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As a hotel, airline, online travel agency or tour operator, professional destination content is key for your marketing. Our travel-savvy pool of international Clickworkers creates destination content in a multitude of languages for your website, blog, or online magazine needs. Order travel content that is entertaining as well as informative for your web visitors and readers!

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Descriptions of Destinations

Use Cases for Destination Content

Use travel content to boost your conversion rate, increase visitor returns on your website and offer value to your readers. clickworker offers:

  • Destination descriptions of cities, countries, and regions
  • Concise, emotionally appealing travel blogs and articles
  • Sightseeing tips and insights on key points of interest
  • Content on shopping and leisure activities
  • “Best Bars and Restaurants” travel descriptions
  • Hotel descriptions

from Destination Content

    Marketing Benefits

  • Boost your conversion rate
  • Achieve top-notch search engine ranking results
  • Increase visitor returns to your website significantly
  • Set your business apart from the competition
  • Business Benefits

  • Speed: Quick creation of large quantities of text
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable performance
  • Flexible workforce
  • API connection
  • Benefit in value

  • Text(s) available in a multitude of languages
  • Local writers include local expressions & local knowledge
  • Guarantee of quality
Descriptions of Destinations

Destination Descriptions, Blog Articles and Tourist Tips

Do you operate a business centered around travel or the tourist industry? Are you looking for rich, powerful, and visually engaging destination content? Qualified writers from our international network of Clickworkers are happy to provide you with well-written, informative travel content designed to appeal to your customers’ sense of adventure.

Order travel content that is entertaining as well as informative for your web visitors and readers!

Travel content for destinations all over the globe

Regardless of the actual destination, or the mood you want to set for your articles — factual and informative or emotionally appealing — our travel-savvy authors are guaranteed to strike the right tone. Professional descriptions and concise editorials that cover every continent, country, region, and city, make sure your online content is as diverse as your international customer base. Learn more about what makes a travel text successful.

Order blog articles, recommendations, route descriptions & more

Sign on to a service that offers a broad range of travel-focused content, from world-wide destination descriptions to more detailed insights covering seasonal tourist tips, weather conditions, local customs, cuisine, leisure activities, points of interest and so much more. Our writers deliver fast and reliable articles, and, thanks to the multinational makeup of the team, your text is available in a variety of languages to accommodate your multilingual website(s) or travel magazine(s).

BTW: As the texts are written exclusively by native speakers, you are guaranteed content that truly resonates on a cultural level.

SEO content for more visibility online

Take advantage of our destination content to equip your site’s visitors with knowledge-enhancing content designed to convert. Well-written, compelling descriptions keep readers on your site and establish long-term customer loyalty as well as a high rate of visitor returns. What is more, by incorporating SEO keywords into the text, your website will undergo a notable surge in traffic thanks to its upgraded SEO status. Strengthen your website and stand out from the masses by using our service to appeal to your customers’ desire to explore the world! For more information on unique content visit our glossary or explore our SEO content services.

Descriptions of Destinations by clickworker

Self Service

Order destination content at our Self-Service Marketplace

Destination content is part of our Self Services. This service is designed to process smaller or more standardized tasks. Engage directly with our clickworker community. Setup fees are not charged with our self-service plan. Configure your assignment individually and place your order 24/7. For more info go to Self-Service.

Self Service Descriptions of Destinations

Self Service for destination content:
How it works

  • Specify the text category, language, length, and quality requirements
  • Select a team of authors and develop text creation instructions
  • Use our Tips on creating a briefing for a favorable outcome
  • Enter the text topics, keywords and keyword density specifications onto the task form or upload the data separately via an excel file
  • If wanted, edit the task form (as displayed to the authors) individually
  • Top up the prepaid account and submit your order
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Managed Service

Use our Managed Service for customized and larger destination content projects

As a full-service provider we can also take over the whole project management process for you. Discuss your destination content project with us and we will advise you ensuring the best outcome possible. We will set up the assignment, break it down into microtasks, offer these to our qualified Clickworker authors and vouch for quality content. We will also take care of the payment to the Clickworkers for you.

If you require assistance with your request, please get in touch with our managed service team. Your personal consultant and contact person will be glad to assist and advise you!

Managed Service for destination content:
How it works

  • Contact our service team where you will be connected with a project manager to discuss your project needs and advise you regarding the clickworker process.
  • We will set up the project and notify Clickworkers with suitable qualifications that tasks are ready for processing via our online platform.
  • Our authors will develop the search engine optimized travel content according to your specifications.
  • Upon request, a qualified editor will check the texts for spelling, grammar, and content-related errors.
  • All articles are made accessible to you after our quality controls including plagiarism, correct keyword density, and text length.
Contact our Sales +1 (212) 878-6686 +49 201 95971830
Managed Service Descriptions of Destinations

Order requirements for travel content

We require access to the following information to ensure the best service concerning your inquiries or when placing an order for destination content:

  • In which language(s) do you require your text(s)?
  • For which locations are you ordering destination content?
  • What is the amount of data involved (quantity of articles required)?
  • What are the expectations with regard to the length of the articles?
  • Would you like subheadings?
  • What expectations do you have regarding style and quality of the articles?
  • What are the relevant keywords and their density expectations within the text?
  • What format do you want the articles in? Are special characters, html, or other types of formats mandated?
  • Will you need an API connection?

FAQs on Travel Content with clickworker

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on travel content and on our solution at clickworker.
For any further questions do not hesitate to contact our Service Team.

What is travel content?

Travel content aims to provide readers with information on their destination without selling a product or service. That may be through storytelling, travel blogs, vivid descriptions of an experience, ratings, or recommendations. Sharing local knowledge will create trust and interest making it more likely for the potential traveler to convert and actually come to you when looking for a suitable accommodation, sightseeing tour, transport, or related topics. Therefore, destination content is an indispensable marketing strategy for hotels, online travel agencies, tour operators, cruise lines, airlines and so on. It is also a possibility for cities and communities to promote their region and attract tourists.

Why is destination content a must in the travel industry?

The key factor about destination content is to engage the reader. Intriguing content means putting the reader first and adhering to their interests, pain points and questions, speaking to their feelings and adding real value. That kind of content is likely to spark a response in the reader and potential customer. Furthermore, destination content is not only rewarded by your customers, but also by search engines, leading to higher rankings, more visibility online and therefore an increase in conversions. In the online travel business trust is a currency not to be underestimated.

How do you ensure the quality of the travel content at clickworker?

As a part of our onboarding process, a Clickworker will enter personal data including native languages, place of residence, level of education, skills, and interests. Apart from that, Clickworkers have to pass online tests and participate in training sessions in order to receive a writing job. Depending on the project, we will set up a test or training designed to prepare the author for the particular task. Find out more about our clickworker crowd. Upon request you can also order qualified editors at clickworker to check the articles for spelling and grammar, as well as for SEO optimization and plagiarism.

Buy quality travel content from clickworker

clickworker is a crowdsourcing platform that uses highly qualified writers for target content. We pay attention to fair working conditions and adhere to our signed Code of Conduct. Access our international pool of Clickworkers stretching across the whole globe, fostering more than ten languages, and buy unique content straight from locals of your destination. Crowdsourcing is a cost-effective and scalable solution to meet your needs for SEO performance and exceptional travel content.

Contact us +1 (212) 878-6686 +49 201 95971830

What our customers say about us

We have come to realize that our customers are not just searching for rooms when using our online hotel portal but also travel intelligence. Information about the local sights and activities available in their destinations of interest is highly coveted. By effectively meeting the diverse needs of our website’s visitors, we have found our efforts are rewarded, as demonstrated by the consistent and reliable booking of our hotel rooms. We have seen that destination descriptions also add further value by keeping our website robust with new content for search engines to discover. With the clear knowledge that we did not have the workforce to create the hundreds of travel intelligence text to populate our site, we selected clickworker to execute after such a positive experience following their work on our hotel descriptions.


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