Personnel Recruitment
– Active Sourcing

Every business needs talented workers. Let our Clickworkers search the Internet to find that talent for you. They will scan social media platforms like LinkedIn and identify qualified individuals and top candidates to help fill your job vacancies.

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Personnel Recruitment – Active Sourcing

from Personnel Recruitment Service – Active Sourcing

Benefits of Personnel Recruitment Service – Active Sourcing

    Business Benefits

  • Considerable time-savings when searching for talent
    and personnel
  • Reduces the burden placed on your
    human resources department
  • Active sourcing helps you reach active
    and passive talent
  • Speed – reach up to 100 talent profiles per week
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable throughout
  • Flexible workforce
  • Benefit in Value

  • All results are quality assured
  • Research international social media accounts using Clickworkers that are native speakers
  • API connection
  • No minimum contract duration

Personnel Recruitment Service – Active Sourcing Explained

Searching for qualified talent isn’t easy. Unexpected shortages are common, and single positions have to be promptly filled with suitable workers. Your job postings often receive a limited number of applications because there is an enormous amount of online advertisements and single ads can get lost in the shuffle.

It’s no secret that HR managers are actively looking for new talent on the Internet. Social media platforms are scanned with care to look for potential job candidates that are suited for the respective position. This approach is called Active Sourcing.

A short definition of “active sourcing”

Active Sourcing is the process of searching, locating, and contacting people over social media, or other specific platforms on the Internet with the intention of finding and recruiting suitable talent.

Active Sourcing is an effective way to identify and address passive job seekers. This style of search puts stress on your human resources departments and is a time-consuming task.

clickworker can help you find the right talent fast using social media channels. Our active sourcing and personnel recruitment service is designed to lighten the load of your HR department.

Clickworkers will perform a prescan on all target platforms. They will search through all respective social media platforms like LinkedIn for suitable talent based on your specifications. All links for potential applicants will be prepared as a list and made available to you.

With our active sourcing service, you will verifiably lower recruiting process expenses, increase the number of applicants for your job postings, and improve the overall quality of them. You can even use the applicant’s connections to develop your own network of talent that can be used to fill open positions in the future.

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Personnel Recruitment Service – Active Sourcing Explained

Managed Service

Use our managed Personnel Recruitment Service – Active Sourcing for customized projects

Our personnel recruitment service – active sourcing package is offered as full-service. This means that we will take care of everything when it comes to active sourcing.

We will discuss the assignment with you and walk you through the different research possibilities for finding suitable talent using social media channels. Projects are prepared, broken down into smaller individual research tasks, and handed off to qualified Clickworkers for processing. In addition, we can take additional steps to assure the quality of the results, and we will take care of the payments of all Clickworkers for you.

Ready to simplify your hiring process? Contact a member of our customer service team and ask them about our personnel recruitment service “active sourcing” today.

Managed Service Personnel Recruitment Service – Active Sourcing

How it works:

  • You contact us and we discuss your individual personnel recruitment – active sourcing project.
  • We set up the talent research portion of the project and break it down into microtasks that are assigned to our Clickworkers.
  • Our Clickworkers search social media platforms for qualified talent that meet your guidelines.
  • All results are collected in a list and duplicates are eliminated. The completed list is sent over predetermined intervals as an excel sheet via email, or directly through an API connection.
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Order Specifications

It is our goal to provide you with the best personnel recruitment service “active sourcing” possible.
There are a few things we need to know before we can get started:

  • Which social media channels should we scan for talent?
  • How many candidates would you like us to research (order volume)?
  • What kind of talent should we search for?
  • What are the specific requirements for a candidate?
  • How would you like us to deliver links to qualified candidates?

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FAQs on Personnel Recruitment Service “Active Sourcing” by clickworker

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about active sourcing in recruitment and our solution at clickworker here.
For any further questions do not hesitate to contact our Service Team.

What are the benefits of active sourcing?

The benefits of active sourcing include the ability to find highly suitable candidates quickly and to build a stronger relationship with them.

What are the channels for active sourcing?

The main channels for active sourcing are business networks such as XING and LinkedIn and social networks such as Facebook

What is the reason behind active sourcing?

The aim of active sourcing is to make personal contact with candidates via various channels in order to win them over for the company.

Why active sourcing is essential in personnel recruitment?

Active sourcing is an essential recruitment method in today's market because companies are not receiving enough CVs and there are just not enough qualified applications. Additionally, active sourcing helps with future hiring processes by building a talent pipeline. It is an effective way to find candidates with the right skill sets.

What is the difference between active vs passive sourcing?

LActive sourcing is when you are actively looking for a candidate, whereas passive sourcing is when you wait for the candidate to come to you.