7 Reasons to Transcribe Audio to Text

April 14, 2022

Audio Transcription

Speech to Text – converting spoken language into written text: That’s audio transcription. For example, anyone who records a speaker’s presentation on a notepad is already using audio transcription. But of course, it can also be done digitally: automatic audio transcription is based on high-quality speech software that uses artificial intelligence.

We are encountering automatic transcriptions more and more frequently on the web. For example, on YouTube:

  • When the sound is turned off, video previews sometimes show the spoken text.
  • The “Show transcript” function can easily be switched on by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of a video.

Content for the Internet is increasingly presented in the form of videos and podcasts. That’s why the option of audio transcription is becoming more important. There are many arguments to rely more on this conversion from audio to text, especially in e-commerce.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Audio transcription is good for SEO. And without SEO, success on the Internet is almost impossible. Audio transcription plays a significant role in helping content rank better on Google.

Most of a website’s visitors come directly from Google – from organic search. What criteria are used to determine the ranking for content? Google crawlers primarily analyze text. Google is getting better at analyzing content from clips and podcasts. But textual representation makes it much easier for search engine crawlers to work with: fewer detours, fewer misunderstandings.

Proper captioning of videos and audios allows search robots to evaluate, rank, and attribute content. That’s why it’s important to convert audio to written form so crawling can occur unimpeded.

Audio or video plus text has some advantages that can be used for search engine optimization:

  • Inclusion of relevant keywords
  • Correction of errors
  • Highlighting important content of audios through textual representation.

Audio transcription makes content easier to search through. This has an immediate impact on Google rankings and leads to more visibility, more clicks, and more sales.

2. Accessibility

Audio transcription increases the accessibility of content, thereby removing barriers. Examples:

  • People with hearing disabilities are enabled to understand videos.
  • Transcriptions simplify translations. This increases the reach of content immensely.
  • Audio transcription is cross-device. It makes content available to devices that cannot play video or audio, for example.

There are many facts that speak for the importance of these aspects. For example, the number of 1.5 billion people worldwide who have difficulty hearing. Or the large percentage of videos that are viewed by users without sound. Audio transcription significantly increases the reach of content.


We provide voice recordings while also transcribing audio files in a variety of languages. The transcriptions are only processed by qualified Clickworkers, performed precisely as directed and checked before being accepted.

Transcription of Audio Data Sets

3. Content Recycling

Good content is the basis for effective online marketing. In the face of content shock, it’s increasingly difficult to meet high creative content standards. But why reinvent when usable content already exists?

Existing audio and video files are perfect for being published in a new format through textual representation. In doing so, the content doesn’t always have to be copied one-to-one. To counter the dangers of duplicate content, slight changes or placement in a new environment are often all that is needed. Examples of content recycling:

  • Converting content from a podcast into an infographic.
  • Using webinars, meetings, and conferences that are in video format as blog posts
  • Transferring video how-to’s into written instructions.

The possibilities for content recycling using audio transcription are almost endless. Last but not least, content reuse also contributes to search engine optimization.

4. Customer Loyalty

The automatic transcription of video and audio elements on a website is taken for granted by most customers today. It is therefore advisable for every company to offer this feature to the users of a website.

Such an offer improves reputation and strengthens brand loyalty. It demonstrates a company’s customer orientation: no one should be excluded from finding out about the company’s services and offerings because of language or hearing problems – and in a wide variety of formats:

  • Podcasts and video clips, with subtitles if desired.
  • E-books, text articles, and infographics based on the content of videos or audios
  • Texts on the same topic in different languages

When customers know that their needs are met in every way on a company’s website, they return. Customer loyalty is thus a lucrative effect of automatic transcription.

5. Communication

Automatic transcription tools show their strengths at meetings and discussions. It used to be a difficult and time-consuming task to take minutes of meetings and make the content available in different languages.

It usually takes several days or weeks to get such minutes if they are done by hand. Digital tools enable transcription and translation in real time. When selecting software, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Ideally, the program is capable of automatically recognizing different languages.
  • The program can distinguish between speakers to make this clear in the transcription.
  • Cloud-based software has the advantage of access at any time, regardless of location and end device.

Already, meeting and meeting participants take automatic transcription capabilities for granted. It is important to obtain consent for recording and processing from those affected before each meeting.

6. Quality

Audio transcription contributes significantly to the quality enhancement of videos and audios. This is because subtitles make it possible for viewers and listeners to review content. Often the written text helps with comprehension problems. Viewers can also watch videos when they are on mute – for example, when headphones are not at hand.

A spoken-to-written transcription also makes it easier to share content among users. A slim text file takes the place of memory-intensive audio or video files. For the addressee, the text provides easier access – for example, with full-text search.

7. Costs

Last but not least: the financial argument. High-quality transcription software is available at reasonable prices. The programs do not charge hourly wages like human labor – even when it comes to translations from exotic languages. And the quality of transcriptions is improving all the time thanks to artificial intelligence.

What is the cost of transcription software? Prices vary. Online tools work for free in some cases, but many have time limits. High-quality programs include add-on features such as plagiarism checks. Some service providers offer hybrid solutions – for example, with final proofreading by experts.


Audio transcription offers companies many opportunities to increase visibility and user experience. Above all, audio transcription can be used to increase the reach of content. A prerequisite for effective transcription work is powerful transcription software. The program of choice should be easy to use, deliver accurate results, and integrate well with existing structures. To be on the safe side, fully automated transcriptions should be checked by humans at the end before being published as new content.

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