“Global Regulation of Digital Labour” – Summary of the ILO seminar in Geneva

March 4, 2019

ILO Geneva

Within thew frame of its field of work „The Future of work“, the ILO’s (International Labour Organization) research department invited various experts to a seminar focusing on “Global regulation of digital labour” in Geneva on February 27, 2019. Participants included Alex Wood from the Oxford Internet Institute, Enrique Fernandez-Macias from the European Commission, Anne-Marie Mineur, member of the European Parliament, as well as Six Silbermann from the IG Metall labor union in Frankfurt.

The seminar demonstrated and discussed the opportunities and challenges presented by digital platform-based work. As a leading expert in the sector, clickworker attended as well, represented by our managing director, Christian Rozsenich. In discussions with researchers, social partners and policymakers, we examined which digital labor challenges need to be addressed. The discussions largely focused on the extent of crowdsourcing in Europe and, consequently, whether and to what extent regulatory measures are needed to ensure fair competition as well as fair working conditions on digital platforms.
The ILO plans to offer further seminars on the subject of “Digital labour in Europe” to better understand the benefits and possible risks of the market soon.


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