Customer Insights
– Point of Sale Marketing

Customer Insights – Point of Sale Marketing

Area-wide control of your Point of Sales using crowd support

Are your Point of Sale (PoS) marketing dollars being wisely spent and promising a maximum return on your investment?
With access to our over two million global and mobile field talents (Clickworkers), we can collect and analyze the data you require to evaluate and further optimize your PoS activities efficiently and on a vast, area-wide scale.

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PoS – Kontrolle, Foto-Dokumentation und Analysen

PoS – Checks, Photo Documentation and Analyses

Our crowd can provide you with relevant information from the Point of Sale, enabling you to monitor, control and optimize your PoS activities and promotions.
We have over 2.8 million so-called Clickworkers ready to monitor your PoS campaigns on site and document them with photos, using our app.

Gathered at a record pace, the information regarding the realization of your PoS activities can be evaluated and analyzed on request.

Kontrolle von Regalplatzierungen und Verfügbarkeit

Control of Shelf Placements and Availability

You will obtain information regarding the location of the shelves with your products in the sales room, the shelf levels on which your products are sorted, the quantity of your goods available here at any given time, as well as information regarding the positioning of your competitors’ products.

Kontrolle von eingesetzten Werbemitteln und -aktionen

Monitoring the Means of Promotion and Campaigns used

We check and document the correct use of your advertising material and the implementation of actions such as advertising displays, ceiling hangers, samples, product videos, special prices, promotion stands, etc.

Analyse / Auswertung der Dokumentationen und Reporting

Analysis / Evaluation of Documentation and Reporting

The photos taken at the PoS to document your PoS actions are marked with electronic image markers. Using a workflow-supported system, the relevant data is extracted from the image material according to your predefined KPIs and analyzed. The evaluation as well as all the data obtained will be submitted in an Excel file.
Upon request, we can set up a user-defined dashboard and reports in your online account at


Customer Insights

Our crowd quickly provides you with valuable and significant information about how customers experience and evaluate your service and products. Surveys can also deliver important information about your target group, their preferences, consumer behavior and opinions about your products and services as well as those of your competitors.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

For mystery shopping, our Clickworkers operate undercover for you as potential customers and buyers of your products or services. They will test the entire sales process for you and experience the purchase from the customer’s perspective. Their work involves documenting and evaluating individual stages of the purchase process as defined by you.

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You can select our Clickworkers according to the characteristics of your target group and conduct an online survey asking potential customers about their consumer behavior and opinions about products.


Service Benefits

  • Sales maximization at Point of Sale
  • Comprehensive control of your Point of Sales
  • Gathering of the latest and most relevant consumer insights
  • First-class service; quick and reliable data
  • Regional- and national-wide reach
  • Premium cost advantages
  • API interface
  • Support of a personal representative/advisor
  • Control and analysis data in full one-stop service
  • Reliable market data / high data quality
  • Managed Service as well as Self Service options

Order Specifications

With the goal of providing you with the best possible service related to all work done within our Customer Insights – Point of Sale Marketing solution portfolio, we require the following:

  • A tally of the number and geographical locations of all PoS locales to be visited
  • An understanding of the different types of PoS activities or data to be monitored/evaluated
  • Is there interest in employing mystery shoppers?
  • The type of documentation you require, e.g., photos, evaluations, surveys, metrics, etc.
  • Is the collected data to be evaluated and analyzed?
  • What are your quality-control requirements?
  • Do you require an API connection?

What our Customers say about us

Commissioning clickworker with the documentation and analysis of our product positioning is the most efficient way of monitoring our PoS activities. In the past, we were never able to carry it out so extensively, quickly and cost-effectively with our field staff.

Case Study

To better illustrate our “Customer Insights – Point of Sale Marketing” solution, see how our Clickworkers provided valuable intelligence to this hair care brand on how partner retail chains were displaying their products.


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