Crowdsourcing in the service of online marketing

May 27, 2012


It is common knowledge that the changes in the field of IT and “New Media” are progressing at a very quick pace and involve continuously new possibilities and trends. Based on its importance for marketing management, one can say that online marketing provides much more new knowledge than any other topic.

Companies must constantly observe the trends and changes in the areas of search engine optimization, search engine advertisement, further online advertisement options, social media, mobile devices, communication channels as well as web based interactive options in order to provide marketing activities that are target-oriented and up to date.

Online marketing and the use of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing in its current form is the result of the development of comprehensive interactions, data storage and data exchange that web technologies in particular offer. Used together with cloud computing, crowdsourcing enables companies to carry out many procedures irrespective of time, space, quantity and resource limitations. This extra flexibility makes crowdsourcing an ideal tool for the efficient realization of innovative and up-to-date online marketing measures.

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