Participation of Clickworkers in current study on the Corona crisis

April 27, 2020

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The current Corona crisis makes it clear to all of us how important it is that we are provided with sufficient and comprehensible information on crisis issues that directly affect us. It is particularly important here to provide information on how we act correctly and thus contain the crisis. In the case of the Corona crisis, this is primarily a matter of informing the entire population about hygiene and prevention measures that everyone should follow in order to protect themselves and others.

Due to current events, the Chair of Information Management at the University of Göttingen is dealing with these same educational measures within the framework of its research on digital health topics.
Based on the information provided by the Federal Centre for Health Education and the Robert Koch Institute for Infection Protection, the University of Göttingen wants to use a survey study to analyze how differently “rich” information offerings on hygiene and prevention measures are received by people depending on the presentation of information and the medium.
For example, does a video on hygiene tips seem more trustworthy than a pure text? Are infographics possibly the best choice to reach people and convey information in a sustainable way? Or is a chatbot (a digital assistant) the most suitable means? And what role do trust-building elements such as logos of recognized and public institutions play?
The aim of the study is to scientifically analyze the use of the various information services in order to better understand their impact.

In order to arrive at currently relevant results via the survey study, the University of Göttingen needs 1400 survey results within 2 weeks.
With this challenge, the university turned to our clickworker team. Without further ado we set up a project with our service „Surveys“ and made the already prepared survey of the university available to our Clickworkers based in Germany via our platform.
The survey takes about 15 minutes and consists of two parts: information about infection protection and a scientific survey.
As with all our survey projects, the system ensures that each Clickworker can only participate once in the survey.


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The survey went online on the clickworker platform on 06.04.2020 and was completed early last week.
We are already very eager to hear the results of the study from the University of Göttingen and will of course inform you about the results in due course.

EU project “Mobility Opportunities Valuable to Everybody” (MOVE)

The survey was co-financed by the EU project “Mobility Opportunities Valuable to Everybody” (MOVE), an Interreg project Interreg projectsupported by the North Sea Program of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union. The survey and research results are incorporated into this project.


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