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Mystery Photographers wanted!

Do you have an observant eye and a smart phone? Do you enjoy strolling through the shopping area or mall in your hometown? Then you’re just the right person for our shopping jobs.

Check sale displays and product placement in supermarkets, or verify whether a certain “in” restaurant that was all the rage 2 years ago is still located at a certain address. Those are just two possible tasks that you as a mystery photographer could find listed with us. From the list of jobs, choose the ones that are in your area, reserve them, and you’re off. You complete the task at the specified location, according to the directions, and document it with uploaded photos. Submit the job and you’re done!

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How do you become a mystery photographer for clickworker?

Shopping jobs generally only have one restriction for participation: your location. They are usually limited to a specific region or city. Clickworkers who live nearby see the jobs in the workplace and can start on them immediately. No additional qualifications are needed. However this type of job is very popular, so it’s best to reserve them quickly when you see them show up in your job list.

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