Eleven online marketing resolutions for the New Year

December 22, 2017

Online Marketing Resolutions

2018 will bring major changes to many areas of online marketing. We have put together a selection of eleven online marketing resolutions to keep your business up to the mark in the New Year.

1. Individual product recommendations

Has this happened to you? You purchase a pair of ski pants in an online shop and two days later you receive an email with a selection of ski pants you might be interested in. Why? Who would buy the same item again two days later? Even Amazon, the online behemoth, makes these mistakes time and again. It would be better to recommend complementary items. These could include ski shoes, woolly hats, ski jackets, ski goggles, etc…

Anyone who thinks that customers find complementary item recommendations weird, because they fear data abuse, is mistaken. Most consumers are aware of their digital feedback on the Web. They even support the responsible use of their data. However, they expect the companies to send them tailor-made offers. Two online surveys held by the Toluna marketing research institute on behalf of Uniserv in 2016, showed the following:


  • 53 percent of all consumers have more confidence in a company when it succeeds in responding to the personal customer wishes.
  • 59 percent will then tend to buy from this company rather than from its competitor.
  • 61 percent will be loyal customers.


  • Suppliers have already incorrectly addressed 56 percent of consumers.
  • 62 percent have received inappropriate advertising.
  • 57 percent received the same advertising material several times.
  • Result: Customers unsubscribed the newsletter (44 percent), ended their business dealings (19 percent) or lost confidence in the supplier (28 percent).

First resolution for 2018:

Address customers with their correct name, and, recommend suitable, complementary items.

2. Micro rather than macro influencer

Influencers should only be taken seriously for use in online marketing if they have more than 25,000 followers. However, a survey by Markerly, which examined over two million social media influencers, provided interesting results. Instagrammers with fewer than 1,000 followers have an average 8% like rate. When the number of followers rises to between 1,000 and 10,000, the like rate drops to 4%. Between 10,000 and 100,000 followers the rate drops down to 2.4%. With over 100,000 followers, the influencers only achieve a like rate of 1.7%.

Influencers with a large media penetration therefore often offer content that is only of interest to a small number of their followers. The share of followers who are truly interested in the content increases with micro influencers who have fewer than 25,000 or even 10,000 followers. Furthermore, small influencers often have many true friends, relatives, etc. among their followers. They will of course be more likely to trust the influencer because they are acquainted.

It is therefore better to look for numerous small influencers rather than one big one. This ensures that the content really reaches your target group and it is not simply spread too thin.

Second resolution for 2018

Work together with the right micro influencers.

3. Live videos

You have a new product, shoot a few shots, add text and a bit of sound – the product video is ready to go online. Upload it on YouTube and Facebook and hope for clicks. It can work, but it might not.

In contrast, live videos definitely worked well in 2017. On average, they were watched on Facebook three times longer than other films. Reason enough for Facebook to release its own creator app for creating and streaming live.

Live videos are considered authentic and honest. This is what customers now expect from a brand or a company. They can watch high-gloss advertising film clips on television at any time.

Third resolution for 2018

Use the potential of live streams on YouTube and Facebook.

4. Explainer videos

And while we’re on the subject of videos, users prefer watching tutorials rather than reading instruction manuals. The annual report by the video creation platform Animoto in 2017 found that customers are 64% more likely to purchase a well-presented offer if they have seen an explainer video about it beforehand.

Fourth resolution for 2018

Produce and publish explainer videos rather than print instruction manuals.

5. Use Fomo

Fomo is the abbreviation for “Fear of missing out”. This phenomenon is becoming increasingly important in online marketing. Short-lived formats on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and co. are very important. Snapchat Stories for instance, have content that is only available on the app for 24 hours and is then deleted.

At first glance, the extreme short lifespan of content is pointless from a marketing aspect. However, to young people, these content are rated as more authentic than advertisements. And they create more attention, because the user knows that, “if I don’t watch it now, it will be gone later”. This targets the use of the Fomo effect. If you don’t make the purchase now, then: tough luck!

Fifth resolution for 2018

Use short-lived content on Facebook, Snapchat and co. to attract attention and make use of the Fomo effect.

6. Be square

The 2017 report by the video creation platform Animoto, mentioned earlier, shows that the form is definitely going towards square. Square format videos appeared 78% more often on news feeds on Facebook or are more often watched than horizontal videos.

This could be because people are simply too lazy to turn their smartphones. But you can benefit from this laziness and generate more media penetration with square format videos.

Sixth resolution for 2018

Use the square format for videos and other image content.

7. Ban annoying advertising and videos

The sixty-fourth version of Google’s Chrome browser, which is due to be released in 2018, will include an ad blocker. It will block various types of annoying ads, such as overlay ads. It will also block other types of advertising, for instance those that annoy the user because they interfere with the use of the page. This is an asset for the user because it makes it easier for them to surf. And the advertisers profit from the fact that the surfers no longer use the traditional ad blockers. In addition, well-positioned advertising reaches its target audience.

Moreover, the new Chrome will switch off videos that start on their own and that, in turn, annoy the user. Obviously, the website operator cannot determine whether a video starts on its own, but Chrome will only stream it if it complies with the following criteria.

  1. The video must have no audio.
  2. The video can include audio, but it must be switched to mute.
  3. The user really wants to watch the video. (The user has clicked or tapped once on the page.)

Seventh resolution for 2018

Remove annoying advertising and videos because they won’t be displayed soon anyway.

8. Mobile optimization

If you haven’t yet managed to optimize your Internet page for mobile devices, now is the time to do it. The way it looks, 2018 is the year in which Google will connect the first level of Mobile-first-Index. It punishes pages that are not mobile-optimized.

Separate search results for mobile and stationary searches were actually due in 2017. However, the first level of this process will not be connected until 2018. To be on the safe side, one ought to use responsive Internet pages.

Eighth resolution for 2018

Finally create a responsive / mobile optimized Internet presence – and avoid being punished by Google.

9. Intelligent networking

Do you also think, “Sure, everyone talks about networking, but it can’t work because we are always competitors.”? If you haven’t created a niche for yourself, and try to cover everything instead, you’ll always have competitors in some way.

However, if you have found your niche, then 2018 is the time to start networking. For instance, if you sell unusual baking tins, then start looking for a blogger or YouTuber who offers something related to baking. They can enhance the content on your company website, and, in return, you supply them with your products. Many kinds of similar win-win combinations can be found.

Ninth resolution for 2018

Work together with partners who serve different niches or sectors.

10. Be emotional

Facts! Facts! Facts! – This was definitely a great ad slogan for the “Focus” magazine, but facts don’t achieve much in marketing. People tend to make decisions based on emotions – even when we would like to believe otherwise. Make use of this in 2018. Give your product or service a story. The users would rather watch a small story than a picture of a product, which is loaded with facts. This is also a good way of encouraging your customers to interact.

Tenth resolution for 2018

Give your products or services an emotional touch. Address your customers with endearing stories.

11. Use all-in-one marketing solutions

It can be difficult to keep track of all your online and other marketing activities. You have one tool to create your newsletter. You get the relevant user behavior statistics for your Internet page from a different provider. A third provider hosts your website while you use a fourth provider to create your landing pages, possibly because their tool is very simple. A fifth provider is for SEO, etc… It might be a good idea to group these various processes in 2018. It would save time, you can stay on top of things and always have only one service provider to deal with if you have any questions.

An all-in-one provider should provide the following:

  1. Simple way of creating interesting blogs
  2. Installation of attractive landing-pages including lead capture for every device without the need for programming knowledge
  3. Creation of attractive, responsive web pages with drag and drop
  4. Email marketing with personalized address and content as well as A/B tests
  5. Marketing automation with which emails, content, offers and interaction can be adapted to your leads
  6. All contact data, sales tasks and company data sets as well as communication logs with your leads in one place
  7. Analysis software to see which content function and which do not, also in the social media
  8. Tools to find keywords with high traffic volume to optimize your Internet pages, blogs, etc.
  9. Analysis of calls-to-action and advertising

Eleventh resolution for 2018

Make life easier for yourself and use an all-in-one marketing solutions provider.

We hope that our marketing tips will be helpful throughout the New Year. We wish you happy holidays and a successful start to the New Year, and hope to welcome you to our blog in 2018 with exciting, new topics.

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