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post published July 8, 2015 post modified July 25, 2022
value added services

Many operators still view and use e-commerce platforms only as distribution channels. The ability to tap the full potential of the website by integrating it into their own marketing mix generally remains unexploited especially in the area of product policies. Product policies include all decisions that are relevant to the features of the product. These include the offer and presentation of the product portfolio, design and packaging as well as the often forgotten product-related services.

Crowdsourcing – the quick way to generate value-added services for your website

In the area of product policy, one can make the best possible use of every web presence by supplying customers and interested persons with additional services in the form of supplementary product information and entertainment options. The supplementary services offered on the web represent additional value to the customer, show high customer orientation as well as the expert competence of the provider and therefore create competitive advantages over competitors.

Value-added services: Online dictionaries and online advice guides

lexika onlineDictionaries and online advice guides related to the topic or offer of the website represent value-added features for the user. The user can purchase the desired product on the website and also obtain additional information, hints and advice on all aspects of the topic. Users appreciate quality contents that supply genuine added-value, and ensure long-term customer loyalty. Furthermore, additional content and further information increase the subject and search engine relevance of the website. Relevant keywords make it easy to find the website, and the integration of dictionaries and online advice guides in the web presence greatly increases the number of visitors.

Help from thousands of Internet users

How can we achieve a “creation of a dictionary and online advice guide” project quickly and efficiently despite the fact that human and financial resources are scarce? The answer is crowdsourcing.
One of the major benefits of the crowdsourcing services at clickworker is the workforce behind the 800,000 Clickworkers strong crowd. In the exemplary project, “creation of a dictionary or online advice guide”, a descriptive text about a term would correspond to one micro job. We can put any number of these micro jobs online at the same time for simultaneous processing by qualified Clickworkers. This means that thousands of help and/or descriptive texts can be generated within a very short time.

We would like to illustrate our “search engine optimized text creation” service based on a short case study.

Case study “creation of an online advice guide”

The challenge:

An Internet platform for persons in search of advice receives countless user questions every day. The platform wants the users to get quick and helpful answers.

The solution

The platform commissions clickworker with the prompt creation of these online advice texts. This ensures that they will be able to keep up with the large number of inquiries, satisfy user requests and enhance their website with subject-relevant search engine optimized texts.

The order process

  • The customer defines the specifications, for example the title of the online advice and/or questions, keywords, text length and style of text.
  • clickworker sets up the project, breaks it down into individual micro tasks, and puts it online where it can be accessed by qualified Clickworkers for processing.
  • The Clickworkers create unique and well-written advice texts with between 350 and 400 words and keywords, according to specifications, and in the desired style.
  • Every text is controlled by a second Clickworker who checks spelling, grammar and whether the task description has been observed.
  • After completion, the texts are verified for plagiarisms by the online service Copyscape and are automatically checked for correct text length and keyword density.
  • Unsatisfactory results are returned to the Clickworkers for revision.
  • Flawless results are returned to the customer at the scheduled time.
  • Order data:

  • Clickworker qualifications:

    Successful achievement of trainings and tests in the areas of German text creation, grammar and spelling.

  • Number of texts ordered and created within 30 days:


  • Text length:

    350 – 400 words

  • Data transmission:

    XML file via email

  • The uses of our services are almost unlimited. Our services can be used for a glossary creation, the creation of an entire dictionary, a Wiki, an information data bank or an online advice guide (a service within our SEO Content Services) with thousands of definitions and informative help texts. In addition to writing information texts, the crowd can also fulfill tasks that include research and itemization of topics and terms, as well as frequently asked questions.


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