Internet & Web Research Services

The Internet is full of freely accessible information that you can profitably use for your business in the areas of customer and personnel acquisition as well as market observations. With the help of our crowd, we will conduct web research for you, extract and document all the desired data promptly and in the form you requested.

Internet & Web Research Services
Extracting and Researching Information from the Internet

Web Research Services – Extracting and Researching Information from the Internet

Buying data for lead generation is easy, but expensive. Most of the data is also outdated, erroneous, incomplete or the data sets do not fit your purposes exactly. The result is a low success rate of your marketing and sales activities with a low return of investment (ROI). Even with data on the competition, as a basis for analyses with serious market decisions, the validity and topicality of the data are the be-all and end-all.

Here, we support you together with our crowd and research all types of data on the web, up to date and according to your wishes. In this way, you always receive up-to-date data, such as contact data for your successful lead generation or mailing campaigns, or data on your competitors (including: price, offer, conditions).

Thanks to the size and internationality of our crowd, our service provides you with millions of data and data records within a very short time and from a large number of countries. Save valuable resources and leave it to us to research this data.

Whatever online research service you need, you will find the right one with us.


Lead Research

Internet & web research for potential customers

To support your lead management, qualified Clickworkers research potential customers for you on the Internet. According to your specifications, companies and institutions are researched on the web that have a basic interest in your products or services.

For more and an all-round lead research service,
please contact our sales partner “Martal“.

Martal lead management service
Address Validation Service

Address Validation & Enrichment

Web research of contact details, URLs and addresses.

Verified data is everything when it comes to marketing. Our address enrichment and validation services help you engage in targeted marketing. Let our Clickworkers research and validate addresses so you can market your products and services to actual people, not inaccurate leads caused by incorrect data.

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Web research for information on the competition

    We help you get the information you need to know about your competitors with our service for competitors research. Put our 6 million Clickworkers to use the next time you do competitor research. Quickly determine their products and services, pricing, delivery conditions, and other useful information.

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Recruitment - Active Sourcing

Recruitment Service – Active Sourcing

Research on social media platforms for suitable candidates

Every business needs talented workers. Let our Clickworkers search the Internet to find that talent for you. They will scan social media platforms like LinkedIn and identify qualified individuals and top candidates to help fill your job vacancies.

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Benefits of Web Research Services

    Sales & Business Benefits

  • Fast search, validation or enrichment of any amount of data
  • Increase data timeliness and quality
  • Increasing the efficiency of direct marketing and sales campaigns
  • Can be combined with the data categorization service
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable throughout
  • Flexible workforce
  • Benefit in Value

  • All Internet and web research results are quality assured
  • Web research across the board and in all languages conducted by native speakers
  • Individualized order set-up of Internet & Web Research Service projects
  • API connection
  • No minimum contract duration

Web Research Services – Order Specifications

When requesting or commissioning the service of Internet & Web Research work, we need the following basic information from you in order to be able to advise you properly:

  • What kind of data should be researched?
  • From which countries should the data be researched?
  • How many data or data sets are to be researched (order volume)?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • In what form do you want the data delivered?
  • Is an API connection desired?

What our Customers say about our Web Research Services

We needed the data of contact persons in 15,000 companies to make preparations for a direct marketing campaign. We let Clickworkers research the company websites to find or check the address and name of the relevant contact person. The pace was impressive. The whole process took less than three days. Honestly, for some jobs, there are no other options. In regard to the duration of the implementation, we wanted to have the project completed in 14 days. We would never have managed that on our own. Other agencies estimated as long as four weeks.


Case Studies on our Web Research Services

Want to learn more about our web research services? Check out the following case studies:

FAQs on Online Research Services & Web Research Services

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on Online Research Services & Web Research Services and on our solution at clickworker.
For any further questions do not hesitate to contact our Service Team.

What are some common Online Web Research Services?

There are many different online web research services, some involve researching and collecting data on competitors, such as prices, offers or delivery terms, and others involve online research for potential customers or even suitable personnel for recruiting. Often, however, online research services also consist of researching contact data in order to support marketing and sales mailing activities.

Why is it important for companies to research data in the web?

Companies should research data on the Internet for a variety of reasons, including seeing how their competitors are performing, which products and services are they offering and how, understanding what keywords people who use your products or services are typing into search engines, and improving the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign by gathering reliable contact information.

Why to outsource the Internet research of data?

Outsourcing the research of data out of the Internet is a tactic used by companies to avoid spending time and money on gathering their own information. Outsourcing can help save cost for the company and it can also be more efficient.

What is lead research?

Lead research is a term used in marketing to describe the process of identifying and qualifying potential customers. The goal with lead research is not just gaining as many prospects/leads as possible, but instead finding the appropriate prospects that are most likely to buy.

What should a competitor research include?

A competitor research should include a company's product or service, its strengths and weaknesses, market share and the reasons for it.

Benefit from clickworker’s Web Research Services

clickworker is a leading global crowdsourcing platform that uses highly skilled web researchers to quickly and efficiently research and deliver reliable data needed by its clients from the Internet.

With the large number of crowdworkers around the world, huge amounts of data can be researched in the blink of an eye that would be impossible for a company to research in any other way.

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