What Should We Write About in Our Blog? 25 Ideas for Text Content

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Are you familiar with this problem? At first you start writing your blog with a lot of zeal. But after a few months you run out of ideas. It seems like everything has already been written about. We’ll show you 25 ways to consistently generate new copy content without repeating yourself.

1. Interview

Every blog has a specific subject area as its focus. You can surely find people who have something to say about your topic, and they don’t have to be university professors. Often times coworkers or customers have views that can captivate. A short interview with personal and thematic questions is quickly put together. This can even be done over Skype, WhatsApp or email. But please don’t forget to let the interviewee read the interview after you’ve edited it. That way you’ll avoid misunderstandings.

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2. Strange Holidays

Are you familiar with the website kuriose-feiertage.de? It’s a smorgasbord of crazy holidays and remembrance days that are celebrated around the world. Here you’re sure to find a holiday that suits your blog. Because they are often comical (intentionally or not) you are also adding a little humor to your blog.
Since the website is only in German, here are two alternatives:
Huffpost – Weird holidays and their origin stories
Hootsuite – Weird holidays to celebrate on social media

3. Interesting Finds

From time to time we come across oddities online and in the real world. These are a marvelous topic to report on! Of course you won’t run into a curiosity just when you need one, so note your interesting finds when you make them. It’s best to use something you can access anytime and anywhere like a Google Document. In this way you can build a collection for your blog.

4. Answer Common Questions

Are you confronted with the same questions again and again in your business? They can also be answered in a blog post. Different than a FAQ section, here you have the opportunity to present explanations and makes processes more transparent.

5. Step by Step Image Tutorial

Instructions for your company’s devices, apps or software also lend themselves to being the subject of a blogpost. When doing this it is recommended that you focus on the power of images. For instance, take screenshots of the process steps for using your software. Employ arrows, highlighting and short explanations. If you’d like, a screencast is also an option.

PS: Links to other software, apps or websites are of course allowed too. They just need to have an added value for your reader.

6. Background Information

Much of the information you collect for a new project, a presentation or something similar ends up not being incorporated into it. But that work wasn’t done in vain. Create a post out of this background information. This will not only fill out your blog, but also demonstrate your expertise.

7. Speculate

No, we don’t mean you should write about hot stock tips, unless that’s your subject matter. Speculations, or conjecture, can also look very different. If your business has to do with shoes for example, then venture a guess about how the shoe of the future might look. This works with any kind of product or service. A terrific side effect: this kind of hypothesis often encourages debate in the community.

8. Write the Opposite

Try your hand at irony or satire. Describe a world where your product or service doesn’t exist, for example. Explain how “great” this world really is. This will certainly bring some humor to your blog and naturally showcases how important your product is.

9. Create and Evaluate a Poll

Create a poll question, possibly on Facebook or in a forum. It works best if the subject has a topical connection. Then present the results in your blog.
Tip: You can also find survey participants for your poll at clickworker.

10. Tell the Inside Story

Who drinks the most coffee? Is there an office dog? Who always has gummi bears on their desk? There are a lot of interesting questions that don’t have to do with your business directly, but do concern your company. Use these and introduce your firm in a different way than usual.

11. Presentations

Sure, presentations are more intended for meetings. But especially when they showcase the facts very well, why not share them on your blog?

12. Which Type Are You?

Remember when as a teenager you took the tests in “Tiger Beat” or “Seventeen” magazine that revealed what type of kisser you are? Well your blog readers certainly don’t want their kissing qualifications to be judged, but similar evaluations are put together quickly and require active participation by your community. That this is of course meant to be tongue-in-cheek should be clear from the start.

13. Create a Quiz

Besides doing a “type determination” test you could also put together a quiz. Ask questions about your company, or about subject matter covered in your blog, etc. If you have the ability to do so, offer a prize. This increases readers’ willingness to participate. Several good plugins for WordPress exist for creating quizzes. A selection of them are presented in the article 9 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress (2018).

14. Definitions

We all use words that we don’t exactly know the meaning of. Make use of that and define some technical terms in your blog. Don’t forget conciseness and clarity when doing this though. You’re not writing a Wikipedia entry after all.


You can have a clear explanation of terms created quickly and inexpensively via the Glossary Creation Service with our without AI support by clickworker.

More about AI Content Editing Services

15. Retrospective

Retrospectives are a great way to create content quickly and without much effort. Maybe do a “best of” your blog at the end of the year. You really just need to list the most clicked-on articles, write up a quick tease and link to them.

16. Free Book or Video

Gift your blog readers an eBook or an exclusive video. When done in connection with a newsletter subscription you can win new subscribers too. But remember: the eBook or video should offer a true added value, otherwise you’ll scare off interested parties.

17. Hold a Contest

Contests provide stimulation and ensure a high rate of interaction on your blog. In addition they can be expanded to social media as well. Don’t forget relevant incentives to encourage participation.

18. Create Text Content with News

Surely you’ve set up a Google Alert for certain terms that impact your business or your blog. Thanks to notifications from the search engine you are quickly informed of any news pertaining to your industry. Simply include these in your blog! Put together a little background information and your post becomes an interesting read.

19. Debate Something

The culture of debate in Germany has certainly suffered from the strengthening of populist tendencies. Nevertheless many people still enjoy a good debate. Kick one off by reacting to a post in another blog for example. Maybe something was written there that you absolutely don’t agree with. You can be sure that this will set things in motion in your community.

20. Solicit Answers

Are there certain subjects that affect your business, about which you’d like to hear what your customers have to say? Quite simply ask your community these questions in a blogpost.

21. Perform a Test

A well-crafted test is a content idea for your blog as well. A test can be created with humor in mind, or taken very seriously. You can examine your own products or those of a competitor. Always remain honest when doing so and avoid degrading the competition.

22. Introduce Personalities

The history of your own industry is generally shaped by personalities. Introduce them in a blogpost and explain what these people have accomplished in your field.

23. Regular Holidays

We already mentioned strange holidays, but don’t forget the classics either! Especially at Christmas and New Year you can certainly speak to your readers and users personally, wishing them the best, perhaps packaged in an anecdote.

24. Lists

Lists loosen up a post, but they can also function as an article on their own. A list provides your readers a quick overview of various kinds of information.

25. Top Ten

Besides lists, top tens are also very popular with readers. Maybe publish the hit list of your best-selling products, or even the questions most asked of your service center. There are numerous options for this kind of text content.