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post published February 3, 2021 post modified July 28, 2022

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Creating content for the web is complex. But as varied as the content is — online content almost always consists of text. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, why not leave the text creation to professionals? How do online copywriters work and what online texts are especially popular?

Online copywriters for a variety of genres

Online copywriters have no reason to complain about a lack of assignments. This is hardly surprising when you consider how many texts are generated on the Internet every day. Today, more words are published than ever before. Texts are needed (and must be written) for:

Each of these text genres has distinctive features. If you are a website operator looking for good content, you are likely to consult specialized freelancers who can deliver high-quality content within a very short time.

Researching and formulating

What is the main task of an online copywriter? Writing content, of course. But before putting the content into words, the copywriter has to search for information. Research is therefore the top priority — naturally always based on the customer’s ideas. The better the briefing, the more reliable the result.

An online copywriter will need the following information:

  • What is the topic?
  • What is the goal of the text?
  • Who are the target group?
  • Where will the text be published?

This is generally all that is needed. Additional information such as how the reader is addressed, tonality or specific no-gos are also required. The copywriter starts by searching for content on the Internet and putting it into well-formulated words.

It is important to keep in mind that copying is not an option, especially for online texts. There is nothing more harmful than duplicate content on the Internet. Because if Google comes across plagiarism, it will have a negative impact on the whole domain.

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Online copywriters for various tasks

Online copywriters attach great importance to details. An eye for detail creates a text that is easy to read and captivates the reader at any given point.

For instance, the headline. Competent online copywriters can find the right words and furnish a headline that immediately catches the reader’s interest:

  • News headlines that summarize information in just a few words
  • Magazine headlines that are both creative and catchy
  • Click-optimized headlines that spark curiosity — and generate traffic

Depending on the genre, there are subtle differences in the structure, choice of words and overall concept of the texts.

Glossary and wiki texts are particularly convincing when they contain a dense amount of information. Although the content is definitely in the foreground, good glossary and wiki texts are nevertheless easy to read. Here, the difficulty for the online copywriter lies in explaining complicated facts in a clear and understandable way.

Product descriptions are usually standardized — but a high-quality text will stand out. It highlights the essential features of a product and focuses on its advantages. At the same time, it is search engine optimized, for example to meet the requirements of Google Shopping.

Company descriptions: “About us” pages are about instiling confidence in the company. Potential customers want to know who they are dealing with. Redundant information and general phrases about the company’s philosophy may fill gaps, but they do not serve their purpose. Good online copywriters create company descriptions that inspire the reader to click on the contact button.

Chat writers and online moderators communicate with a company’s customer in chat rooms or on portals. Here, it is important that the online copywriter can identify the customer’s request in seconds and react to it in the best possible way. Speed is of the essence. This is why chat writers and online moderators often use text modules.

Descriptions of hotels and travel destinations for booking portals are similar to product descriptions in that they must contain some basic information (travel, sports and leisure activities, climatic conditions, shopping opportunities and more). But since the emphasis is primarily on the emotional aspect of the vacation, a pictorial language with many adjectives is important.

Online texts are inexpensive but not cheap

There is a widespread belief that the quality of copywriters’ services is deteriorating. What is true is that the Internet is full of substandard written content. This is because these texts are usually written by people who do not outsource the task at hand, despite the fact that they have no writing skills. You need more than good ideas. Texts must also be well written.

Nowadays high-quality texts are more inexpensive than in the past: why?

  • It has become much easier for copywriters today to offer their texts on Internet portals such as clickworker. Today, talented copywriters can make money faster.
  • This is why the market is growing.
  • According to the law of supply and demand, prices are therefore falling — but this doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the texts.

Keyword quality: If you take the trouble to compare 20th century printed texts with 21st century online texts, you will be pleasantly surprised. Today’s texts are often easier to read and provide more content for the same text length. This is partly due to the fact that they are primarily oriented towards the intentions of the Internet user, which is to find answers to specific questions.


Online copywriters are specialized in writing search engine optimized and web conform texts. They are usually freelancers and are therefore very flexible. Whether blog post writing, product descriptions or the creation of a promotional “About us” page: online copywriters are available for a wide variety of assignments and create high-quality content quickly and easily.



Jan Knupper