Amazon SEO: How to Optimize Your Product Listings for Better Rankings

post published July 13, 2022 post modified December 13, 2022

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is an incredibly complex niche that requires a deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace and its processes. This article will provide an overview on how you can optimize your product listings with low costs and quick turnaround times to increase organic rankings when Amazon’s algorithm is expected to change.

Amazon search has outstripped Google when it comes to product search. Customer reviews and other information regarding the article requested are mainly searched for on Amazon. And anyone who wants to sell on the Internet cannot ignore Amazon.

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How AI in Traffic Management is Helping to Ease Traffic Congestion

post published July 7, 2022 post modified December 13, 2022

AI Road Traffic

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about a sea change in road traffic management. AI can now predict and control the flow of people, objects, vehicles and goods at different points on the transportation network with great accuracy. In addition to providing better service for citizens than ever before, AI is also making it possible to reduce accidents by optimizing flows across intersections as well as improving safety during periods when roads are shut down due to construction or other events. Furthermore, AI’s ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data has allowed for effective mass transit, such as ride-sharing services. So how is AI revolutionizing road traffic management?

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Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

post published July 7, 2022 post modified December 9, 2022

Social Media Marketing 2022

Forget what you think is good and bad, social media is a mass-marketing tool. Appealing to the masses has never been easy but with the power of technology at our fingertips it’s time for businesses to take notice. Increasingly consumers are viewing digital marketing as an effective way to make their voice heard, which means that brands need to adapt quickly or risk losing customers forever. What are some of the most important social media marketing tips?

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An Introduction to Machine Learning Datasets and Resources

post published July 7, 2022 post modified December 9, 2022

Machine Learning Datasets

Machine learning is one of the hottest topics in tech. The concept has been around for decades, but the conversation is heating up now thanks to its use in everything from internet searches and email spam filters to recommendation engines and self-driving cars. Machine learning training is a process by which one trains machine intelligence with data sets. To do this effectively, it is important to have a large variety of high-quality datasets at your disposal. Fortunately, there are many sources for datasets for machine learning, including public databases and proprietary datasets.

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Mystery Shopping: Definition, Types, Workflow. Finding the right Secret Shoppers

post published June 24, 2022 post modified December 1, 2022
Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an increasingly popular form of consumer research that allows businesses to test market a product or service.

In this blog, learn how you can use mystery shopping for your business and get insights by understanding the different types of secret shopping and what they do better than traditional forms of customer research.

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Travel Texts, Destination Texts, Travel Descriptions: The Ultimate Guide

post published June 21, 2022 post modified December 9, 2022

Travel Texts

When you look out the window and see gray skies, and temperatures have been near zero for weeks on end then you know that the time has come to plan your next vacation. Many people use travel portals before booking their trip, or inform themselves about possible travel destinations in travel blogs. An important part of the pages are descriptions of destinations and travel texts. They provide the reader with background information, practical tips and get him in the mood for a holiday as well as offering good decision guidance.

However, destination texts are just as varied as the destinations. In addition to descriptions of individual countries, their regions or popular cities, local restaurants and trendy bars, shopping facilities and leisure activities as well as tourist attractions, insider tips and descriptions of excursions can be of interest to the reader. Emotional travel reports published in magazines also belong in this category.

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How to Transcribe Audio to Text: A Guide to Audio Transcription and Speech Recognition

post published June 13, 2022 post modified November 4, 2023

Transcribe Audio to Text - Guide

Transcribe audio to text can be a valuable process for creating accurate records of conversations, tracking and transcribing speeches, and more.

In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of audio transcription, its use cases, speech to text, AI transcription and human transcription and speech recognition. By learning about these topics, you’ll have a better understanding of how they work and how you can put them to use in your own business or personal life.

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Human in the Loop: The Human in the Machine

post published May 31, 2022 post modified November 7, 2023

Human in the Loop ML

Man in the machine – a buzzword familiar from science fiction novels of the early 20th century. What this term is about in the 21st century is clear: it is about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The development and training of AI requires the intervention of natural intelligence at many points: human in the loop. In this loop, the human acts in a similar way to a teacher.

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How Product Data makes the difference in E-Commerce

post published May 5, 2022 post modified December 9, 2022

Product Data

What used to be oil is now data. More and better product information provides the basis for commercial success – especially in e-commerce. It’s all about using intelligently prepared data to attract customers to your own website, offer them a unique shopping experience, and ultimately bring them to conversion. Solid, consistent and up-to-date product information is the basis for this.

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5 Ways to Integrate AI in Your eCommerce Shop

post published April 26, 2022 post modified December 9, 2022

AI in E-Commerce Shop

The still-ongoing pandemic has pushed many people towards online shopping permanently. And this gave a staggering rise to the ecommerce industry. During the pandemic, there has been a 50% growth in the ecommerce market.

And, as more and more people opt for ecommerce businesses over conventional retail, it is becoming important to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) for efficiency. Taking such a step can prove beneficial for many reasons; driving customer engagement, detecting fraud, retaining customers, and enhancing the shopping experience.

Big players are already deploying AI, and here are five ways you can start leveraging it to grow your ecommerce business.

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