Boost your business with these 13 Christmas online marketing ideas

December 3, 2019

Christmas online marketing ideas

The pre-Christmas period is an ideal time for small and medium-sized businesses in particular to boost online business. This is equally true for B2C and for B2B. We have compiled a list of 13 ideas that can be realized quickly and at very low cost.

1. Advent calendar countdown with prizes

The big brands do it with their lavishly programmed Christmas calendars, copy them. No special software or similar is required. All you have to do is become active yourself. How?

  1. Get twenty-four gifts that match your business.
  2. Wrap the gifts so that they look really special.
  3. Photograph the gifts individually.
  4. Starting on December 1, post a photo of a gift on your Facebook or Instagram page every morning. (The best gift should obviously be posted on December 24.)
  5. Ask your followers to guess what’s in the package. They must leave their tip in the comments.
  6. In the evening, post a short video showing this gift being unwrapped.
  7. The person who correctly guessed the contents wins the gift. If there were no or several correct answers, you can raffle the gift among all those who took part.

Important: Be sure to provide information about your campaign on all channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and newsletter) before starting your Christmas calendar campaign. In addition, you can also put a flyer with the information on display in your shop.

2. Daily or weekly newsletter with Advent offers

An alternative to the Advent calendar mentioned above, is a newsletter that you send out every day from the 1st to the 24th. It should contain a special offer exclusively for this day. Service providers can also use it to present their offers in an interesting way and thus secure one or the other order for the new year.
If you do not want to send a mail daily, then you can send an offer punctually to each Advent weekend.

3. Address last-minute shoppers

If you run a retail shop, then you should target last-minute shoppers with an email campaign. Invite them to visit your shop for last-minute shopping. But keep in mind that in Germany, stores must close by 2 pm on Christmas Eve.
If you only ship your goods, then carefully calculate the last-minute shopper campaign with your delivery service. You must be able to guarantee that your shipment will arrive on time. If your products are available for download, you can even lure last-minute shoppers during the holidays.

4. Last minute vouchers for download

Since we’re already addressed the last-minute buyers, why not help them out by offering vouchers for download. This gives buyers the possibility to print out and give an attractive gift voucher even if the ordered goods do not arrive before Christmas Eve. The same applies to services, of course.

5. Adapt website texts

OOptimize the key texts of your website before the holiday season begins, preferably as early as November, to increase the chance of being found. Use the words Christmas, holidays, Advent, New Year’s Eve, Santa Claus etc., for example. Google’s Keyword Planner will help you find the right Christmas keywords.
Be careful not to ruin the character of your texts with the new words. This should work quite well, because even companies that we hardly associate with Christmas can refer to it.

Roofers – Thanks to our carefully laid shingles, Santa Claus will have a great grip on your roof.
Car Rental – Santa comes to us when his reindeer get tired.
Shoe shop – Even Saint Nicholas is enthusiastic about our shoes.
IT – Especially in the Advent season you don’t want to have to deal with defective PCs.
Tax consultant – Don’t wait for the next New Year’s Eve to file your tax return.

Tip: Secure your original texts beforehand, then you can quickly put them back online after the holidays.

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6. Adapt the design of the website

The design of your website can also have a seasonal touch. If you use a CMS, you can do this with just a few clicks. Vary the accent color or the background. Even a small chain of lights on the logo or similar, conveys a holiday mood.
As always, less is more. Don’t change your homepage to such an extreme that your customers no longer recognize it.

7. Videos, photos or slideshows

A small Christmas greeting from your team as a video to your followers is guaranteed to go down well. Alternatively it can be a virtual greeting card by mail or a slideshow on Facebook. In any case, it should reveal the actual people behind the company. This helps your customers build a real bond with your company, because people usually feel connected with other people and not with AGs or GmbHs.

8. Holiday-themed contest on Facebook or Instagram

Organize a small holiday-themed contest that matches your brand or company. For example, you can ask your followers to catch the holiday spirit by giving one of your products a festive look, and filming or photographing the result. It can then be posted under a predefined hash tag on Instagram or on your Facebook page. The best idea will of course win a prize.

9. Holiday posts in your blog

If you run a blog, then the context should definitely be related to Christmas and the turn of the year. There are thousands of points of reference here. You can also show your “human side” at this time of the year. Let your followers take a look behind the scenes or tell them about a holiday experience that particularly moves you, your family, your team or your company. Or let your employees tell stories about their most beautiful Christmas or turn of the year celebrations.

10. Send holiday greetings in good time

If you work in the B2B sector, don’t forget that most offices are closed over the holidays. Be sure to send your Christmas or New Year greetings in good time. This year they should be there by December 20 at the latest: December 23rd is a Monday, and many people will take the day off.

11. Review of the year’s events

Post a year-end review on your blog or Facebook page at the end of the year. Tell your followers about the highs and lows of the year. You can also give an outlook of the new year ahead.
Depending on the sector, videos, slideshows, texts or even a podcast are suitable for the review.

12. Help others

You care about the environment, are committed to fighting poverty or improving animal welfare? Many things that are not the way they ought to be in our world. Why not donate to projects dear to your heart and ask your customers or followers to do the same for you.
If you work as a regional company, you should definitely have a specific local project you want to support.

13. Buy and help

As an alternative to the donation campaign described above, you can link your donation to your customers’ purchases. This ad campaign was launched by breweries years ago: They donated 10 cents to the rainforest for every case of beer crate bought. Something similar can also be organized in your online shop. For example, donate 5 percent of the purchase value to a project.
Don’t forget to inform people about it via newsletter and social media before the campaign starts.

Summary: The pre-holiday season offers many sales opportunities for online marketing

Advent calendars, newsletters, fundraisers or contests – there are many ways to attract new customers, reactivate old ones and strengthen customer ties during the Advent season.


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