Personnel Recruitment
– Active Sourcing

To support your search for personnel our Clickworkers search the Internet for suitable talents. According to the respective job requirements they scan social media platforms like LinkedIn profiles and identify talents and top candidates for your job vacancies.

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Notice: This service is only available for clients from the US.


  • Considerable time-saving in searching for talents/personnal
  • Reduction of burden on your human
    resources department
  • With Active Sourcing even passiv seeking talents
    can be reached



  • Speed – up to 100 talent profiles a week
  • Scalable throughput
  • Flexible workforce
  • Quality assured results

Personnel Recruitment – Active Sourcing

The search for fitting talents is often difficult. Unexpected shortages are frequent and single positions have to be filled in a timely manner with suitable talents. Posted job advertisements receive relatively small numbers of applications because the range of advertisements online is enormous and single ads can get lost in the masses.
For those reasons HR managers -seeking new staff- are more actively searching for talents on the Internet. Social media platforms are looked through with care for potential job candidates which would be suited best for the respective position. This approach is called “Active Sourcing”.

Active Sourcing is the searching, locating and contacting of people over social media or specific platforms on the Internet with the intention of finding and recruiting suitable talents.

Active Sourcing also makes it possible to target and address passive job seekers. However, Active Sourcing is a laborious task and very time consuming. We can help you find appropriate talents fast through social media channels so your human resources department workload can be lightened.
Our Clickworkers will perform a prescan on all target platforms. They will search through all respective social media platforms like LinkedIn for talents according to your specifications. All links for potential applicants will be prepared as a list and made available to you.

The support of our Clickworkers with your active sourcing activities verifiably lessens the expenses of your recruiting process, increases the amount of applicants for your job vacancies and improves quality. Additionally, you can use the connections with the applicants to step by step establish and expand a network of talents. This you can then even use long-term to fill open positions faster in the future.

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Managed Service Personnel Recruitment – Active Sourcing

We offer the solution “Personnel Recruitment – Active Sourcing” as full-service. This means that we will undertake the complete procedure of your assignment for Active Sourcing. We will discuss the assignment with you and advise you regarding the possibilities concerning the research of suitable talents on social media channels. Then we will prepare the project, break it down into individual, smaller candidate research jobs, and hand these to qualified Clickworkers for processing. Additionally, in consultation with you, we can take additional steps to assure the quality and we will take care of the payments of all Clickworkers for you.

Contact our service team now. Your personal contact and advisor is looking forward to your inquiry and will advise you on your Active Sourcing / Personnel Recruitment project.

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Order specifications

For an inquiry or commissioning of the service Personnel Recruitment – Active Sourcing we will require the following information to properly advise you:

  • Which social media channels should be scanned for talents?
  • How many candidates are supposed to be researched (order volume)?
  • Which kind of target people should be researched? / What are the requirements to the candidates?
  • How should the links to the identified talents be delivered?

How it works

  1. Contact us and talk to us about your individual project for Personnel Recruitment – Active Sourcing.
  2. We will set up the project for the research of suitable talents online and will break it down into microtasks for our Clickworkers.
  3. Based on your specifications our Clickworkers research the fitting talents for you on social media platforms of your choice.
  4. All results are collected on a list and duplicates will be eliminated. The completed list will be sent to you in desired intervals as an excel-sheet via email or directly through an API connection.