Travel Texts, Destination Texts, Travel Descriptions: The Ultimate Guide

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Travel Texts

When you look out the window and see gray skies, and temperatures have been near zero for weeks on end then you know that the time has come to plan your next vacation. Many people use travel portals before booking their trip, or inform themselves about possible travel destinations in travel blogs. An important part of the pages are descriptions of destinations and travel texts. They provide the reader with background information, practical tips and get him in the mood for a holiday as well as offering good decision guidance.

However, destination texts are just as varied as the destinations. In addition to descriptions of individual countries, their regions or popular cities, local restaurants and trendy bars, shopping facilities and leisure activities as well as tourist attractions, insider tips and descriptions of excursions can be of interest to the reader. Emotional travel reports published in magazines also belong in this category.

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What are Travel Texts and Destination Texts?

When you’re planning a vacation, you may come across a lot of different terms that are used to describe the various aspects of travel. Two of the most common terms are “travel texts” and “destination texts.”

Travel texts are simply descriptions of destinations that appear in travel-related media such as magazines, websites, or brochures. They provide information about a particular destination, including its features and highlights. In contrast, destination texts are written by tourist organizations for their own website or publication. These texts typically include more detailed information about a destination than what’s found in travel texts.

So what’s the difference between travel and destination texts? Travel texts focus on providing an overview of a destination, while destination texts go into greater detail about each individual attraction or activity available there. As a result, they can be much more helpful when deciding where to go on your next vacation!

Best Traveling Text Types

There are many different types of traveling texts. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Blogs: Blogs are a great way to get personal insights into a destination from someone who has actually been there. They can be about anything – from restaurants to hotels to attractions.
  • Brochures: Brochures are a classic way to get information about a destination. They often have detailed descriptions of attractions, as well as maps and other important information.
  • Guides: Guides provide an overview of a destination, including its history, culture, and sights. They can be useful for getting an idea of what you want to see and do in a place before you go there.
  • Descriptions: Descriptions give more detail about specific places or things in a destination. They might include historical information, tips on what to look for when sightseeing, or lists of the best restaurants and hotels in town.
  • Journals: Journals offer first-hand accounts of people’s experiences traveling somewhere new. This can be really interesting (and sometimes helpful) if you’re looking for ideas on where to go or what to do when you get there.
  • Literature: There is some great travel writing out there! Reading books by well-known authors or travel bloggers can give you a lot of insights into different destinations.
  • Sightseeing Tips: Sightseeing tips offer practical advice on how to make the most of your time in a destination. They might include lists of the best places to go, things to do, and where to eat.
  • Best Of: The best of anything is usually pretty great! When it comes to traveling, there are lots of resources that list the top places or things to see and do in a particular destination. Checking these out before you go can help you make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Benefits of Travel Texts and Descriptions of Destinations

Travel operators and airlines are the first to think of travel texts. They need to ensure that their customers are well-informed about their upcoming trips, so they can make the best choices possible. Hotel chains, agencies, or portals rely on authentic descriptions of destinations. They want to be able to offer their customers as much information as possible about a destination before they book a trip. That’s why destination texts are often long and include thorough information about accommodation, excursions and entertainment tips.

Publishers want destinations to be described in detail for their magazines. This is because readers of such magazines often want more than just a brief overview of a city or region before they decide to visit it. Consequently, these publishers are always on the lookout for talented writers who can provide them with engaging and informative destination texts

Use Cases for Travel Texts and Destination Texts

  • Travel operators and airlines rely on destination descriptions for their business. They need to be able to offer a wide range of accommodations, so they need detailed, authentic descriptions of destinations.
  • Leading hotel chains across Europe and the world need detailed, authentic descriptions of destinations because they offer a wide range of accommodations. This is where destination texts come in handy – they provide all the necessary information for hotels to make a decision about where to stay.
  • Publishers of travel magazines have a demand for texts about countries and regions. Customers want interesting information that will help them plan their trips. You can order the texts with proofreading for an additional charge and get texts that your visitors and search engines like.
  • Destination texts are information specific to the location, such as restaurant recommendations or historical facts. They’re helpful for people who are already familiar with a destination and want more details about what’s available there.
  • Travel texts are general information about destinations, with a focus on helpful tips and advice. They can help first-time travelers figure out what they need to know before they go anywhere.

Goal of a Travel Text and Description of Destinations

The main objective of a travel text or destination text is to encourage the reader’s desire to go on vacation. The use of persuasive language and keywords are used in the text, increasing search engine ranking and Google searches for the site. Before brainstorming content ideas, it’s important to ask why the goal is being done, as this will help define goals for both writer and reader.

A “SMART” goal is one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. To ensure that your goal is measurable and specific, make sure you can answer how many people you want to reach with your content piece. Additionally, make sure the goal is realistic in terms of time and reachable.

Designing a Travel Text
Design and content is crucial for any travel text.

What makes Travel Texts good Traveling Texts?

There are many things that make a good travel text. But, most importantly, the author must remember to entertain the reader, not recruit them. After all, no one wants to read a dry list of facts about a destination. Instead, they want to be entertained and informed about what is available at their chosen destination.

At clickworker, we know this better than anyone. That’s why we offer information about destinations and travel tips in an engaging way that will have you itching to pack your bags and go! Our tone is casual and our style light-hearted, so you can feel like you’re chatting with a friend who just happens to know everything about the best places to go on vacation.

But it’s not just our tone that makes us different. It’s also the expert knowledge from our Clickworkers of countless countries, regions and cities that sets us apart.

We don’t reuse facts from tourist brochures–instead, we provide authentic information and insider tips that will make the trips – promoted on your site – unforgettable.

Text Creation Services

What Should the Travel Text include?

When it comes to creating a travel text, there are many things that you can include. Some of the most important things are information on what to pack, how to get there, and which countries are popular among tourists.

You should also think about including images and descriptions of different destinations, as well as a map that points out where they are located. Additionally, it can be helpful to list the capitals of European countries and some of the most popular attractions in Europe.

There are many things one would like to know before starting a journey. We have collected a few aspects that might be of interest for vacation texts:

  • Getting there: Where is the nearest airport, and what transportation options are available to reach the travel destination (car or public transportation)? What kind of transfer is available from the airport to the hotel?
  • Cultural offers: Does the destination have any interesting museums, theaters and movie theaters?
  • Hotels: Information about the types/price ranges of the local hotels, for example first-class hotels, family hotels or hostels.
  • Activities: Sports facilities, interesting hikes, trips near the city?
  • Food: What kind of gastronomical selection does the travel destination offer? Can you offer some good tips?
  • Transportation: What (public) transportation options can be used to reach the hot spots of the city?
  • History/Culture of the country: Events, sights such as castles or monuments
  • Travel advice: What do you have to keep in mind in the destination country? Are there any special precautions or behavior that are important?

It is of course very useful if you have already travelled to the destination and can share personal experiences. Otherwise, you will have to do thorough research.

How to design an effective Traveling Text

You should focus on certain aspects of a destination, such as its culinary features or sports activities, depending on what is specified in the order description. Remember that your text should match the other articles on the page in terms of tone and content.

Each paragraph needs to contain a subheading for paragraphs that fall under a particular subheading in order for it to flow smoothly with other texts on the page. Use first person narration in your text to make it more personal. Address your reader directly, with a form of “you” throughout the text.

Remember to keep your tone and content matched to the target audience so that they will find your text attractive!

Once you know what type of traveler your target audience is, it’ll be easier to choose the right photos and design. What is the vacation they’re looking to have? If you’re targeting people who want to relax on their vacation, go for light blues and greens. On the other hand, if your target customer is adventurous, then use bright colors and daring fonts. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure the photos complement each other so that there’s a unified feeling across the entire brochure. And don’t forget – color scheme should always match the feel of your destination!

Travel Text as an Adventure
Take the reader on a journey.

The Best Travel Texts: How to turn a Traveling Text into an Adventure

One of the joys of reading travel texts is that it can take you away from your everyday life and into an adventure. Good travel writers are able to transport their readers so that they forget time and place, and after reading the viewer wants to go on vacation. However, a good travel text does more than just describe a location; it also tells a story. This makes the reader feel as if they are right there experiencing everything with the writer.

Additionally, a good travel text subtly sells the idea of traveling. It entices the reader with images and descriptions of different places in such a way that they cannot help but want to visit them for themselves. All of these elements work together to create an enjoyable experience for the reader.

Sounds complicated and time-consuming? It is! You are in luck, because there is the possibility to have travel texts created.

Travel Text Example

San Francisco is in the state of California on the West Coast of the United States. Its “manageable” size makes it easy to orientate oneself. Its steep streets, Victorian houses and the historic cable cars give the “City by the Bay” an European flair.

San Francisco offers a number of tourist attractions. These include the lively Fisherman’s Wharf, the former penitentiary island, Alcatraz, and the charming fisherman’s village, Sausalito, north of the city. It is worth walking or cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito; with a bit of luck you can spot dolphins and sealions from the bridge.

The Mission District offers numerous restaurants, bars and clubs as well as a busy nightlife. And for those of you who enjoy shopping, you will find plenty of stores on Haight Street and Union Square. San Francisco’s gastronomical range is impressive. Owing to Mexican immigration, you can get good, inexpensive food in the Mexican bistros. However, you will also find excellent restaurants that serve hamburgers, steaks or seafood. For tourists who are interested in wines, tours to the world-famous winegrowing areas in Napa or Sonoma Valley are a must. Water sports enthusiasts, such as surfers or kite surfers, will thoroughly enjoy what the Bay has to offer.

San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Attractive hotels and inexpensive hostels in San Francisco

If you want to stay in an elegant hotel, the “Charlotte Hotel” is a perfect choice. The historical house, built in 1921, was modernized in 2014. Its central location, its luxurious rooms and an exquisite breakfast buffet with homemade pastry are unique. In addition, it offers a wellness area that includes a swimming pool, a sauna and a whirlpool. The cuisine of the elegant hotel restaurant has won numerous awards for exceptional quality.

Travelers on a smaller budget can stay at the California Hostel, located only three blocks away from Union Square. The hostel has 5 double rooms and 10 multiple-bed rooms with 4 to 8 beds. The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, towels and WiFi. The breakfast that is free of charge consists of coffee, fruit and pancakes.

How to get there

A direct flight from Frankfurt (Main) to San Francisco, for example with United Airlines or Lufthansa, takes about 11 hours. Delta Airlines or British Airways fly to the destination with a stop in e.g. New York City or Atlanta. San Francisco International Airport (SFO), is approximately 20 kilometers from the center of the city. A taxi to town costs approximately $45. Shuttle busses are much cheaper: only $15.

Certainly this applies here, too: The client’s requirements and demands will determine what the travel text looks like in the end!

Where do I get Travel Texts from?

There are a variety of places you can get travel texts from. However, it is important to make sure that the text is high-quality and matches the tone and style of your website.

If you are looking for a descriptive and intriguing text, then you should try to find an author who can write in an engaging way. Short, concise sentences will help keep the reader interested.

Most people research on travel portals and read reports on several travel blogs before they make their decision about where to go on vacation. This is because there are so many options available today with regards to traveling destinations. It can be challenging to decide where they want to go because there are so many great choices!

Things to consider ordering a Travel Text

When ordering a travel text, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Who is your target group?
  • What type of trip is it?
  • Is formal or casual language more appropriate?
  • Do you want emotional or factual texts?
  • Do you need expert knowledge or can unskilled writers do the job?
  • Are you looking for authentic and insider advice, or general tips for tourists?

Travel Text Services by clickworker

As a hotel, airline, online travel agency or tour operator professional destination content is key. You need to provide interesting and informative material for your web visitors if you want them to stick around and potentially book a trip with you.

Fortunately, our pool of international Clickworkers can help! We have a large number of qualified writers who can create top-notch travel content in a variety of languages for your website, blog, or online magazine needs. Our team can also supply entertaining as well as informative articles for your readership. Best of all, our services are fast, reliable and affordable.

What’s more, our exclusive content is written by native speakers who really know their destinations inside out. So why not give us a try today? You won’t be disappointed! Contact our Sales Team

Future of Travel Texts
What comes next for travel writing?

Evolution and Future Directions of Travel Texts

It’s hard to say for certain what the future of travel texts holds. After all, forecasts are many and often unreliable. However, there are a few things we can be sure of. Firstly, the travel season is only weeks or days away- so get your bags packed! Secondly, family and multigenerational travel will continue to be popular in the years to come. Finally, as our world becomes increasingly digitized, the way we consume and write about travel is bound to change as well.

There has been an increase in more creative mixed-genre literary travel writing in recent years. This is likely due to readers becoming tired of overly consumable pieces written for mass audiences.

That said, there are also some negative trends worth noting. For one thing, there has been an oversaturation of personal essays in recent years (think listicles disguised as stories). Additionally, many long-form pieces seem to be disappearing from view entirely. It’s harder than ever to find quality writing that isn’t constrained by the limitations of a listicle or quick-hit blog post.

All in all, it seems that travel writing is evolving and heading in new directions. The key for writers is to experiment with different forms and explore the world around them with curiosity. At the end of the day, that’s what readers are looking for- authentic stories from real people.

Virtual Reality Travel containing traveling texts and travel description

The coronavirus has caused the cancellation of a number of flights and hotels all around the world. The travel industry has been affected by this disease in a variety of ways such as the number of tourists visiting the countries where outbreaks have occurred. We need to think about other ways to give people some well-deserved time off. What good is a travel text if people can’t book a vacation?

The world is vast, and with Oculus Quest, you can travel anywhere from home. With just a few taps, you can be transported to the places of your choice- all while wearing your headset. During your virtual tour, you can view descriptions and travel texts for all possible points of interest. There are many virtual reality (VR) travel apps available now that let you explore real-world locations in fully volumetric 3D environments. BRINK Traveler is one such app that is available for the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms along with Steam. The app lets you visit over a dozen gorgeous locations around the world, including:

Display travel texts and descriptions of POIs at any time during your virtual trip.
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • White Pocket
  • Death-Valley National Park
  • Mount Morrison
  • Mount Whitney
  • Alabama Hills
  • Arches National Park
  • The Wave
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Háifoss (Iceland)
  • and many more…


We hope you enjoyed this guide on optimal travel texts and destination descriptions. As you can see, using these texts to your advantage can really help you market your business and attract more customers. So don’t hesitate to put them to good use!

FAQs on Travel Texts

How do you write a trip in text?

When writing a trip in text, be sure to include the destination, the reason for going there, how you will get there, what you will do while there, and when you will return. Also, be sure to describe the trip in an interesting and engaging way so that readers will want to follow along.

How do you write a travel report?

When writing a travel report, it is important to be clear, concise, and informative. The report should include an introduction, background information on the destination, a description of the trip, and conclusions and recommendations.

What is a travel text?

A travel text is a type of literature that describes the experience of traveling to and visiting different places. Travel texts can be found in many different formats, including books, articles, blog posts, destination descriptions and even social media posts.