Four Ways to Promote Your Own Business

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If you’re in the process of setting up your own business – whether online or a brick-and-mortar store – your first hurdle is to make yourself visible. The wealth of information available on the web, as well the numerous advertisements users are confronted with on a daily basis, make it difficult for a business to remain in the customers’ memory. If you want to become visible, you need to plan and carefully carry out the appropriate measures. Here are some ideas that can help even a small and new business to generate visibility:

The traditional approach: Giveaways

One way of making potential customers aware of your company is to offer promotional gifts. For instance, if a customer visits your store, he or she will receive a ballpoint pen as a promotional gift at the checkout instead of classic flyers, which usually end up in the nearest trash can. After all, ballpoint pens are always useful – and if these giveaways also remind people of a brand, they can enhance the willingness to make a purchase. Ballpens often allow for cooperation with other companies. Real estate agents, lawyers, or banks, for example, can give pens imprinted with your logo or website to their clients. Since these business sectors often work with signatures and written documents, ballpoint pens are a useful giveaway. However, they are only one of many ideas for giveaways – you could also consider giving away printed bags or USB sticks.

For digital natives: Social Media

Social Media have become increasingly popular as a means of gaining visibility. Many influencers achieve success through platforms like Instagram. But social media can also be a good springboard for small businesses and solo self-employed people. So, what is the secret to success? In most cases, it’s communication: You can make a positive impression by interacting with your followers, responding to their questions and requests. The likelihood of sales or inquiries about one’s own services increases accordingly.

For experts: Search Engine Optimization

If you take a closer look at online marketing and customer acquisition for your own business, you will quickly come across the term SEO, or search engine optimization. It involves optimizing one’s own website or blog posts so that they are easily found and classified as relevant for users by search engines such as Google. These kinds of professional SEO texts achieve a high ranking in the search results and are clicked on more often than results that are displayed further down or on the back pages. It’s worth adding that achieving a high ranking content is not a simple thing. Quite a number of firms reach out to various content marketing experts beginning from content marketing bureaus, crowdsourced text services, ending to even Do My Homework writing services. However, SEO texts get used to being written up exclusively by the SEO professional team.

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Profiles on suitable platforms

If you are setting up your own business as a freelancer, for example as a web designer, copywriter or graphic artist, you can benefit from suitable platforms. Since it is usually difficult for a website to quickly achieve a ranking high enough to generate regular inquiries, platforms can be the solution to an initial lull in orders. The advantage is that these platforms are usually well-established and have a significantly higher reach than small websites of freelancers. This means that more customers become aware of the corresponding services.



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