7 Tips for Successful Storytelling

January 7, 2019


In the last few years the storytelling format has proven to be very effective in advertising. With a good story you touch the customers’ hearts and that undoubtedly promotes sales. But how does successful storytelling work? These 7 tips lead to a good story that will help you achieve your goal.

1. What’s It All About? The Message

The story is the journey, the message is the destination. What do you want to accomplish with your story? Only when this goal is set, can the journey begin. In other words: time to write. When developing a story certain archetypes are helpful, which always show up in some form in every story. Loosely speaking the framework of a story looks like this:

  1. Hero
  2. Conflict
  3. Resolution

Who is the hero of the story? What problem is urgent? And what does the solution look like? This simple formula can be adapted for many different purposes. Just give it a try!

2. Emotions or Facts?

A good story appeals to the heart. It reaches the readers through emotions. Facts are therefore only interesting when they awaken feelings. That works best when you introduce the people behind the products.

Example: Cornelia is a woman who likes to cook. A content management system makes it possible for her to create a recipe site, which little by little reaches more and more fans. In this way Cornelia created a lucrative side income for herself and made a lot of friends in the bargain.

Regarding the facts in a story like this, it is enough to mention that the advertised content management system is extremely easy to use. This one feature of the software is the basis for a story that touches the heart and brings awareness to the product. Those who are interested in more information can simply use the info button provided. And then you already have a point on the conversion scale.

3. Original und Intelligent

Humans are creatures endowed with reason. However with many ad campaigns you get the feeling this is not the case. A story’s audience quickly notices though, if it is being taken seriously or not. A story that also challenges the reader intellectually is well-received. The reader feels like he is at the same level as the author, and this feeling provides a sense of trust.

Every story that is appealing to the reader is always an original for this same reason. Simply try to think outside the box or take an unusual route. That is the way you will stand out from the crowd.

Original, intelligent and well-written? On clickworker.com you can find just the right authors for your stories.

4. Get to the Point!

Keep it short and sweet. This saying has not lost any validity over the years. Quite the opposite actually: the flood of information in the digital age makes it vital to concentrate on the important points.

If you have doubts about whether a sentence is necessary, then cut it. Anything that does not further the message is superfluous. Keep in mind that your readers do not have time for long text passages. Less is more.

5. Address all the Senses

A story does not have to be told only in the form of written text. After all, the Internet offers a number of other formats to transmit information:

  • Short Videos,
  • Interactive graphics,
  • Images with text.

The ban on duplicate content makes an exception here and is not valid in this case. In fact the opposite is true: the more formats you offer, the more users you reach.

6. Well-Written Means Correctly Written

Even in the digital age, no desk should be without a grammar and spelling reference. This does not have to be a printed dictionary. But anyone who is not sure how a word is spelled or where a comma belongs should double-check. Nothing is more embarrassing than sophisticated copy that is full of errors.

Additionally, even the best spellchecker programs miss mistakes. It is best to let another person revise your text. Four eyes are better than two.

7. Pass the Story On

Where do good stories have the greatest success? Where the target audience can be found. So make your story available on the most popular digital venues. Here you have the best chance for your story, and with it your message, to be disseminated around the web. And do not forget to add the usual social media buttons. Make it easy for your readers to like the story and forward it via email or WhatsApp.

Bottom Line

Today storytelling is a widespread medium to communicate with to the masses. Advertising messages gain a lot of attention in a short period thanks to virale marketing. So it is worth investing time in a story that hits home with its target audience.


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