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Sometimes it happens: you´re trying to save an assignment and all you get is an error message. Often this can happen with an error that is easy to fix, which blocks you from being able to save.

If the task is a text creation or translation, you should immediately copy your work and save it elsewhere, for example in Word, OpenOffice or another text program – simple programs like WordPad also will work. Then take a look at the error message. Sometimes carefully reading through the message can explain what exactly needs to be changed: Was the text too long? Maybe keywords are missing or not appearing in the correct density? Or, maybe a text field was left empty?

There are also general error messages, which just say that the task could not be saved, without saying why. In that case, have a look at the assignment instructions, paying special attention to the details about formatting (text length, keyword density and HTML-commands.)

If there´s still no telling what´s wrong, the next step would be to contact our Support-Team via Please remember to always include your username and the work item number that you´re having trouble with. If it´s a text task, you should attach or paste the text directly into the email.

CAUTION: Don´t end the assignment by clicking “close” or “skip,” as this will cause the assignment to be placed back in the assignment pool, and subsequently offered to all Clickworkers. If that happens it´s often not possible for us to keep it reserved for you.

In the meantime, if you want to keep working while waiting for us to get back to you, simply close the browser window using the X up top. This will temporarily reserve the task for you automatically and we will have enough time to react.

In the best case scenario, we can solve the problem and the assignment can still be saved. If the cause of the problem turns out to be a problem with the Clickworker website, we generally continue with the planned payment for the task, even if the assignment could not be “saved”. Our only requisite in this instance is that the text you send (with the email reporting the problem) appear to be at acceptable quality.

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Denise Strohschein 14.10.2014, 16:45:30 Uhr


I Just registered for and can’t seem to totally sign in or maybe I am signed in. Please help me, I keep getting a msg that says ‘User login ‘[email protected] has failed. So I tried to register again and message sd this email address an login name has already been taken.