Descriptions of Destinations

Travel-minded authors from our international network of Clickworkers write descriptions of destinations for your website or magazine in all the standard languages. Professionally written descriptions of destinations are entertaining as well as informative for your web visitors and readers.

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Fields of application

  • Descriptions of cities
  • Descriptions of countries
  • Descriptions of regions
  • Short, emotionally appealing travel articles for magazines
  • Sightseeing tips and descriptions of places of interest
  • Shopping and leisure tips and descriptions
  • Descriptions of bars and restaurants


  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Top search engine ranking for your website
  • High number of returning visitors on your website
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Speed – quick creation of large amounts of text
  • Text service in all standard languages from one source
  • Use of national language customs
  • Quality assured results
  • Cost benefits
  • One-stop managed service
  • Scaleable throughput
  • Flexible workforce
  • API Connection

Descriptions of Destinations

Are you in the tourist industry and need unique, informative and /or emotional descriptions of your travel destinations? Our qualified authors will be glad to write these texts for you. Whatever the travel destination, and regardless of whether you want the descriptions to be factual and informative, or emotionally appealing, we have numerous travel-minded authors and connoisseurs for the respective destinations. Professional descriptions or short editorial articles can be promptly written for every continent, every country, every region or every city.

Our descriptions of destinations include general information about the travel destinations, or detailed information about the best tourist season, weather conditions, traditions, food, leisure activities, places of interest and more. Our authors can also furnish descriptions of destinations in numerous languages for multilingual websites or polyglot travel magazines. The texts are written by native speakers only; this ensures that you strike the right chord and use of language when you address your target group.

Our descriptions of destinations provide you with unique, i.e. plagiarism free content. In addition, according to your demands, our authors will embed target-group relevant keywords/search terms in the text. This will put your website or your magazine in a top position in the search engine ranking. The well-written and interesting descriptions of destinations keep your readers on your pages, ensure sustainable customer loyalty and give them a reason to return and inform themselves about further destinations, and then book a trip.

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Direct quote

“In addition to informing our customers about the hotels they can book, we also have to provide them with information and tips about local sights and activities. If we meet and reflect the demands of our customers they will make a booking. It also creates new, additional content for our website. We selected clickworker again because we were very satisfied with how they handled our hotel descriptions. We would not be able to create hundreds of texts with the resources available to us.”

Stephen B., Marketing Manager of a hotel reservation platform

Self Service Descriptions of Destinations

Use our Self-Service Marketplace to place your text creation orders. This service is specially designed for smaller or standardized tasks. It involves no setup fees for the wide-ranging project setup and specification.

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This is how it works

  1. specify the text category, language, length and quality level
  2. select a team of authors and formulate the instructions for the authors
    Tips to create a briefing
  3. insert topics, keywords and keyword density or upload these data via excel file
  4. if needed, the task form which will be displayed to the authors can be edited individually
  5. charge credit to your account and submit your order

Managed Service Descriptions of Destinations

We are a full-service provider and offer numerous crowdsourcing solutions for the entire order process. We discuss the order with you, advise you with regard to the options, draft the project, divide it into microtasks, offer these tasks to qualified Clickworkers, provide quality assurance, and make the payments to the Clickworkers.

Get in touch with our service team. Your personal adviser and contact person will be delighted to handle your request and advise you!

Contact our sales team +49 201 9597180 +1 415 6897781

Order specifications

We will need the following basic information in order to provide the best possible advice regarding an inquiry, or to place an order for our “Descriptions of Destinations” services:

  • What language will you need?
  • What is the volume of the data, of the order?
  • What is the text length?
  • Do you want subheadings?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • What keywords will be integrated? And how often?
  • What are the destinations you want to have described?
  • What are your demands regarding the text style?
  • What format will be needed for the texts? Special characters, html format, or other formats?
  • Will you need an API connection?

This is how it works

  1. Contact us and discuss your individual project with us.
  2. We will put the project online and make it available to suitable Clickworkers for processing.
  3. Our authors will write the descriptions of destinations according to your demands and specifications.
  4. A qualified corrector checks every text for spelling mistakes, grammatical and content errors.
  5. The texts are then checked for plagiarisms, correct keyword density and text length before being returned to you.

More one-stop service

Our “Descriptions of Destinations” solution can also be combined and enhanced with other solutions and services:


Our API enables the seamless transfer of descriptions of destinations into your systems.

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The “Mobile Crowsourcing” service can provide local photos that match your descriptions of destinations. For instance, photos of sights and places of interest, shops, bars and restaurants. This offers visual added value to your customers, makes the design of your websites more interesting, and the additional content enhances the search engine optimization.

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