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When thinking of digital marketing services, you might first have tools and agencies in mind. However, with crowdsourcing you can get a lot of your most important tasks done effectively. clickworker offers businesses a number of digital marketing solutions. Choose across a broad spectrum of applications focused on the success of your digital marketing activities.

Online Marketing Solutions & Services
Digital Marketing – Solutions & Services

Modern and Innovative Digital Marketing Services
to help you maximize your Success

Explore our wide-range digital marketing services including:

  • content creation
  • product data management
  • research
  • and more

Our international network of qualified Clickworker authors can support you, quickly, efficiently, and budget-friendly. Work with our team and they will develop individualized, unique, search-optimized content in a multitude of languages for your business. We are pleased to deliver the highest quality of texts for all of your digital marketing needs, freeing up time for you to concentrate on your core business initiatives.

Also dig into our online marketing solutions regarding research of data, tagging and categorization, surveys on the usability of your website and any kind of micro tasks that require the input of many individuals. Utilizing clickworkers crowdsourcing platform will give you results in no time.

Digital Marketing Services - Product Presentation & Pricing

Product Presentation and Pricing – our Digital Marketing Solutions

Those responsible for product presentation and pricing are required to make numerous decisions for your online shop with respect to product classifications, presentation, price, services, and other added value offerings. Utilize our digital marketing services for accurate and SEO-relevant content pieces.

Digital Marketing Services - Product Description

Product Descriptions

Unique, search engine optimized product descriptions, created with or without AI support, that make each of your product pages the ideal landing page for users and search engines.

Digital Marketing Services - Product Data Management

Product Data Management

The extraction of product data from templates such as image files, PDFs or print catalogs needs to be transferred accurately, to ensure that the product information in your store is always up to date and your customers are provided with the information they need to make their purchase decision.

Digital Marketing Services - Product Categorization

Product Categorization & Tagging

Exact allocation and marking of each product from your store assortment into the appropriate product categories with suitable keywords, to improve online visibility.

Communication in Digital Marketing – SEO Services

Thanks to the internet, brands have the ability to access their target audience with far greater ease. Marketing managers, therefore, heavily rely on web-based communication to enforce their desired brand message.

Converting online visitors into customers is the ultimate goal. The critical factor for this is content. Optimized text has the power to not only rank in search engines but to convince your target group. This content, consequently, must be unique, subject-specific, of interest to the user, rich in volume and interspersed with relevant keywords to register with both customers and search engines alike.
Our digital marketing seo services include:

Digital Marketing – SEO Services
Digital Marketing Services - Company Profiles

Company Profiles

Smart organizations understand the importance of developing a company profile; it stands as your business’s calling card, providing a face and a personality to your brand. A company narrative builds transparency around who you are and what you do, helping potential customers, as well as employees, to identify with your business and its mission.

Digital Marketing Services - Advisors and Guides

Advisors and Guides

Interestingly written and useful, guide books and how-to-texts about your range of products and services give your customers real added value and expertise. A reason for many customers to visit your website again and again.

Digital Marketing Services - Category Texts

Category Texts

Category texts / information texts about your offers or product areas to create long-lasting content for your website, which elevate your search engine ranking and attract customers to your website.

Digital Marketing Services - Glossaries

Glossaries and Dictionaries

Unique glossary texts, created with or without AI support, about the topics and terms you want your website to include. They provide your website with content that is appreciated by both search engines and customers and conveys expertise.

Digital Marketing Services - Destination Content

Destination Content

Qualified writers from our international network of Clickworkers are happy to provide you with well-written, informative travel content designed to appeal to your customers’ sense of adventure.

Digital Marketing Services in Sales

Digital Marketing Services in Sales

A good portion of businesses relies heavily on the internet as a sales channel for their products. Paramount to success is the ease of functionality, concerning the entire ordering process to ensure customers can purchase products quickly and easily. Because physical proximity is irrelevant, markets can be geographically expanded without much effort, making customer acquisition much more efficient.

Digital Marketing Solution - Data Verification

Verification and Enrichment of Mailing Address Data

Verified data is everything when it comes to marketing. Our web research services help you engage in targeted marketing.

Digital Marketing Solutions - Lead Research

Web-based Research of Leads

As the online marketplace continues to grow exponentially, customers can become overwhelmed by the number of offers available to them.

Self Service Digital Marketing Services

Self Service
for Digital Marketing

Place your text development orders on our Self-Service Marketplace. It is designed for the processing of smaller or more standardized tasks. In addition, we do not request a setup fee when you use the self-service plan.

How it works:

  • You specify the text category, language, length and quality requirements needed
  • Select a team of authors and develop text creation instructions
    Tips to create a briefing
  • Add text topics, keywords and keyword density requirements to the task form or upload them separately using an Excel file.
  • If required, the task form can be displayed individually to the authors and edited according to your specific needs.
  • Charge credit to your account and submit your order
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Labeling & Validation of Data

Managed Digital Marketing Services

Find our Digital Marketing Solutions as well as our extensive portfolio of additional offers on Our Solutions.
If the ideal solution you seek is not listed, please feel free to reach out to us to discuss options in developing an individualized solution that meets your project needs.

As a full-service provider, we partner with you to define your project requirements, divide up the project into micro-tasks and source the appropriate pool of Clickworkers to execute. We review the final results to ensure quality and manage all aspects related to payment, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience.

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Benefits of our Digital Marketing Solutions

of our Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Effective research, validation, or enrichment of any number of address data
  • Updated and improved data
  • Results are researched and checked manually
  • Reliable data is researched internationally by selected native speakers
  • Top search engine ranking for your web content
  • Increased visitor totals for your website
  • Quality-assured results
  • Cost benefits
  • Managed service
  • Scalable throughput
  • Flexible workforce
  • API connection

What our Customers say about our Digital Marketing Services

Since launching, our online clothing store had operated independently of category descriptions as we did not see the added value to our customers, nor did we believe in placing content online solely for SEO purposes. Nevertheless, as time passed, we became curious to see if there was an advantage to including category descriptions on our site and commissioned Clickworker to write the texts for our various clothing categories. We have since found these texts to be an important anchor for our site, as the search engines are using them to index our site. The texts provided by Clickworker are well written, informative, and the 12% increase in traffic to our site has further demonstrated it was a sound decision to have partnered with them.


Case Studies

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FAQ on Digital Marketing Services

Find out what digital marketing services include and how crowdsourcing can provide a solution for your digital marketing needs.

What are Digital Marketing Services?

Digital marketing or online marketing makes use of digital channels to communicate with potential customers. The goal is to generate leads, capture and nurture them. Typical digital marketing strategies include

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
Digital marketing services support you on the endeavor of growing your business online and assist you with the different tasks.

What are Examples of Digital Marketing Services?

An example of how to employ digital marketing services is commissioning the content creation to professional writers. That way you can concentrate on the product and actual business while still steering the marketing strategy and staying on top of analytics. Content from freelancers will not only give you valuable text for potential customers but also put you first in SEO. You can even reuse content for email and social media marketing.

Why are Audio Datasets and Voice Datasets needed?

An audio dataset is a collection of sound files that have been tagged with metadata. The datasets are compiled for the purpose of analysis and can be used to understand how people use music, sound, and language in everyday life. There are two main types of audio datasets available at clickworker. These include human transcribed speech and text-to-speech one-word files.
When audio datasets are used, they serve as the most appropriate data set for speech recognition and natural language processing. Speech can be modulated by a variety of factors that may impact accuracy. Inputs for machine learning models usually come in the form of text and images, but audio is a great source of data that can provide rich information about human behavior. Audio datasets are more readily available and more widely used than other types of data. Audio datasets are rich in information about human behavior, which can be helpful for machine learning models to make predictions with greater accuracy.

How does Crowdsourcing improve Digital Marketing?

Crowdsourcing gives you the advantage of scalability. Even with large amounts of texts you have enough writers at hand to produce quality content customized for your purpose. With each assignment you can adjust your requirements regarding not only length and keywords for the text but also the language and expertise of the writers as well as the extent of editing in the end.

That being said, content creation is only one of the possibilities crowdsourcing can provide digital marketing services. There are plenty of other assignments that a crowd will easily complete, ranging from research regarding competitors or potential customers to surveys regarding your product or page design to tagging and categorization tasks.