Search engine optimization: These 8 SEO plug-ins for chrome can help

SEO Plug-ins

In today’s post we will introduce eight browser SEO plug-ins for Chrome, with which you can tackle various search engine optimization issues. We selected Chrome because it is the most common browser and it has a correspondingly large range of plug-ins.

What does my website look like on different types of devices?

You do not even need a SEO plug-in to answer this question. By default Chrome can simulate the depiction of an Internet page on various devices. You simply have to open the respective site and right-click a blank area of the Internet page. Choose “Inspect” in the window that pops up. Alternatively you can enter the Ctrl+Shift+I keyboard shortcut.

SEO Plug-in

At the top left you can select the view for the respective final device. It only shows the most common smartphones and tablets. However, you can customize individual screen resolutions.

How fast does my Internet site load?

Google takes speed into consideration and appreciates fast-loading Internet pages. This is why it is important to know how fast your page loads. The load performance of your website can for instance be measured with the “Page load time“ SEO plug-in.

SEO Plug-in

Once the plug-in is installed you will see a small stopwatch at the top right of your browser. It shows the total loading time needed for the site to open. A chart with detailed results appears when you click on the clock.

What Meta information does a website provide?

Meta information is an important source of information for search engines and especially for users. Meta descriptions, for instance, determine the text that is displayed as a snippet in the search results to search engine users. If this text appeals to the user, the user will most likely click on the corresponding result. With the SEO plug-in SEO META in 1 CLICK you can access the Meta information of any given website.

SEO Plug-in

The Meta information is displayed after a click on the SEO. And you can quickly determine whether something is missing. The individual tab pages provide further information.

Are my redirections working?

Redirections can for instance be used to redirect visitors from outdated versions of your Internet pages to the newer versions. But do redirections always function properly? And if not, why? With the Redirect Path tool these issues are a thing of the past. This tool analyzes and shows where errors are.

SEO Plug-in

Just a click on the button shows you exactly what path the URL takes.

What can I do to simplify my backlink analysis?

With the SEO plug-in Linkclump for Google Chrome you can easily inspect links on a website. You simply have to simultaneously press the Z key and the left mouse button. In doing so you select the area of an Internet page whose links are respectively supposed to open in a new tab. This saves a lot of time when doing a backlink analysis.

SEO Plug-in

Just mark the part of the page whose links are meant to be opened. Then release the mouse button to open every link in a new tab. You can also bookmark all the links at the same time.

Pages are not indexed – is this due to the instructions for the bot?

The robots.txt file indicates how the bots are supposed to deal with the content of websites. It is for instance possible to exclude entire records from indexing. However, what happens if you are not aware that this is the case for certain pages on your website? You are simply surprised that Google does not display or update them. This is where the small SEO plug-in Robots vs Humans can help. Click on it to have the entire robots.txt file displayed. A nice extra is the citation of the humans.txt file – if existent. This will tell you who has contributed to the website, because the Internet is meant for humans and not for bots.

How much traffic does my competitor’s website generate?

Have you sometimes wondered how much traffic your competitors have? The figures are an open secret. With the SEO plug-in SimilarWeb one click is enough to reveal the statistics. Although we do have to say that these figures are certainly not precise and that there is not enough data for all pages, the plug-ins nevertheless provide good reference points. And best of all, they are free of charge.

SEO Plugin

The SimilarWeb plug-in produces the traffic figures at the touch of a button and is free of charge.

How can I analyze websites quickly with only one tool?

Do you want to make a thorough SEO analysis of a web page? Then you ought to use the browser plug-in SEOquake. This is a very powerful tool that has all the functions and features needed for an analysis.

SEO Plugin

In the top bar of Chrome the SEO tool shows the most important data of the web pages visited. After clicking on the icon (marked in red) you will be provided with additional information.

Do you know any other plug-ins that simplify SEO with the browser? Then write us. We look forward to your input and feedback.