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March 29, 2016

travel texts

When you look out the window and see gray skies, and temperatures have been near zero for weeks on end then you know that the time has come to plan your next vacation. Many people use travel portals before booking their trip, or inform themselves about possible travel destinations in travel blogs. An important part of the pages are descriptions of destinations that provide the reader with background information, practical tips and get him in the mood for a holiday as well as offering good decision guidance.

However, destination texts are just as varied as the destinations. In addition to descriptions of individual countries, their regions or popular cities, local restaurants and trendy bars, shopping facilities and leisure activities as well as tourist attractions, insider tips and descriptions of excursions can be of interest to the reader. Emotional travel reports published in magazines also belong in this category.

Who can benefit from travel texts and descriptions of destinations?

Travel operators and airlines first come to mind. Both offer a large range of destinations and accommodations that accordingly require detailed and appealing descriptions. Platforms for hotel reservations or travel agencies also rely on descriptions of destinations on their websites. Leading and midscale hotel chains have accommodations across Europe and the entire world requiring authentic and appealing descriptions. The same applies to suppliers of holiday apartments and houses, or for agency portals as such. Descriptions of destinations are also of benefit to tourist organizations by providing them with detailed descriptions of their regions. Publishers of travel magazines have a large demand for texts relating to various aspects of travel. Reports about countries or regions are often several pages long and include information about accommodation, excursions and entertainment tips.


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The goal of travel texts and descriptions of destinations

The main objective of the text is to awaken or encourage the reader’s desire to go on vacation. When an article is professionally written, the reader feels well-informed as well as entertained. This increases customer loyalty – the return rate rises and the reader spends more time on the website. The targeted use of relevant keywords in the text increases the search engine ranking and Google search engine users find the site more quickly.

What makes travel texts to be good travel texts

It goes without saying, a good description of destinations helps potential travelers gather information to plan their vacation, and makes them want more. How can this be achieved? A travel text is basically a promotional text. However, it is important to avoid empty advertizing phrases. The reader wants to be entertained and not recruited; information and tips are essential. Depending on the length of the description it can include, for example, details about what means of transport can be used to reach the destination, and what types of accommodation are available. Everyone wants to vacation when the weather at their destination is good – information about temperatures and climatic conditions are therefore of interest. A list of dos and don’ts are recommended for people who do not have much travel experience or are taking trips to exotic places.

But what should be in a description of destinations also depends on the target group. Active vacationers want to know what they can undertake, for example tourist attractions and how they can be reached. Parents are more interested in what activities they can do with their children; party vacationers are more interested in the nightlife, bars and clubs.

The tone and style of the text also depend on the target group. Whereas formal language is appropriate for expensive luxury trips, casually written texts are better suited for low budget trips. Irrespective of whether easygoing or serious, the style must be interesting and vivid. These texts communicate emotions and longings; the reader feels good and the wish to plan a vacation develops. However, it is important that the descriptions of destinations are authentic. Talent and skill are important when writing a text, but expert knowledge is essential. The author can only “sell” authentic information and give insider tips if he knows a lot about a country, a region or a city.


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