general, creating a survey with a provider involves the following steps:
  1. Registration
  2. Drafting the survey
  3. Provider creates a HTML Code to incorporate the survey on a website
  4. Incorporate the HTML-Code on the homepage
  5. Done!

The evaluation can be viewed on the provider’s site. In general, the provider also generates a link to the survey created. This link can be forwarded, for instance by email, to survey participants. The addressees simply click on the link in the message to access the survey.
Another option is to create online surveys in your own content management system by means of plug-ins.

You will find the appropriate tools for the most popular CMS here.

What do you have to keep in mind when creating online surveys?

Precise questions are essential in creating a successful survey. You ought to ask specific questions rather than, “Does our website appeal to you?”

For example:
Is it easy to navigate the site?
Do the colors on our website appeal to you?
Are the texts easy to read?

Wherever possible you ought to ask for an explanation.

For example:
FIs it easy to navigate the site?
No, because …
     a) There are too many menu items.
     b) I don’t know what the menu items signify.
     c) The menu is difficult to click on.

Online survey – which tool?

Recommended online survey tools for WordPress are:
  • WP-Polls
    This traditional survey tool for WordPress offers basic settings for colors, sorting of the questions and answers, as well as participant bans and more.
  • YOP Poll
    The setting options are similar to WP-Polls, however you can also determine the order of questions and answers, their designation as well as bans and more. A survey archive is also available.
  • Responsive Poll
    In addition to numerous basic settings, this successful survey tool provides seven animated chart types.
For Typo3 there are also:
  • jk_poll
    A simple survey tool in which the questions are entered via Rich Text Editor. Multiple votes are prevented by IP analysis or cookies.
  • ke_questionnaire
    A straightforward tool to create surveys with Typo3. The basic version is free of charge and comes with many effective features.
  • Simple Poll
    This small-scale survey tool prevents respondents from taking a survey multiple times. Perfectly suited for simple votings.
The following are available for Joomla:
  • POWr Poll
    A survey tool that can be adapted to any Joomla template. It is free of charge for up to 100 responses per month.
  • SP Polls
    Surveys can be quickly created in just a few steps. The tool is free of charge and entirely responsive.
  • Votes
    This tool creates a user-friendly survey in a short amount of time. Settings can be adapted to define whether users can vote once or multiple times.
These tools can be used for Drupal:
  • Poll
    This multilingual Drupal module creates simple multiple-choice surveys.
  • Advanced Poll
    This is an advanced version of Poll. This tool creates highly differential surveys with various types of answers.
  • AJAX Poll
    This survey module enables users to respond to questions without having to reload the website. It can be operated alongside the standard Poll module.

Where can I post online surveys and find survey participants?

It can sometimes be difficult to find survey participants. An online survey can be directly posted to a company’s website, its online shop or blog. In addition, you can try to acquire participants through your own newsletter. A link in the message directs you to the survey. Surveys can also be posted on Facebook and other social media channels.

Finding respondents through clickworker is easier. This option offers a means of spreading online surveys very quickly, and to a large number of people. In this case, Clickworkers – qualified Internet users who are registered on our site to perform paid small online tasks – act as participants in the online surveys. The great advantage is that the target group can be individually defined according to various segmentation options or created teams / survey panels. Furthermore, results are returned very quickly, even for thousands of surveys, and the online survey can be completed within a short amount of time.

Find survey participants easily – More information

Participants for online surveys via clickworker – Watch this video to learn how easy it works:

Earning money with online surveys

There are two ways of earning money with online surveys: On the one hand, operators of websites can earn money with online surveys if they can present a target group on their Internet site that is of interest to market research centers, and integrate the surveys on their site. On the other hand, every Internet user can earn money with online surveys by taking part in paid surveys.

Where can I earn money with online surveys?

Internet users can register on the clickworker platform and participate in surveys for the specified fee.
In addition, numerous market research centers are active on the Internet. The income earned in online surveys differs. (Find out more in the following section).The money is not always immediately paid out. Usually a certain amount has to be accumulated. The income earned in online surveys is sometimes paid out in the form of vouchers for e.g. Amazon, Ikea, etc.

ProviderInformation about the providerPayment as ofVoucherMoney payment via
MySurvey3.5 million members worldwide5 €YesPayPal
IpsosOne of the largest global providers of surveys10 €Yes
TolunaFrench opinion portal with test options for products and services25 €YesAccount
OnionPeopleGerman opinion poll center located in Munich; must be 14 years old to apply20 €YesAccount
Valued OpinionsLeading opinion research center20 €Yes


If you enter “surveys earning money” on Google, your search will deliver many other providers. However, beware – many are not reliable.

More details in the last section.

How much can I earn by taking part in an online survey?

In the surveys offered at clickworker, the respondent fee is based on the length and amount of effort required to complete the online survey. The fees are visible in advance for every registered member and can vary from between 0,50 cents to as much as 10 Euros.

Reliable marketing research centers quote earnings averaging 1 Euro per 10 minutes. However, respondents of paid surveys usually receive much less. This is due to the following:
Every survey is aimed at a specific target group, for example high-income people with a specific education. But the selection of the target group is carried out in small steps. For instance, answers to questions about gender, age, education, years of work, etc. were given, but the survey is terminated after the question about annual income because the respondent no longer matches the required profile. However, payment is not made for an incomplete survey. The respondent has spent time and effort for nothing. This is one of the reasons why the actual earnings are below the average amount indicated even when online surveys are reputable.

What online survey sites are reputable?

Reputable online survey sites do not charge registration fees or similar costs. Their work is transparent, and you can see how much money you have earned at any given time. Payment is prompt and easy. The providers do not demand an unusual amount or detailed information when you register. In addition, they ought to respond to requests within 48 hours.


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