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August 8, 2019

Unique Content Crowd

Every website operator needs content. This can include numerous short product or service descriptions, category texts, glossaries, news, blog articles, etc. This content can either be created quickly and at low cost or existing texts can be revised. It goes without saying that page content must also be easy to find on the Internet and have a high search engine ranking. For this purpose, it must be optimized for search engines such as Google. This means that the content must be unique, topic-related, interesting and packed with relevant keywords in optimal density. Depending on the type of text, a keyword density of 1-4% is ideal here; i.e. a keyword should occur 1-4x in a text of 100 words. If your own company is not large enough to create these search engine optimized texts promptly, you might want to opt for “paid crowdsourcing”.

Crowdsourcing is a word combination of crowd and outsourcing. Tasks and projects are outsourced to the manpower and intelligence of a crowd of Internet users. In paid crowdsourcing, Internet users are paid for their services.

Exploiting the potential of the crowd

The crowd consists of Internet users who have registered on the platforms of the providers in order to work there on a freelance basis. The crowd of the individual providers usually consists of thousands of people. Many of them are students and freelancers. But not every provider of crowd services builds its “own” crowd; there are also numerous providers who exclusively work with third party crowds.

Crowd members must be qualified as authors in order to work for crowdsourcing providers that offer the creation of unique content service. This qualification is usually ensured by means of online tests and text samples.

The authors create new, unique content for you in the form of search engine optimized texts. The texts are written according to your specifications and wishes, provided with keywords and formatted. These often include international crowds, i.e. Internet users from all over the world, who can provide texts in various languages or translations according to their language skills and abilities. Depending on the service offered by the crowdsourcing provider, all texts are checked for duplicates, correctness of content, spelling, grammar and style.

One of the biggest advantages of crowdsourcing is the manpower behind the large number of qualified Internet users. Thanks to the vast pool of authors, a large number of high-quality texts can be written in a very short period of time.

Process flow

The processes involved in commissioning crowdsourcing platforms are quite different. The following is an example of a possible self-service text ordering process.

Example for the process flow of an order process

  1. Placing the order
  2. After a short customer registration on the Internet platform, you place your order there in a few short steps – this also includes a short briefing for the authors. Then, you charge your customer account with the minimum order amount and submit the order.

  3. Order review
  4. Your order will be reviewed by employees of the crowdsourcing platform and offered to Clickworkers who have the qualifications needed to process the task.

  5. Processing the micro jobs
  6. Clickworkers qualified for the job retrieve the text jobs on the platform and process them.

  7. Quality assurance
  8. All the created texts are automatically checked for plagiarism. If you have specified this when placing the order, a tighter quality control is carried out. This includes checking the texts for compliance with your specifications, as well as spelling and grammar. If necessary, corrections are made by the author.

  9. Acceptance and download of the texts
  10. As soon as the texts are completed, you will receive a message for acceptance. In your customer account you can view, approve, evaluate and then retrieve the texts or download them individually in the desired file format.
    When using an API, the completed texts are transferred directly into your CMS.

This video provides detailed and descriptive information regarding the self-service ordering of texts via clickworker: Text creation – Get your texts written by qualified authors (SelfS ervice)

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