Datasets for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) training

We provide you with custom datasets for training artificial intelligence, focusing on machine vision and conversational AI.
With a global workforce of over 1.2 million Clickworkers we can deliver required training data, process existing data, perform system testing, and validate results.

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Fields of application

  • Creation of voice recordings
    (e.g. for machine learning of speech recognition systems)
  • Creation of photos of faces and expressions
    (e.g. for training of artificial intelligence (AI) systems for recognition of emotional states)
  • Creation of handwritten or digital texts
    (e.g. for training of artificial intelligence systems (AI) with text recognition)
  • Translation of individual text passages that have not yet been learned by an AI system
    (as input for processes of machine learning)
  • Analysis and evaluation of texts (text mining)
  • Web research of market data
    (e.g. for training of market analysis systems with artificial intelligence)
  • Creation and electronic processing/marking of photos of road traffic
    (e.g. for training of autonomous driving and parking systems)
  • Training of artificial intelligence (AI) systems by testing/running through online processes
  • Assessment of results of artificial intelligence (AI) systems based on human understanding

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  • Large amount of high-quality training data input for your artificial intelligence (AI) systems
  • Wide range of training data for your artificial intelligence (AI) system via a heterogeneous workforce
  • Speed
  • Input and evaluation by human intelligence
  • Cost advantage
  • Flexibility
  • API connection
  • Managed service from a single provider
  • A personal contact and advisor

Training Data for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Today in the sector of research and development, computer scientists are working intensely on replicating human intelligence. Neuronal networks are systems with autonomous or intelligent behavior. They are capable of handling independent tasks and solving problems (so-called artificial intelligence / AI). But beforehand the neuronal algorithms must first be trained by means of sample data. Artificial intelligence systems / AI learn from these example and, after completion of the learning phase, are able to generalize and apply what was learned to new tasks.
The more precise and comprehensive the volume of training data is, the more optimal the initial results of the artificial intelligence system / AI will be.

Procurement of training data for your artificial intelligence / AI systems
In order for you to advance your research and development work in the field of artificial intelligence / AI efficiently, we are pleased to help with the procurement of training data.
With our international workforce of over 1 million Clickworkers we promptly create, research and collect thousands of pieces of training information for you according to your specific needs. The creation of training data could for example include: speech recordings, photos, texts or videos. In addition publicly accessible data can be researched on the internet or collected and compiled on the go using a mobile app on a smartphone.

Processing of training data for your artificial intelligence / AI systems
Even if you already have raw data that requires processing to be suitable as training data for your artificial intelligence systems / AI, we can take this work off your hands.
Our Clickworkers quickly sort large amounts of data into categories or can tag it. It’s also possible to let our Clickworkers electronically edit images. They can, for example, plot points or redraw individual elements.

Training und testing of your artificial intelligence / AI systems
We can even provide support when doing the training itself. Our Clickworkers perform online tests on your AI systems, run through the pre-programmed processes and evaluate the results with human logic.

Comprehensive quality control of training data for your artificial intelligence / AI systems
All training data created, researched, collected or processed by our Clickworkers is tested for quality. Depending on your preference and the task assigned, the data results are either proofread, or validated by the two-man rule, peer review or majority decision. In addition we ensure the quality of the results through tests completed in advance of the tasks.

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What our customers have to say

“We are constantly optimizing our AI systems in the field of mobile communication and virtual assistants. clickworker is the ideal partner to very quickly obtain training data in the form of possible question formations for training of our AI systems. Recently 1,000 predefined questions were paraphrased 100 – 200 times by Clickworkers. The perfect training data!“

Peter B., project manager with a software company for AI communication systems

Case Studies

To exemplify our service “Training Data for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)” we have provided practical case studies here.

AI – Face Recognition


AI – Speech Recognition


Chat bots

Managed Service Training Data for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As a full-service provider we assume the entire job process for you including payment of the clickworkers. After an intensive project discussion with you and an evaluation of your needs, we plan the execution of your project (in the scope of Training Data for Artificial Intelligence Systems / AI). Subsequently the project will be divided up into individual micro tasks, placed online, tested and if necessary optimized.

To start the project implementation, the micro tasks will be made available exclusively for qualified clickworkers to work on. Numerous clickworkers then process these micro tasks, thereby completing thousands of tasks in record time. All results will be checked for quality. Based on your preference the finalized results will be transmitted to you either continuously or cumulatively via email, upload to your server or via API.

Reach out to our service team now. Your personal contact is looking forward to your inquiry and is happy to be of assistance!

Contact our sales team +49 201 9597180 +1 415 6897781

Order specifications

When making an inquiry or placing an order for the “Training Data for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)” service, we require the following basic information to be able to correctly advise you:

  • What is the scope of the task? For example:
    • What type of training data do you require?
    • What training data should be processed in what form?
    • What type of results should be evaluated in what form, and based on what criteria?
    • What is to be tested or run through processes in what form?
  • How large is the quantity of data (order volume)?
  • Clickworkers from what regions can work on this project?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • For photos: in what format should they be made?
  • In which data format should the results/data be delivered?
  • Is an API connection desired?

How it works

  1. Contact us and discuss your individual project regarding our “Training Data for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)” service.
  2. We set up the project online, test it, and make it available, broken down into individual micro tasks, to appropriate Clickworkers from our workforce for processing.
  3. The Clickworkers create the required training data, process you existing training data, perform system tests or validate your system’s results.
  4. After thorough quality control, the accurate results/data will be provided to you.

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