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We have achieved a significant milestone with the release of our Clickworker App. Our goal? Making jobs accessible anytime, anywhere, and available to as many clickworkers as possible. This is a great deal closer now.

Of course, our programmers are still constantly working on improvements to the app. We want to accompany these app developments with a small series of blog articles. This way, you are always in the know as far as changes, newly added functions, and plans for the future.

The Clickworker App - earn money fast and easy

So, what all has already happened since the rollout?

First and foremost, we’ve really ramped up the available languages. Initially, only German and English versions were available. Now, the app also comes in a French, Spanish and most recently Portuguese edition. Additional languages are already in the pipeline. In the past few months the functions have been diligently worked on too. At the top of that list is the new capability of editing the popular photo shopper jobs within the app. This was not possible in the early version, but in the meantime the app supports this for nearly all projects.

The ability to display and hide certain jobs has also now been incorporated, as well as a search field with which you can search the job listings for specific terms like “text creation”. At a later date we will use this search function as the basis for offering additional filter options, so that you can, for example, choose to have only survey jobs shown.

In addition, the support function was expanded to include a small, useful feature. If you contact us via the app, now your user name and the work item number for the currently running job is automatically included in the email, which reduces the need for follow-up questions and increases the chance that we can quickly and successfully help you.

What is being planned?

The app will soon be available in Russian and Arabic, and after that versions in Tagalog, Indonesian, and Vietnamese will roll out. In addition, the “clickworkers recruit clickworkers” function will be added to the app, giving you the opportunity to send invitations to friends and acquaintances directly from there. Do you have ideas for additional features or suggestions for improvements? Then don’t hesitate to submit them either as a comment on this blog article or by sending an email with the subject “Clickworker App” to [email protected]. Wherever possible we will try to include your suggestion in our planning.