Crowdsourcing in the field of CSR projects (part 2/2)

July 28, 2015

Crowdsourcing and CSR

Yet it is awe-inspiring and gratifying when the power of the crowd is used to realize or promote non-profit CSR projects. There are already a number of very positive examples.

Crowdsourcing in the field of CSR projects – Expamples:


Causes is an online campaign platform where support for non-profit campaigns can be accessed. The users of the platform have a mutual objective: they want to make the world a better place. They have their own ideas or want to support ideas from other people. Likeminded people connect and collaborate to develop campaigns for non-profit organizations and take action together.


Wheelmap is a project created by SOZIALHELDEN e.V.
Everyone can use the interactive map at to find, enter and appraise (using a traffic light system) places that are easily accessible for wheelchair users worldwide. The objective of the map that has been available since 2010 is to help wheelchair users and mobility impaired persons to organize their day more efficiently. Wheelmap is also available as a free app for mobile devices. The map can therefore also be used on the go using a smartphone.

OpenIDEO is an online platform for creatives who want to make things happen. The platform can be used by companies against a license fee who want to use the creative crowd for the realization their own CSR projects. The crowd develops ideas and solutions together up to complete concepts for projects and challenges in social areas such as famine aid, improved education in developing countries, water supply and medical care etc.


The Internet platform helps bring together news of disaster and deal with crises. Volunteers from the crowd send information to the platform about crisis situations such as earthquakes, oil pollution, political unrest, etc. using multiple channels including email, SMS or Twitter. Ushahidi verifies the information and then visualizes it on a map. This gives relief organizations a quick overview where possible victims can be found, where food and further aid is needed.


This non-profit crowdsourcing company provides employment to people living in poverty in developing countries by giving them work that can be performed using a computer. Companies can use the Samasource platform to upload and process files as projects for tasks in the areas of text & content, data mining & tagging as well as transcriptions of audio and video files. The Samasource team breaks down projects into individual tasks and distributes the jobs.


We, as a company with global operations, believe that social responsibility is self-evident. We are destined to support social projects because of the tremendous potential our network of 800,000 Clickworkers provides.

If you have a project for which we would be the ideal partner please send your ideas to us at:

We look forward to receiving your emails and suggestions!

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