9 tips for your online marketing in the age of coronavirus

May 28, 2020

Corona + Online-Marketing

The Corona crisis gives entrepreneurs many opportunities to draw attention to themselves, especially online. Social media, Google and your own website should therefore be particularly well maintained during the COVID 19 crisis. These 9 tips are valid in the age of digitalization and also for upcoming crises.

1. Presenting online instead of locally

You run a boutique and want to present the new summer collection. In order to reach customers who are currently unable to visit you, you can present the new models yourself online. Put on the best clothes, film yourself and put the videos online.  Preferably present a new product every day. And tell your viewers what you really like about this or that piece of clothing. You don’t even need your own homepage – a Facebook page or Instagram account will do.

2. Produce a podcast

Podcasts are a regular fixture. Many people enjoy being informed, inspired or entertained by podcasts. The practical thing about this format is that we can listen to a podcast while driving a car, riding a train or cooking. We don’t have to stare at a screen all the time. It’s relaxing.

Create your own podcast based on topics related to your business, the effects of Corona and your personal experience. If the mix of information and entertainment is right, you will quickly reach listeners who fit perfectly into your target group. But do not be tempted to make a commercial out of your broadcast.

Click here for a useful guide to podcast production.

3. Live-streams bring a “be part of it” feeling

If the majority of the population has to comply with contact bans, then “feeling part of it” is all the more important. You can achieve this through live streams. These can be webinars or online training such as Preply in which you answer FAQs that have accumulated, for example. Or you can present a new product or service live on YouTube or Facebook. Depending on the size of the event you want to present, you might want to advertise on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook to reach your target audience. Of course, in some cases, good old email marketing also does the trick.

4. Corona newsletter

Whatever you do, you should inform your customers about the current changes in service and procedure. Usually, an update on the website or an e-mail is sufficient for this purpose. You are also welcome to explain what changes have taken place behind the scenes. Disclosing a few small internal details strengthens customer loyalty immensely.

Very important: If there are delays to be expected, for example in the delivery of goods, communicate this BEFOREHAND. Nothing will scare away your customers more than if they find out 14 days later that the dispatch of their order will be delayed.

If the situation changes, a customer info is also helpful.

5. Corona news ticker

If your industry is particularly affected by the crisis and every change in Corona measures has a direct impact on your company, then it is worth setting up a news ticker.  Here you can briefly reflect the decisions of the politicians and explain directly to your customers and partners what will change in your business as a result.

 The news ticker should be updated regularly. A beneficial side effect is that Google notices this and will give it a better ranking accordingly.

6. Building links

Especially in times of crisis, people move closer together – figuratively speaking. Try to find other companies you can work together with. This could be “just” a blog post for their homepage. In any case, the crisis gives you the opportunity to present your own products and services under new aspects and to build links.

7. Producing suitable content

In general, you should adapt your content planning to the COVID 19 pandemic. All topics must take the current situation into account. Since this can change permanently, you should be ready to react quickly.

You can include events that are highly likely to occur in content. And you can publish it when the event has actually occurred. This is exactly what newspaper editors do when they write obituaries for persons who are still alive. But when the moment comes, the obituary is ready for use.

8. Special offers and crisis gifts

Special offers and gifts are a well-tried means to attract attention.  A crisis such as the Corona pandemic offers many opportunities to organize appropriate campaigns. But weigh up carefully which things you promote and how. You should not give the impression that you are exploiting the plight of your customers.

9. Show social responsibility

Companies that stand out in the crisis by taking measures that demonstrate social or societal responsibility will be remembered positively by consumers. This leads to a better image and strengthens the brand.

We want your help

What other tips do you have for the crisis?  What have you undertaken and how successful was it?  Write to us.  We look forward to reading your suggestions.


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