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February 10, 2021

web research services

We live in the age of information. In fact, we’ve been living in it ever since the advent of the printing press, and not just since Google. But the amount of information and the speed of data availability have increased exponentially with the Internet. People who need a lot of reliable facts rely on professional web research services. Because information is valuable.

Web research services – when are they useful?

The amount of information on the Internet is steadily growing. The worldwide data volume is estimated to reach 175 Zettabytes in 2025 – that’s the number 175 with 21 zeros behind it. An inconceivably large amount. In actual practice, this means that every piece of information is available. You just have to find it.

But how do users find information? When it comes to individual topics, Google and other search engines quickly deliver useful results. But when larger amounts of data are involved, Web search services are needed. Searches on the Internet are useful for a wide variety of purposes. These include:

By the way, even for an individual topic, it is often worthwhile to use professional web research services. This is because these providers have a lot of experience and know how to obtain information that is difficult to access. Web research services can also be used for scientific research.


Do you need support with web research? We are happy to help you with our large crowd and research all freely accessible data from the web for you.

Web and Internet Research Services

Competitive edge through Web Research Services

Today, if you forego up-to-date information you will founder in the competition of the information age. This applies, for example, to the analysis of target groups, competitors’ approaches and the search for personnel. But existing databases, which become increasingly unreliable over time, also result in competitive disadvantages. For example:

  • Two companies dispose of large customer databases that have grown over the course of many years. Both companies launch an advertising campaign – by email and with postal mailings.
  • Company A commissions a web research service to update the address database beforehand, while Company B does not.
  • It is clear that the losses due to scattering of Company B’s campaign will be much greater. And in the long run, an outdated database will have a negative impact.

The same applies to the content of advertising campaigns. If you misjudge the target group, you will be stuck with your products and services. Web research services also provide lucrative information for lead management. Information regarding the preferences of the target group can basically be ascertained in two ways:

  • Through web research, for example on social media platforms, which produces direct information about customer preferences,
  • or through competitor analysis. Competitors’ strategies provide information on which campaigns are well received by customers and which are not.

In e-commerce it is important to constantly keep an eye on the product range of competitor stores. What products are new in the range? How are prices developing? And what trends are emerging on foreign markets that, as experience shows, will become mainstream in Germany after a certain amount of time has elapsed? Having this kind of information at your disposal at an early stage gives you a clear advantage.

How do web research services work?

The work of web research services always depends on the nature of the assignment. Updating, checking or supplementing large databases requires a considerable amount of human resources. Outsourcing is a good way of ensuring that this effort does not tie up superfluous resources in your own company.

Research work that can be broken down into microjobs is ideal for crowdworking. For this, millions of Internet-savvy people around the world quickly provide verifiable and, above all, reliable information. The quality of the results of a web search largely depends on providing highly differentiated work instructions for the search. Crowdworker platforms help structure these tasks with their experience and expertise.

Web research services often have access to specialized databases that provide more detailed information than simple searches on the generally accessible Internet. This type of research is suitable for scientific papers, for example, but also for complex investigations in the field of statistical research.


Today, a company that wants to survive on the market can no longer do without web research services. Whether forecasting lucrative trends, updating databases or using social media as an effective recruitment strategy, web research services provide their expertise for these and other services. Detailed, relevant and reliable information creates measurable competitive advantages.


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