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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Before contacting us you might want to look through the questions and answers in this section. If you don’t find the answer here feel free to send your question to help@clickworker.comPlease click on the questions in order to read the answers.

FAQ – Registration and Login

Can I work for clickworker only from the US and Germany?
In general, Clickworkers can work from many different countries. However, before starting, you ought to check whether you can receive payment in your country. We currently offer several methods of payment. Our standard payment method is PayPal. For countries where PayPal is not available, we try to offer Transferwise as an alternative, if possible. Direct payment to your bank account is only available in countries that are part of SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area). If you cannot be paid PayPal/Transferwise or SEPA payment, please do not register because we will not be able to pay you for your services.
Can I work for clickworker while I am away from my home country?
We do not forbid that in general. However, logging in from a country other than your registration info will flag your account suspicious. We may temporarily block it and request personal documents in order to clarify your identity. Even if you are able to prove that you registration data is correct and you are just on vacation or a business trip, some sensitive projects will not be available for you when logging in while being abroad.
Can I look at clickworker’s general business terms before I register?
Yes, of course you can! The general business terms and the data protection terms can be viewed before you register.
What does “Registration for your home country is not available at the moment” mean?
This message means that you cannot register with at the moment if you live in this particular country. This is because we are currently not offering any jobs for this country. We will reactivate the registration if the job situation changes at a later date.
How do I get my user name and my password?
You create your own user name and password during the registration process. The user name ought to be easy to remember. For safety reasons, we recommend a password with a minimum of 8 characters that contains capital letters, lower case letters and at least one special character.
I have not received my activation email.
Please check the spam or junk folders of your email program. Some programs automatically sort emails into the spam folder based on specific keywords. However, if you have not received an email from us within 48 hours please get in touch with us at and provide your user name.
Which URL can I use to sign in to clickworker?
You can either sign in via the login area at the upper right of our website or via this direct link:
Can I change my email address / my user name?
Yes. This is possible, however only through our support staff. Please send an email with the changes you want to have made to We will change it for you if the desired user name is still available. To make changes to your email address it is best to contact us directly from your old address so that we can be sure that you are really authorized to make the changes.
How can I cancel or delete my Clickworker account?
You will find the delete function in the menu item “User settings”. At the bottom of the page you will find the option “Delete account” with a link. Please note: Your account will be deactivated as soon as you click the link; there is no additional confirmation prompt.
I canceled my account; can I reactivate it?
Accounts can only be reactivated within 40 days after deactivation because the personal data of the profile are anonymized after this period of time. If you want to work as a Clickworker again, you will have to register again, but you can use your former data.
I have forgotten my login data, can I open a new account?
No. According to our general business terms every Clickworker may have only one active account. If we detect people with several accounts, we deactivate these accounts and the person will not be allowed to register with us again. Therefore, please get in touch with us if you have forgotten your login data. In general, we can send you your login data. If for any reason we are not able to provide the data, we will allow you to register again.
Are other members of the same household allowed to register as well?
Yes, but there are limitations. Because of fraud prevention, the maximum number of accounts from the same household is limited to 3. If we find more than 3 accounts that can be associated to the same household, all affected accounts will be closed permanently.
Do I have to provide my real name / address to register?
Yes, absolutely. Your personal information (where compulsory) must be correct and complete. If we detect accounts with missing or faulty information we will close the account until the matter has been clarified, and, in these cases we may ask for additional proof regarding the identity or residence of the Clickworker. If we determine that the Clickworker has knowingly provided false information, the user account will be closed and the Clickworker will be excluded from the platform. Because we can only make payments to the person who is registered with us, a registration with false personal information means that the money that has been earned cannot be paid out.Registering for a “third party” is also not allowed. If your husband, father, son, mother, wife or sister or any other person wants to become a Clickworker, this person will have to register with us directly – using their own, correct personal data. Obviously every Clickworker can only work from their own user account. Failing that, you risk having your account blocked and exclusion from the platform. You must treat your login data as confidential and must not share it with any other person. Therefore, in your own interest, please make sure that your personal data is accurate and always up to date (for example change of address, marriage, change of telephone provider, etc…) to avoid confusion or unnecessary blocking of your account.

FAQ – First Steps

What happens when you sign in for the first time?
As a newly created user you will automatically land on the user profile page the first time you log in. You will have to provide a few personal details regarding language skills, other skills, experience and fields of knowledge. After completing your profile, you ought to attempt the assessments offered.
Why do I have to fill out my profile with accurate information?
You will be offered appropriate assessments and projects only after you have completed your Clickworker profile and provided details about your skills. This means that, for example, you will only be offered Spanish assessments if you have said that you are proficient in Spanish. The same applies to other languages. If details about language skills or fields of knowledge are missing in your profile you may not be able to take any (or not all) of the assessments available, and will therefore be offered fewer jobs.
I cannot exit the language skills page.
This is because you have not selected a first/native language. However, this is the most important item in your profile. Go to “Languages” in the profile tab and select your native language from the languages shown at the bottom left in the menu. Then select the item “Native language” in the menu on the right, and save this information with the green button. The language ought to appear in the overall view and you can now access the other areas of the workplace.
How should I specify my language skills?
Language specifications are the most important part of your profile. Many jobs are offered to the appropriate Clickworker based on the language requirements. You must therefore – if applicable – provide information about foreign language skills as well as your native language. You will find two menus on the “Languages” tab. Select the respective language from the menu on the left and the proficiency, i.e. your competence in the foreign language (whether you can only read it or whether you can also write it) from the menu on the right. Save your specifications with the green button. You can specify up to three foreign languages.
The system has notified me that my profile is not complete.
Your information about language skills, hobbies and fields of knowledge are important. In addition, there are some other items that must be filled out to ensure that your profile is complete. Check whether you have included a work sample, whether you have provided details about your formal education and whether you have selected a user image. However, you do not have to do all of this; you will not have any drawbacks from a partially completed profile.
Why is it a good idea to take assessments?
Before you can start working on our projects you will have to, in some cases, successfully complete the respective assessments. The assessments can be found under the menu item of the same name. Which and how many assessments you are offered will depend on the specifications you made in your profile and previous results as well as work experience. Please note that we use these assessments to help us determine your personal skills. We therefore ask you to refrain from copying content, for example, using texts from outside sources. If an assessment is rated as a plagiarism you will be excluded from participating in projects or your user account will be closed.
Why does my score result show “zero percent”?
Some assessments are manually scored by members of our team. Calculating the score can take time. Until then, a score of 0% will appear as a placeholder
Can I repeat an assessment?
Currently, assessments can seldom be repeated. If you have a valid reason for repeating (for example technical difficulties or a mistake in the questions/ evaluations) please send an email to our support team. They will check the assessment and, if applicable, reset it for you.

FAQ – Jobs

Why aren’t there any jobs available for me?
You might not be qualified for the current projects because you have not yet taken the respective assessments or because your score was below the minimum score for the project. The current jobs might only be available for specific groups of Clickworkers, for example, native speakers or Clickworkers with special fields of knowledge. There might just not be many jobs available at the moment.
What does the link “Hide this job” mean?
With every new job, you can decide whether you want to hide or unhide it. This is an option if for example, you know that you are not interested in the topic or you are lacking the necessary expert knowledge in the area requested. You will not be shown hidden jobs until you unhide them by selecting “Unhide hidden jobs”.
How much time have I got to complete a task?
The amount of time you have to complete a task varies from project to project. However, a countdown timer displays the “Remaining Time” on the work page. You must complete the job before the time runs out, i.e. reaches zero. If this happens the job will be cancelled and will be lost for you.
Do I have to process all of the jobs that are displayed?
No. You can work on a project for as long as you want and you can stop at any given time. You will be paid for all the jobs that you have successfully processed and submitted until that time (subject to a quality check at a later date if necessary). PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to temporarily store ongoing jobs.
Will I suffer negative consequences if I skip jobs?
Usually in a large project with many individual jobs, skipping jobs will not have any negative consequences for you as long as enough other jobs are available. However, skipping a job ensures that you will not be offered this individual job again, at least not within the next few minutes. As a result, if a few jobs only are available for you, you might not be offered any other jobs.
I was directed to the job selection page after saving. What happened?
In this case there were either no further tasks in this project, or too many of your jobs are “In Review”. The project will be offered again when at least one of the jobs has been checked.
What are “Jobs in Review”?
clickworker reserves the right to check and if applicable, reject work results that have been submitted. The reasons can range from results that do not meet the quality requirements requested or that the Clickworker has unmistakably and deliberately not complied with the work instructions. Wherever possible, you will be given the opportunity to rework, with precise comments, whatever needs to be changed. A job will attain the “Done” status only after all of the work steps have been completed. The time of payment is not affected by the “In Review” status. These jobs will also be paid within 7 days.
A (writing) job was cancelled and my fee was deducted. Why?
The accounting process is divided into several steps. When you submit a job your fee is immediately credited to your clickworker account. The job then goes to a proofreader who checks it for errors. If the job is rejected it will usually be returned with instructions for correction. The amount previously credited will then be deducted until you have reworked the job. After it has been reworked your fee will again be credited to your clickworker account. The reworked version will be given to a second corrector who will check whether the errors have been corrected. If the content is still considered unacceptable, the job will be rejected in its entirety and will have to be reissued. The fee will irretrievably be deducted from the Clickworker who worked on the first (rejected) version.
Why is my rating sinking?
The corrector gives you an evaluation for every job you submit. Your current rating is an average of the last 25 evaluations you received for the jobs you submitted. When the corrector decides whether the job goes back to you for reworking he has to include this evaluation and a comment listing the improvements that need to be made. You can follow why your rating has changed based on the comments in your work history. However, this is only represents the momentary situation. A short time later, positive evaluations can increase your rating or negative evaluations can make it drop.
Why do jobs “disappear”?
You might see that 100 jobs are available in the list of jobs. However, after you have worked for a while, for example, completed 10 jobs and return to the list of available jobs, instead of finding the expected other jobs, you are not shown any more jobs. This is because the list of available jobs always represents a momentary situation. Other Clickworkers apart from you are probably working on the same jobs or customers have added new jobs to the system. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the availability of jobs.
Quality assurance has excluded me from a project. Why?
In some projects we sprinkle test questions into the task to determine the quality of your answers. If you give too many incorrect answers you will be automatically excluded from the project. We create these test questions beforehand ourselves; we therefore already know what the correct answer is. We only use test questions that are plain and straightforward, and that are easy to understand and answer.
Can I be excluded from a project for good?
There is no general answer to this question. In some projects excluded accounts are reenabled after a certain amount of time, in other cases they are not. However, a project related ban always applies to this project only. You are still able to work on other projects.
What should I do if I have problems saving my work?
If you have a problem saving your job, please first check the error message. The error message is usually displayed in red lettering or on a red background above the input mask. Check your input, and correct them according to the information given in the error message; then try to save the job again. If you still cannot save the job please get in touch with our support team at Your email must include the following: the work item number of the job, your user name, as well as a screenshot (where applicable, several) of the input mask. The screenshot ought to show the error message as well as the data you have entered.
What should I do if I have “keyword” problems?
Please check whether the given keywords really cannot be used in the desired way and manner. If the keyword is also part of another keyword, for example “chair” and “deckchair”, then the use of “deckchair” would cover both keywords. In this case you would not necessarily have to include the word “chair” in the text. However, if you still cannot place the requested number of keywords in this way, for example because “deckchair” must be used 3 times, and “chair” only twice, then please get in touch with our support team at Please remember to include your user name, the work item number and the relevant keyword. The same applies when the system does not count the use of a keyword.
What is a work item number, and where is it?
The work item number is an individual number that is assigned upon creation of the order to every job in our system. With this number we are able to quickly find the job in our system, so that we can examine and remove reported errors. In current jobs, the work item number is located in the upper area of your screen, between the remaining time and the fee. The work item number of jobs that have been completed can be found in your work history.
Can I ask other Clickworkers for help?
Of course. It often makes sense to ask other Clickworkers for help because they might have faced the same problem and have an answer. This is also a way of getting help at night or at the weekends when the support team is not available. The best helplines are our Facebook group and our internal Clickworker Forum. However, you can only access the Clickworker Forum if you have an active Clickworker account.
Am I allowed to share information about the projects I work on?
All information on clickworker and all of its partner websites is strictly confidential. This includes general platform information as well as details about individual projects or jobs, quality management measures, etc. Any unauthorized use, copying, disclosure or (online) distribution of material and information without the prior written consent of clickworker is strictly forbidden.


What is UHRS?
UHRS stands for “Universal Human Relevant System” and is a separate website that offers – similar to clickworker – microjobs. Cooperation between UHRS and clickworker has made it possible for our registered users to access UHRS jobs. Invoicing and payment will be made to the Clickworker account
Can I work on UHRS via clickworker and another vendor at the same time?
No, this is not recommended at all and can lead to the permanent suspension of your UHRS access and all vendor accounts connected to you. Please do not register on UHRS via clickworker if you already have an active UHRS account with another vendor. If you want to switch to clickworker from a previous vendor, please make sure that you deactivate/delete any preexisting accounts with access to UHRS before you take our UHRS assessment.
How do I qualify for UHRS?
UHRS is not available for all Clickworkers. Assessments “UHRS I” and “UHRS II” will appear in the assessments section if it is available in your country, and, or, for your language skills. You must successfully pass both assessments to qualify. In addition, during “UHRS II” you must create an account on Detailed instructions about the data needed are available in the work instructions of the assessment.
I cannot verify my LiveID.
That is usually because you are retrieving your emails via Outlook or Hotmail. Both systems use the system, which can lead to an account conflict if you try to verify another account from these programs. Please copy the verification link into the clipboard and log yourself out of your Hotmail account or close your Outlook. Now open your browser and insert the previously copied link into the address line and confirm with Enter. The verification ought to work now.
How do I sign in to UHRS?
Log into your clickworker account. Then search for “UHRS” on the clickworker Workplace. This task includes the link to UHRS. You will have to grant us the right to track your location during login. (also see “Can I work on UHRS while being abroad?).PLEASE NOTICE: Access to UHRS is not permanent. Logging in as explained above unlocks UHRS access for 8 hours. Once the 8-hour-period is over, your UHRS access is automatically disabled. In order to refresh it and to be able to continue working, you need to repeat the login via your clickworker account.
Can I work on UHRS while I am abroad?
No. According to UHRS security policy, this is not allowed. While it is ok to work on clickworker itself while being on holiday or business trips abroad, UHRS only allows access when you log in from your country of registration. You will therefore not be able to log in.
Can I work on UHRS using a proxy/vpn?
Although it is currently not forbidden by our terms, we would strongly suggest not to log into clickworker/UHRS using a proxy or vpn (virtual private network). Doing so may flag your account suspicious and results in the request of personal documents and/or in being permanently blocked from sensitive projects.
What does “No HitApps available” mean?
This message means that at the moment, there are no jobs available for you on UHRS. However, because our site does not “know” it, you will always be shown a link to UHRS, even when there are no jobs available. It is not an error message.
I cannot record any data in the UHRS user settings.
These profile data are not being used by UHRS at the moment. Simply ignore them. These settings have no influence on the number of jobs you are offered on UHRS.
“My report” does not update – will my work get lost?
No. It can sometimes happen that the report does not update within twenty minutes, the usual amount of time. This is usually due to maintenance work. However, there is no need to worry, your work will be correctly recorded. An update that includes the entire missing period of time will take place as soon as the maintenance work is completed. However, if you prefer keeping an eye on your results, you can of course interrupt your work until the updates occur at the usual intervals.
Why don’t UHRS earnings appear in my work history?
At the moment, this information cannot be automatically transferred from UHRS to clickworker. However, please check the “My report” section in UHRS to check your work and your earnings. This is updated approximately every 20 minutes and provides information about the number of jobs you have completed, your earnings and the quality of your work.
How does UHRS payment work?
Since the processing of the UHRS jobs is handled on our customer website, payment is slightly different than for “standard” jobs. The job will appear in “My Report”, twenty minutes, at the latest, after you have completed it. At the beginning of the following week, the earnings from Sunday to Saturday will be debited as a bonus by hand on your Clickworker account. These earnings will become payable 28 days after entry. Once an entry on your Clickworker account has achieved the “payable” status it will be handled like a standard job fee, i.e. it will be paid out either on the following Wednesday or at the begin of the following month (depending on the method of payment).
Will I receive the full amount earned on UHRS?
For workers from the US, Canada and Mexico, the answer is yes. You will get 100% of what you earn on UHRS directly transferred to your clickworker account. For all other countries, the answer is no. When we transfer money earned on UHRS by non-US Clickworkers to their clickworker accounts, we have to convert this money from US-Dollar into Euro. Those conversions are done using the official conversion rate at the day we make the transaction, but they are not free for us. Our bank charges a transaction fee for each transaction made. To cover those costs, we keep 4% of each credited amount.
How do I report faulty HitApps and assessments on UHRS?
Report the error on the HitApp list (the marketplace) via the small green beetle symbol located on the upper right corner of the HitApp display. If you are in an ongoing job you will find this option via a link named “Report a technical issue”.
After signing in on UHRS I get an error stating my account has “expired”.
Your UHRS account has been temporarily deactivated due to longer inactivity. However, you can easily reactivate your account. Simply get in touch with us via email at and please remember to include your user name or your LiveID. To avoid deactivation in the future, you simply have to successfully complete at least one Hit per month.
I have received an error message: “Your account is not known to UHRS”.
The most likely reason you received this message is because you are using another account for private purposes. This could be a Hotmail, Outlook, Xbox-Live or Windows 8 account. If you are permanently logged in to another account or if your browser automatically saves sign in data and you then attempt to sign in to UHRS, this is probably happening with the wrong account. The other account is not registered with UHRS and is therefore not recognized. Make sure that you are logged out of your entire private accounts and that your browser does not automatically enter account data in the log in mask. You could also create your own user profile in your Windows, which you use only to work on UHRS jobs.
I have received an error message: “Our records indicate that UHRS does …”.
First check whether you can sign in to your new account at despite the error message. If you can, then the automatic link between and UHRS has not worked properly and has to be repeated by hand. Please get in touch with us at and provide your LiveID and your Clickworker user name.
Am I allowed to share information about the projects I work on at UHRS?
All information on UHRS is strictly confidential. This includes general platform information as well as details about individual HitApps, quality management measures, etc. Any unauthorized use, copying, disclosure or (online) distribution of material and information without the prior written consent of clickworker is strictly forbidden.

FAQ – Invoicing and Payment

How do I get paid for my work?
The fees for jobs processed will be credited to your Clickworker account balance immediately after the job has been completed. Jobs that are processed on are usually payable after 7 days unless otherwise stated, jobs that are processed on UHRS are payable after 28 days. The payable sums of all user accounts are checked once a week or every two weeks, depending on the payment method selected. The accounts in which this sum exceeds 5 Euro (in the case of Payoneer payment) or 10 Euro (in the case of payment to a bank account or PayPal payment) will receive a payment.
How much will I be paid?
The amount you are paid varies depending on the project and the description of the task. They can range anywhere from cent amounts to two-digit euro sums. The fee is calculated according to the estimated average processing time as well as the level of difficulty, the length of the text, the amount of research involved or special knowledge skills required to fulfill the job. These factors are the same for all qualified Clickworkers. However, not every Clickworker will earn the same amount because of their individual routine. The faster the job gets done, the higher the targeted “hourly wage”. Complex jobs may require an initial period of familiarization, however they usually pay off through a higher fee. We regularly evaluate the processing time for ongoing projects and adapt the fees accordingly if we notice that the amount of time needed is markedly above or below our estimate.The amount of your weekly/monthly fee depends on two factors. On the one hand, you decide how much time you want to spend working on jobs. On the other hand, on how many suitable projects are offered to you. Since both factors are volatile, the amount of your fee can vary greatly each month and can therefore be both below and above your expectations. Working at clickworker should not be considered a substitute for full-time employment or self-employment.
What do I have to do to receive payment from clickworker?
Three things are necessary for payment: You must select a payment method in the “Payment information” – this can either be Payoneer, Paypal or payment to your bank account. In addition, you must provide information about whether you are self-employed or a freelance professional or not. The minimum amount for the necessary method of payment must be reached, i.e. 5 euro for Payoneer and 10 euro for payment to your bank account and PayPal users. Payment will not be made unless all of these three requirements are fulfilled. However, the money you have earned is not lost if you do not match one of them on the day of the bill run and will remain on your Clickworker balance until you have fulfilled all conditions.
What payment options do I have?
clickworker offers the following 3 payment methods: Payoneer (recommended), PayPal and SEPA direct bank transfer. The recommended standard method is payment to a Payoneer account. Both Payoneer and PayPal payments are done once a week between Wednesday and Friday. Alternatively, Clickworkers from states that belong to SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) can also have their payments credited to a bank account twice a month.
If I select payment option Payoneer or PayPal, can I use any account I want?
No. The Payoneer or PayPal account needs to be yours. You are not allowed to use a friend’s, relative’s or any other third party account.
What does the “Payments temporarily on hold” message mean?
Whenever a user makes changes to the user profile, payments are automatically set on hold for security reasons. This is to prevent unauthorised 3rd party access to your account earnings. Whenever that happens, a confirmation email is automatically being sent to your email account registered with us. This email includes a confirmation link. Please check your email inbox (Junk folder too) and click on the included confirmation link to reactivate your payments.
When are the fees paid?
Payoneer and PayPal users are paid once a week between Wednesday and Friday, bank account users twice a month on the 1st-3rd and on the 15th-17th of the month. Should the payment day fall on a public holiday or a weekend, the payment will be made on the first next working day. Because the payment process is made up of several steps, there can be a delay between the time of the invoice and the time when the transfer actually occurs. Although we usually manage to make the weekly payments on Wednesday, there is no need to worry if this is not the case. The process sometimes takes a bit longer. However, if you have not received your invoice or payment by Saturday morning, feel free to contact us.
What does “account balance payable” mean?
In “Payable” you can see what sums are currently ready for payment. Fees for jobs that you have processed on are often not immediately available for payment. For quality assurance reasons this sometimes takes 7 days (21 days for UHRS jobs). However, the account balance is added immediately after you have saved a job. The account balance therefore always includes completed jobs that have not yet been paid, whereas “payable” only includes the sums that are at least 7 days old (UHRS: 21 days).
Do I have to tax my earnings myself?
Yes. Every Clickworker is personally responsible for the correct taxation of his earnings. You can start working for clickworker even if you have not registered a trade and are not a freelance professional. In this case you must declare your earnings in your normal tax return. However, if you work for us on a regular basis and with the aim of making a profit, the tax authorities will view you as a taxable contractor. You can, for example apply for a trade license. You will have to specify your occupation; your work for us would be “Data preparation on the Internet”. Please be sure to contact a tax consultant because we cannot judge your individual situation, and since we are not tax consultants, we cannot provide any binding information.
I am a small-scale business, how do I submit my invoice?
If the setting in your profile lists you as a non-taxable business, then you will be exempted from sales tax and it will not appear in your invoice. In the section “Information about freelance occupation” in the menu item Account > Tax information, you must select “yes” if you are a small scale-business; you must also specify your tax identification number and tick the “small-scale business”. This ensures that your invoice includes your tax number and that the sales tax is not specified. If you do not tick the “small-scale business” the sales tax will be specified
Where are my invoices?
You will find statements of the credits that you have already received from clickworker in the menu item Account > Invoices. You can also view your statements at any time as a PDF file or save them as a file with a right mouse click and “save”.
I do not live in Germany. What do I have to keep in mind?
In general, sales tax is not applicable if Germany is not your habitual residence, nor of your place of business because it is a transnational invoicing between two companies. In this case the invoices will automatically omit the sales tax or VAT.

FAQ – Help / Contact

How do I contact support?
If you need personal help or have further questions that could not be answered on our FAQ page, just contact our Clickworker support. We will be there for you promptly. Just send us an email in German or English to
Clickworker Community Support should always be the first point of contact for any support request. Please give the support team the opportunity to process your request within a reasonable time frame. It helps if you include all necessary information, details, errors or screenshots directly in your first message to us.If the problem has still not been solved after repeated requests on your part and a reasonable period of time, you can take the last possible step of contacting the ombudsman’s office : This is an institution set up by the signatories of the Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct, IG Metall and the German Crowdsourcing Association.The ombudsman’s office works completely independently and is therefore not connected to note: In case of problems with jobs on partner platforms, such as Peanutlabs, UHRS, etc., please always contact the partner platform directly. Neither nor the ombudsman’s office can help you with your request because we only provide access to these platforms.