Benefits of a Corporate Blog

December 7, 2015

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Corporate Blog – For marketing experts, blogs have been the focal point of communication with their target groups for quite some time. In the meantime, a growing number of companies fall back on this method of communication. There is work involved in a blog but the effort is worthwhile. The website obtains new, unique content, that can also make potential customers aware of a company, for example through publicity in social networks, including Facebook or Twitter. Correctly used and with suitable topics, blogs can help companies present themselves in a better light. It makes a company look more authentic, sincere and transparent than an advertisement ever could.

What a reader expects of a corporate blog

Advertisements or press releases – these are things that users do not want to read. Users expect to find relevant content that gives added value and that they can benefit from. Whether it is a blog post about how the company produces its items, about the history of the company, about case studies, or a report about activities and contests. It can also be about a trainee’s plans after passing his exams – a true story for example. Readers often enjoy practical business tips as well as information about products, and current market trends. However, in the last case it is important that the texts are especially written for the blog and not simply copied out of the existing homepage or press release. In addition to topics and content, as in all texts that are published, care must be taken regarding the quality of the wording, style and layout.


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Although this does have to have priority when creating a blog, the search engine visibility of the homepage improves because the pages are continuously subject to change and are not stationary. Google & Co. reward the operators of a homepage with better search results if the page is filled with high quality articles, and these are replaced at regular intervals. The consequence is more traffic, which leads to more attention and more sales.

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