Smartphone Jobs – The Freedom of Mobile Work

Earn money with your smartphone no matter your location? Sounds tempting, but does it really work? We’ll give you an insight into the world of mobile jobs, and show you which options the clickworker app offers you.

Decide for Yourself Where You Work

'Work-To-Go': Many of our smartphone jobs can be done quickly & easily.

The work world is in a constant state of flux. Technical developments and innovations have created freedoms that were unthinkable a few years ago. Today more and more people dream of trading their dreary office routine for a flexible work model. A work-life balance is what many are trying to achieve, by reconciling free time, family and career. Ironically we are always carrying the solution for a self-determined and independent work life in our pocket.

We have our smartphones close at hand in every situation. But those who only use them for chatting or gaming are throwing away valuable potential and money, because you can work on digital jobs almost anywhere on a smartphone. In the clickworker app you’ll find an individually created job list that is tailored precisely to your location, language skills and work experience. The job list presented is based on your personal user profile and displays numerous tasks that you can work on directly on your smartphone. What makes mobile work on your phone so attractive is the great freedom of choice. Only you decide on which tasks you accept, when you work on them, and especially where you work on them. Whether you choose a cozy café, your green backyard or an amazing South Sea beach, mobile jobs push yesterday’s boundaries and offer a welcome change to the traditional work rut.

Clickworker App: Diverse Mobile Jobs for Down Time

A short break? Especially those who travel a lot can benefit from the various job offers in the clickworker app.

Thanks to the clickworker app, smartphone jobbers receive a transparent platform full of exciting projects. From surveys and photo sets to video and speech recordings, the only thing required for these jobs is a smartphone and a stabile internet connection. This work can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life. Take a selfie after a visit to the hair salon, record short sentences in the park, perform a little product research while shopping at the supermarket. While some jobs require a little training, others can be completed in just a few minutes. Often a few clicks are enough and your clickworker account balance climbs slowly but surely. In this way the app’s mobile job offerings are the perfect way for college students to use a study break sensibly, or for freelancers to fill gaps in contract work. Especially those with occasional wait time to fill, be it at the train station, in the doctor’s waiting room, or in line at the DMV, have the chance to be immediately productive with the clickworker app and earn some money on the side. The idea behind it: you customize the workload to fit your life’s rhythm and your current location, not the other way around. And you don’t have to suddenly become a travel blogger or self-made businessperson to take advantage of this opportunity. No matter where you currently are, a quick look at the mobile job list is always worthwhile. Mobile jobs give you the freedom on a small scale to spontaneously accept and participate in online projects from anywhere.

Have we peaked your interest? Then it’s high time for you to get going with mobile jobs on your smartphone. It’s as easy as downloading our app, creating your clickworker profile and then immediately start your first task.


Angelina Conic