Tips for writing effective sales copy

post published January 4, 2016 post modified December 15, 2022

tips for writing effective sales copy

There are several factors that come to mind when one considers what online shop operators need to observe in order to be successful. These factors are generally related to the technical, usability, search engine optimization and web design sectors. However, the fact that websites are always an important dialogue-marketing medium and that persuasive sales copy is essential to high conversion is often ignored.

But what characterizes a good sales copy?

Good sales copy is a text

  • that catches the attention of the user,
  • that engages the user to read further,
  • that arouses interest and desire which in the end
  • leads to a sale.

Writing effective sales copy is not easy. In order to reach and meet the conscious or unconscious needs of the intended audience, copywriters must be able to identify the possible target groups. It get’s more complicated in online texts. In this case the copywriters additionally have to create search engine optimized texts to ensure that they are found by search engines such as Google & Co. and bring users to the page.

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Tips for structuring and writing effective sales copy

Online shop operators need a standardized copy grid to increase product conversion with the help of sales copy. This grid provides writers with a template that ensures that the texts are conform with your wishes and expectations as well as the rules of effective sales copy. The following components are essential for the creation of sales copy:

1) Attracting attention

How can the text catch the user’s attention?

Internet users skim websites fairly quickly and lack patience in their search for relevant information. It is therefore important that the texts have an “eye-catching” design that is quickly recognized by the human eye and produces interest. In addition to graphic elements such as images and eye-catchers it is important that the headlines are striking and catch the user’s attention. The headline must be understandable and catchy, it must immediately highlight the essence of the text or call attention to the benefits the sales object affords the user.
If the “attracting attention” goal has been achieved, then the user’s initial interest has been aroused and he will start reading the sales text.

2) Maintaining the willingness to read and awaken consumer desires

How can the user be persuaded to continue reading the text and how can his desire to purchase the sales item be increased?

Texts that are understood and directly address the reader attract interest. It is therefore important to create texts that are clear and simple without adding numerous technical terms and foreign words. The sales text must be understandable, brief and to the point. The information that is important to the user ought to be placed at the beginning of the text. This enables the user to evaluate the information quickly instead of breaking lecture off midway. It is also important to address the user directly by making the user the focal point of the texts instead of the company. Therefore sales copy must always emphasize “you” and not “us”. For example, instead of ” We at company xy offer highest quality and safety standards…” “The high quality of the product offers you maximum security …”

The creation of content for sales copy poses a particular challenge to writers; their task is to highlight the product statement for the user, and to fill him with enthusiasm in just a few words. In order to enthuse the user and arouse his desire to purchase the item the purchase incentive of the target group must be known and subtly reflected in the copy.
The incentive to purchase an item can vary depending on the type of product and the personality of the respective user. Possible purchase incentives that can be individually addressed in the sales copy are:

  • Satisfaction of needs
    (prestige, pleasure, comfort, health, interest, relief, experience, well-being, sensuality, wealth, happiness, self-fulfillment,…)
  • Savings
    (costs, time, reduced workload, trouble …)
  • Problem solving

The sales copy must highlight the benefits the user gets from the purchase of the product or service. Simply listing the features of the product will not demonstrate the benefits to the reader.
For example: “Aluminum baby carriage with hand brake including soft bag, adjustable suspension, swivel wheels, 5-point belt system, folding sun canopy and rain cover …” The user question is, “How will I profit from this product?”, but this text does not provide an answer. For example: Enjoy carefree outings with your baby, maximum safety and well-being for your baby, free of stress, time-saving, effort-saving.
If the user feels that the text is aimed at him and addresses his desires, either consciously or unconsciously, then the desire to purchase the item has been aroused. The user’s desire to own this item is very real and the purchase act is imminent.

3) Making a sale

How can the user be persuaded to purchase the item?

Even though the user wants to purchase the item, a good sales text ought to conclude the sales transaction with a “Purchase now” summons for example. Further incentives such as time-limited price reductions or a limited number of items for sale can be highlighted and additionally strengthen the user’s desire to own the product and increase the conversion rate.

In addition to the purchase summons and additional purchase incentives, it must be ensured that the user does not withdraw from the purchase act due to unanswered questions, fears or doubts. Additional texts with detailed information for the user that can be called up on demand can provide assistance. This enables the user, for example, after reading a brief product description, to call up detailed information about the item that will then be followed by a second step towards a purchase. Further information can be provided by FAQ pages, advice texts or a more detailed product description page.

Your way to get effective sales copy quickly and easily

Our qualified Clickworker authors create any number of effective sales copy in all standard languages. The texts are written by native speakers to ensure that the tone of the texts strikes the note of the target audience. In addition, all of our texts are automatically checked for plagiarisms.
Create a briefing to provide our writers with your specific text requirements. As part of the briefing and with the help of the above-mentioned hints for effective sales copy, you can create a copy grid as a template for our writers. These copy grids enable the standardized creation of hundreds of sales texts according to the guidelines of effective sales copy and can increase your conversion rate.

Check our blog article “Tips to create a perfect briefing for our authors” for further hints regarding the creation of a briefing.

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