Professional company profiles

post published November 23, 2016 post modified September 1, 2022

company profile

A company profile presents a business to the public and among other things helps attract new customers. Especially for unknown companies and brands it is a good opportunity to increase their reach and awareness about them.

How is a company profile created?

A profile is similar to a curriculum vitae or résumé. It introduces a person and characterizes them. A profile should make clear what kind of person is hidden behind it and what defines them. That also includes a person’s characteristics and important stations of their life. A company profile should be similarly arranged: it should provide an overview, list milestones, elaborate on important characteristics, and mention a few points that distinguish the company from others in the field. So beforehand an exact analysis is of great importance. All facts have to be compiled and noted. Of interest, for example, are the year of establishment, significant company activities, cooperation with other firms, or collaboration with well-known customers. The strategy a company pursues should also be mentioned. Possible area of specialization, any out of the ordinary equipment, and special nominations or awards should also be incorporated into the text. So that a potential customer can make reach out as easily as possible, a company representative and their contact information should always be listed. If there is more than one location, these of course should also be mentioned.

Once the facts have been gathered, they need to be structured as meaningfully as possible and incorporated into a text. Profiles that, for example, will be found in a trade directory, should be limited to a short and sweet company description. The reader must be told in the available sentences what the company offers and why it can be interesting specifically for him. The profile on the company homepage can be more detailed. There you don’t have to limit yourself to only text either – graphics, images and videos break up the text a little, and are an additional attention-getter for the reader.

What to watch out for when writing?

Fundamentally true for company profiles is that they should be intelligible and written as vividly as possible. Technical terms or very specialized terminology should only be employed in moderation, but at the same time the text should not be too general or riddled with vague, unimportant statements. It is advisable to formulate company profiles in the third person. A profile text sounds current when it is written in the present tense. But to actually be current, information like number of employees, hours of operation or number of years in business should be updated continuously. Whether the tone of the text is formal, businesslike or more casual depends on the company philosophy. It is only important here that the text sound authentic and fit the company.