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Create your custom crowdsourcing project on your platform and use our team of Clickworkers to process the tasks. Using an API interface, you can connect your project (HTML-generated format) directly to the crowd via our platform. The project tasks are integrated and displayed to our Clickworkers for processing via an iframe.

Data Service for Research & Development

Our External Form (iframe) service offers you an ideal alternative to Amazon MTurk.

External Form (iframe)

Example Applications

  • Web research
  • Surveys
  • Voice recording
  • Transcription
  • Electronic image marking
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Product and image categorization
  • Text creation / copywriting
  • Translation


  • Connection to an international crowd of 6 million Clickworkers
  • Access to the knowledge and language capabilities of the crowd
  • Custom task design
  • Full control of the processing process
  • Option to individually regulate processes at any time
  • Save on costs for project creation
  • Simple integration of your tasks via our API interface
  • Clear, easy-to-understand documentation
  • E-mail support
External Form (iframe)

How to Create Tasks for Your Project

All necessary templates can be found in our documentation library under how to host your own iframe task.

Step 1 – Define framework conditions for the tasks

  • Copy the code from our task template and save it as an XML document.
  • Adjust the template to your needs. Please note that the following information must be integrated:
    • Job type (e.g. web research, survey, etc.)
    • Job title
    • Clickworker briefing document
    • Specifications for the targeted Clickworker group and the payment for each completed task.
      You can set following specifications as <value> here:
      Countries, fee amounts (in cents), age (from – to), gender, manual review, and acceptance or rejection of results (yes/no).
      Please do not change anything in the <elements> section
  • Send the completed document to our API.
External Form (iframe)
  • Copy the code from our tasks template and save it as an XML document.
  • Paste in the link to the already created and sent (to our API) document./li>
  • Create the task form for our Clickworkers on your server. Enter the link to the task form into the document as <content>.
  • Send the completed document to our API. With each created document, you have created one job for one Clickworker. Create one task document for each job of your project.

The tasks created on your server will now be shown as a task to be integrated into an iframe in our workplace and processed on your server. Send us a postback as soon as a Clickworker has completed a job on your server – the Clickworker will then receive the specified payment.

You can find detailed instructions on how to use our External Form (iframe) service, as well as the templates necessary for processing in our documentation library: How to host your own iframe task.

External Form (iframe)