Online marketing – what you can achieve with video marketing

November 6, 2018

Video Marketing

An increasing number of people have discovered video marketing as a means of connecting with consumers. Videos cannot be ignored if you want to attract a lot of attention and increase your Internet presence, as well as expand your online marketing. Videos offer many benefits compared to text and image based web content. It is much easier and quicker to explain complex processes with moving images. Videos present news and information in an exciting manner, and are more likely to appeal to the target group. Moving images get significantly more attention than texts, images or graphic works.

If you want to use videos in your online marketing you must first examine various factors. These include the medium as such, the different techniques, the target group, the right timing as well as the different platforms. Every company must find the platforms and channels that are best suited to its own self-produced video content. In addition, every company must be aware of what kind of video content is suited to its own targets and the respective corporate philosophy. Bright colors, loud music and quick cuts are not the right choice for every company.

Online marketing – why should it include video marketing?

Search queries are made on the Internet every single day. These are not only limited to queries on popular search engines such as Google, but also on video platforms such as YouTube. Based on the number of search queries, YouTube is now the second-largest search engine worldwide. If you are offering products, services or information on the Internet, and want to be found by users, you will have to develop an online marketing strategy that includes videos. The importance of video marketing is playing an increasingly important role in online marketing, and is at the top of the to-do list for many advertisers. Video marketing can be described as a modern, customer-oriented marketing tool. Videos are a modern way of communicating facts, brand images, advertising message and information. The term video marketing is used when the primary purpose of the video is to promote a product or a service. Style, length and format of the video are irrelevant. Videos that are used for marketing purposes can also greatly differ.

Videos generally offer the advantage of communicating complex subject matter easily and quickly. This benefits users because they obtain a lot of information within a very short space of time. It takes much longer to read and understand a text with a similar relatively large amount of information. Videos are an effective means of communication. A well-produced video might even generate a large amount of attention. Some videos go “viral”. Videos are therefore a good option when you want to achieve higher name recognition, consolidate your brand image and want to be remembered by potential customers. As sensorial beings, people generally show a strong response to the audiovisual stimuli of a video.

Adapting videos to the target audience

One of the major benefits of video marketing is that a video can quickly reach a very large number of viewers. However, new videos are released every day. Consumers often find that the number of videos on the Internet causes confusion – many videos get lost in the shuffle. But in order to ensure that your message is heard, a video must stand out from the crowd and be adapted to suit the target group.
Who belongs to your target group?
How have you structured your target group focused online marketing up to now?
What is the best way for you to reach your target group?
What does your target group need or want?
Wenn Sie Ihre Zielgruppe näher definieren und deren Bedürfnisse eingrenzen möchten, können Umfragen und Marktforschung sehr hilfreich sein.

Surveys and marketing research can be helpful tools when it comes to defining and narrowing down your target group and its needs. Video portals are becoming increasingly popular, and the willingness to distribute videos via social networks such as Facebook has also increased in the past few years. In addition, many age groups are almost constantly online with their mobile devices. There is hardly any company that can dispense with online marketing, and video marketing yields many new communication possibilities. However, many surveys show that teenagers and young adults have different Internet habits as compared to adults and older people. This is why it is important to know your target group and adapt your strategies accordingly. You should also keep your target group in mind when determining the type, style and length of your videos. You can include the following target group related factors:

  • Age of your target group
  • Social background and place of residence of your target group
  • What is the educational background of the people you are addressing?
  • Income of your target group
  • Interests, social environment and values also play a role

The content of the videos must somehow appeal to the target group and attract their attention. Is the video fun and entertaining? Does it contain information with real added value? Or are products and services being offered that fulfill the needs of the target group? Ideally the consumers will watch the video over a long period of time and also share it. By sharing the video, other people who also belong to the target group will be addressed.

What goals can be achieved with video marketing?

Your online marketing with videos should not only be directed at your target group, they should also be directed at goals you want to reach with it. Every company has a different base and different business goals. The following goals can be achieved by a well-thought-out video marketing:

  • Videos increase your popularity and generate high reach if many people view and share your video, and it could possibly even go viral.
  • Videos strengthen your public image; they can help expand your brand or corporate message, or support a specific product or service image.
  • Videos can depict a product and arouse interest in it.
  • Videos explain the functions and benefits of a product; this helps consumers make purchase decisions.
  • Customer loyalty can be strengthened by helpful product and service relevant videos.

What kinds of videos are there

There are many different types of videos that you can use for your online marketing. You can for instance select between the following formats:

  • Corporate video or image film
  • Product video
  • Explainer video
  • Trailer
  • Event film
  • Multimedia presentation
  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Webinars, video conferences and hangouts
  • Recruiting videos
  • Reports and documentaries
  • Viral videos

Every video format has its own benefits. If you want to bind customers more closely to your company for instance, then tutorials and explainer videos related to your product are ideal. A viral video can help if your goal is to increase awareness for your product.

What kind of an advantage does online video marketing offer me?

A video is much more efficient when it comes to conveying information in online marketing. Just one minute of moving images can contain as much information as a thousand words. Today many Internet users consume videos on the side. Many platforms, including Facebook and search engines like Google have realized that there is a lot of interest in videos. They have adapted their algorithms accordingly. Video content and websites that contain videos often have better rankings. The use of videos in online marketing can therefore help achieve a better ranking in the search engine results. You can use videos to directly address your target group; they create a sense of closeness, arouse emotions and strengthen trust in your company.

Another benefit is that video material is lasting; it is always available for those interested and you do not have to continually update the information. This saves time. In addition, good content spreads itself.

What platforms are suited for video marketing?

Videos can be used on various Internet platforms. Place your video for instance on your website and help your visitors become familiar with your company by showing them a short video. Link your videos to your Facebook page and start your own YouTube channel. You can also post your videos on platforms such as Instagram. If you want to be in live contact with consumers you might want to use hangouts or live streaming on Instagram. This makes direct contact with consumers possible; you can respond to questions and arouse emotions. Online marketing with videos therefore has various uses and many advantages.


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