Eight Easter Ideas for Facebook and Homepage Marketing

April 5, 2017

Homepage Marketing

Is it Easter again? Christmas is only just over. Looking for a few creative Easter ideas for your website or Facebook? We have the Easter Bunny on standby and could let you know the best online marketing ideas.

1. Easter Rebates

Classics never go out of style. That is why discount promotions for Easter are a good idea. They are easy to use in your online shop and can be timed exactly. They can help you win new customers, recover old customers or reward regular customers. The discount action does not have to be limited to the period before Easter. Discounts can be given throughout the holidays, because at Easter, money is also given as a gift to be spent immediately. Bargain hunters are also on the lookout during the holidays, as many people are on holidays.

2. Creative Easter Wishes via Facebook

Writing Easter cards can be a tedious task. An online Easter card is drafted and sent much faster. Post Easter themes via Facebook for sharing. Your users and customers can then use them for their own personal Easter wishes and make even more advertising for you.

Just a simple picture of an Easter egg with your company logo and “Happy Easter” does not have much of a chance of being shared. Pep up your Easter motifs a bit more. Gif format animations are currently very popular. You can generate them quite easily yourself. There is free software available on the net. If you want it to be more challenging, but still easy to implement, check out the DP Animation Maker. It brings normal photos alive with just a few clicks. Clouds can be animated, water can be made to flow, or butterflies suddenly flutter over a meadow. The results are then exported as short videos or animated pictures.

3. Easter Calendar

Why only for Christmas? There could be an Easter calendar too. Your Facebook fans and website visitors could crack open a new egg every day. And what would they find inside?

Ideas for your Easter Calendar:

  • Gift Vouchers
  • Rabates
  • Demo Versions or Freeware
  • Video Courses
  • E-Books
  • Webinara
  • Funny Videos
  • Online Easter Greeting Cards

Vouchers, discounts and similar can also be offered in parts. Your users would have to open an egg every day, for example, in order to put together the entire discount or voucher code.

4. Easter Egg Hunt

The concept of a virtual Easter egg hunt is simple. You hide the Easter eggs in certain spots on your website / online shop. Perhaps there are even some parts of your Internet presence, which have few hits, but are still very interesting. An Easter egg hunt on your homepage would encourage your visitors to have a closer look at your website or products.

Easter eggs can be hidden as small graphics in the text, as an overlay window or in other photos. Whoever discovers the correct number of hidden eggs can win something. Or each Easter egg could be associated to a surprise. Find out what this could be under Point 3.

5. Easter Landing Page

If you are planning any larger Easter events, you really have to build your own Landing Page. Then the various marketing activities can be concentrated on this one page. If you are planning a postcard action, the QR code on the map leads directly to your landing page. The ads on Facebook and other social networks focus on it too. Thanks to a separate page for your Easter activities, you can keep an overview and can address specific target groups on a point-by-point basis. Of course, different landing pages can be created for different target groups.

6. Interactive Competitions

People like to be creative and love it when their work is recognized. Let your users or customers have the feeling of being able to get involved and reaping laurels. Interactive competitions are the perfect choice. The tasks could include the following examples:

  1. Write an Easter story about product X.
  2. Convert our service offer X into a painted Easter picture.
  3. Make an easterly short video on …

The results are then presented on Facebook and your website. Of course, there will be prizes for the best submissions. The Facebook community can vote for the winners at the same time. This will make the participation even greater.

7. Casual Games

What about using Easter eggs, instead of putting uniform bubbles or diamonds in line? Or guiding the Easter bunnies over a busy road? Or let a chick fly over obstacles? Or find ten differences in two seemingly identical photos? There are many casual games, which are easy to program and can be dressed up in Easter style. They can be published directly on your Facebook page or website. You even could couple the game with a profit game. This way, you also get the same addresses from potential customers.

8. Interactive Easter Video

Make an Easter video. The story should have something to do with the festive period, your company or similar. It should be exciting and also offer various options. The video always only goes as far as one of these possibilities. The users then choose for themselves how to proceed, for example, by voting on the same day. Then the video continues the next day with the voting result of the previous day and stops at the next option. In the end, the users can see the film the way they have determined its course. This is quite an elaborate affair, but there is great potential for a viral hit.

Using Easter

The Easter festival is ideal for the above-mentioned actions since people are awakening from their winter hibernation. More decisions are made now and some daring ones too. The tips can also be combined very well.

Do not forget to provide a traceable link between Easter and your product or service.

Before starting the Easter action, decide what you want to achieve with it.

After the holidays it is then evaluated. Did you achieve your goals? Where is there a need for improvement? If you carried out several actions or used different channels, you can compare their efficiency.


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